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Legend of Zelda Abridged is a series by Dogerx under the channel name LOZAbridged. The series parodies and encompasses the Zelda games starting from Ocarina of Time in season one, and it is currently in the Majora's Mask game for season 2. Dogerx voices most characters himself with some help from friends DarkonFullPower and YourHereForAReason, though the transition to Majora's Mask has brought in more outside voice actors.

Cast and Crew[]

* is for the Majora's Mask season only

  • Dogerx - Writer, Editor, Link, Dark Link, Great Deku Tree, Saria, Impa, Zora King
  • DarkonFullPower - Navi, Darunia
  • YourHereForAReason - Zelda/Sheik, Great Fairy, Princess Ruto
  • Glitteringmoonlight - Ganondorf
  • xxTechtonic - Tatl*
  • ThornBrain - Skull Kid* (Episodes 1 and 2)
  • Jpace92 - Happy Mask Salesman*


Like Adamwestslapdog's Zelda Abridged series, LOZ Abridged incorporates recorded game footage, sometimes looped, with voice acting. It also has the running joke of Link being an idiot, though this Link also has a speech-impediment. True to its title, the series drastically shortens the events that occur in the games, with the dungeon episodes usually lasting only one episode and featuring very little of what actually happens in the dungeon. The series also switches out some boss fights with characters unrelated to the Zelda series, such as Fire Temple boss Volvagia being replaced with Sailor Mars, or Water Temple boss Morpha being switched with a cameo by Elf as her character Duck from Tutu On's Princess Tutu Abridged.


Likely due to the low viewer count and general lack of attention, the series has not received much negative criticism. The strongest criticism came from The Midnight Frogs, Mugiwara Yoshi and Skull Kid's voice-actor ThornBrain, during the Abridged Series review segment of their podcast. They noted that the series constantly feels rushed, with the episodes running through entire temples and plot points as if they were an afterthought. They found the series in general to not be funny, with Thorn mentioning that Dogerx certainly had his funny moments (giving examples), and with Yoshi revealing that only Thorn's lines as Skull Kid made him laugh. Yoshi was also very unamused by the portrayal of Tael, whom he felt was a direct carbon-copy of the Invader Zim character Gir. Though Yoshi had only seen the two episodes of the Majora's Mask season, Thorn confirmed a few of his criticisms as being present in the original Ocarina of Time season, particularly the rushed video production.[1]


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