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7/27/2007 - 3/24/2008


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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Abridged by adamwestslapdog is an abridgement of Nintendo's classic N64 game, Ocarina Of Time. This series is not to be confused by this page's title with other parodies of the Zelda franchise, as the franchise is possibly the most abridged franchises of all time, with literally dozens of series' for each of the 3D games as well as several others for the 2D games in the Zelda series. This abundance may be due to adamwestslapdog's influence, being at the time of writing the 25th most subscribed comedian of all time on YT while using only free, easy to obtain software such as MS Paint, Audacity and Windows Movie Maker.


The first episode was released on July 27, 2007. adamwestslapdog created this series after completing his Resident Evil 4 Abridged series. It was then succeeded by the next game in The Legend of Zelda, Majoras Mask: The Abridged Series, following on with the same characters.


All 19 episodes have been completed, as well as a Halloween special.



A naive idiot, Link's exploration of the Deku Tree was cut short after he set fire to the tree, not realizing that it was flammable, causing him to incinerate the entire forest. Link frequently refers to himself as the "Hero of Time," though it is more than apparent that none of his actions are heroic (i.e. when he blows up Death Mountain after leaving his bomb bag in the Fire Temple) good as intentions may be. Link also refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions, blatantly telling lies that Ganondorf is really responsible for his mistakes.


Navi clearly despises Link, as she frequently fails to make him understand how stupid his actions are.


Zelda hates Link for his stupidity and wants him to be as far away from her as possible. She sends Link on the quest to find the sacred jewels and hopes he dies in the process.


Ganondorf only realised himself to be evil after he believed he'd killed Link with a Glow-in-the-Dark baseball. Before his confrontation with Link, he was playing the Phantom of the Opera on his organ with the intention of making Link too weak with fear to fight properly. After the fight, he insisted that Halo 3 "is the greatest game ever made," before continuing "And if it's not, then may my castle fall down on my head and crush me." His castle then fell down on his head and crushed him

Episode List[]

Air Date
Episode 1

Jul 27, 2007

"in this episode link has a saucy dream...about ganondorf, navi meets a rock humper and makes link her bitch"
Episode 2

Aug 9, 2007

"in this episode link picks up everything in the kokiri forest...then accidentally burns it down"
Episode 3

Aug 17, 2007

"in this episode navi and link flee the forest, saria confesses her love for link and whoopi goldberg and an owl rambles on for quite a bit"
Episode 4

Aug 22, 2007

"in this episode link tries to get a job, meets a girls who has an odd taste in nicknames and meets a man who looks a lot like another popular nintendo character"
Episode 5

Aug 29, 2007

"in this episode link finally gets round to meeting zelda and impa, plays his ocarina and stealths things up a bit"
Episode 6

Sep 8, 2007

"in todays episode link climbs death mountain, meets a party obsessed goron and a randy zombie"
Episode 7

Sep 18, 2007

"in todays episode link thinks zelda is getting the hots for him, then he gets swallowed by a giant fish and finally gets the final sacred stone"
Episode 8

Sep 29, 2007

"in todays episode ganondorf decides to help the police force by becoming a criminal, zelda does a runner and link tries to become the next king of england"
Episode 9

Oct 9, 2007

"in this episode link discovers that he has been sleeping in a fountain for the last 7 years, meets and old man who likes tights, finds out what the triforce is and meets a man who looks nothing like zelda"
Episode 10

Oct 21, 2007

"in todays episode link races a crazy ghost, pretends to be spiderman, meets up with that guy who looks nothing like zelda, rides an elevator and takes on ganondorfs phantom"
Episode 11

Nov 13, 2007

"in todays episode link gets a horse from ingo...who works hard apparently"
Episode 12

Nov 29, 2007

"in todays episode link figures out where he's meant to be going, learns that an ocarina isn't very good for playing rock music and fights a dragon who has a taste for country music"
Episode 13

Dec 19, 2007

<no description>
Episode 14

Jan 10, 2008

"in todays episode kakariko village gets attacked by an angry drummer, link has a very weird dream and discovers he isn't very good at guitar hero"
Episode 15

Jan 25, 2008

"in todays episode link goes to Gerudo valley and...ZOMG BOOBS"
Episode 16

Feb 13, 2008

"in todays episode link finally learns a song, travels back in time and fights a cartoon villain"
Episode 17

Mar 2, 2008

"in todays episode some stuff that happened in the game happens...except with a comedic twist"
Episode 18

Mar 21, 2008

<no description>
Episode 19

Mar 24, 2008

"in todays episode link puts his moves on zelda, confronts ganon and remembers about how he got the big goron sword"

Common Themes[]

  • Link's stupidity: Thinking Zelda wants him, being naive about things, doing extremely stupid stuff, failing to accomplish what should regularly be accomplished in the actual game.
  • Link's catchphrase, "Navi, you so crazy!" and the reoccuring "Ow! My groin!" makes a comeback from Resident Evil 4.
  • Navi being able to overpower Link in a fight.
  • Kaepora Gaebora, the talking owl, and his ridiculously long speeches
  • Link always saying "I got a/an [insert item]" to the theme for aquisition of items.
  • Link's inability to notice Sheik's true identity, despite her obvious slip-ups.
  • Exaggerations of certain elements/events in the actual game.
  • Darunia's obsession with parties.
  • Zelda's desire to execute people out of boredom
  • Link believing that Zelda and Sheik are two different people, even after Zelda reveals her identity
  • Link blaming his unheroic actions on Ganondorf
  • Ganondorf not being really evil (until he finds out he's related to Richard Nixon)