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Created by LWAASnyan
Run September 1 2014 - Present
Episodes 356 in home/46 in Youtube

LWAAS(Little Women Anime Abridged Series) is a abridged series made by LWAASnyan formerly Antonio Bravo until he got a strike that moves LWAAS to LWAASnyan,Making fun of the 1987 WMT anime adaptation! It's tells about The March Sisters Kickass Adventures and pop culture! In the beginning,A character(Mostly Jo or Beth) says a disclaimer like this:The Following program is rated TV-14/TV-MA. Contains Violence,Language and Adult Content. viewer discription is advised!


(Note. Everyone from LWAAS is voiced by LWAASnyan Until he finds a famous youtuber that can act)

  • Jo March - "It's kinda sorrow with a undie-kun in bed." "SHUT UP MEG.The main Character of LWAAS. She is a smart 15 year old Gary Stu who watches Anime,Eats Junk Food and Has a Crush on Laurie. She wears Modern Bra And Panties in bed,changing her scent to lavender. She better warn the Pervert:Chris to not see him taking pictures of her in her underwear!
  • Amy March - "I want more Hanamaru Kindergarten!"In the Book she's 12 but in the Abridged series she's a Lovable 9 year old Brat. She watches Hanamaru kindergarten and Wants Happy Meals in Mcdonalds And Whines like a drunk puppy. She has a "pet" cat and she Makes pranks at Jo. A LOT!
  • Beth March - "Awesome Things Will happen and bad things will go away." "Don't feel cummed up,you feel bummed up."After She Died in the Book,She was reborn as am immortal 10 year old braided Smart girl. Like Lisa Simpson,Beth's a Smart girl,Loves music And a Vegetarian. Sadly,her only friends are her cat milky and Jo. She actually graduated when she's 5.
  • Meg March - "what a total bitch,what a total Damn bitch!" "Stop Taking off my clothes!" TOTAL TSUNDERE! The oldest and most bossiest sister of the March Sisters! She hates all 3 of them (especially prisoning Amy after being Annoying) her only best friend is Omochi who made her worse! She decides to have a divorce on John and decides to be with Chris but Chris says no nicely. So she's back with john! Also she refuses to take her snood off since it's 2014 not 1920!
  • Milky Ann - "It's time to kick some ass!" "It's vengeance in hell that's what!" The Family Pet,Beth's pet,Mary Ann's Weaponizer: Milky was Hurt until his mom was killed by a hobo then milky killed the hobo. Like Stewie Griffin:He has a secret Weapon room but as big as the mall of America in the basement! He is better participating on Mary Ann.
  • Mary Ann - "It's payback Time March Sisters!(evil laugh)!" Amy's Traitor Friend,Daughter Of The Yakuza,Murderous Child Mary Ann is A Monster after Her Mom Died From 9/11 and notice the person that killed her mom was Yumaki March so she decides to Kill The March Sisters Starting With Amy As A Bounty Hunter But Fails by Her Assistant Yumaki that Yumaki is annoying! She is a Rich Bitch that Lives in a 5 story 10 mile mansion with an Army of Weaponized Maids and Titans to be Prepared for the Apocalypse.
  • Laurie Laurence - "Joooooooooo!" "Damn it Grandpa!"A 15 year old Busboy by The Historical Laurence Family! He Recognizes Jo too much and Has A Big Crush of her! He misses her so much he wants to marry her just to say FUCK the book! The Anime is better!
  • Aunt March - "You F**** bitch!" "You are a pervert Christopher Thorndike!" A Pissed off version of the original one! She says Bad stuff to her Grandnieces and says this to Marmee:You have 4 annoying Bitches and all you did is face palm?! You are the worst Niece I ever had! (She calls Chris Christopher Thorndike because Chris acts like Chris in Sonic X.(4kids dub))
  • Marmee March "_________ Curtis March! What the hell are you doing!?" "I'm very sorry aunt march." The mother of the march Family Feeling she had enough with them they should go somewhere else. Her Husband is of course an idiot! She's the hot mom and Fredrick(the husband) is the ugly dad! The March Family is a Dysfunctional Family.
  • Fredrick March - "I'm home and got some beer!" The Father of The March Family. He is a Gassy,Drunk,Lazy dad just like a sitcom dad! He mostly asks Marmee to get In Bed to Snuggle but sometimes when she's angry,She refuses to do it and talk Instead!
  • Emily: Amy's friend,Student,Rape victim: "That's right,I like girls." Emily is a friend of Amy and likes Girls,yep she's a Yuri fan and watches YuruYuri almost every day! Also her mom is a alcoholic and her dad is in a mental hospital.
  • Kumi: Amy's best friend,Pegasister,forgetful instance gal "Wow Amy you know a lot!" Kumi is Amy's best friend and likes MLP As Amy likes hanamaru kindergarten! She gets confused when Mary Ann was Trying to be nice but we know she's not.
  • Chris: Pervert,Total Quagmire:Annoying bastard who you want to punch! (Slowly) "oh don't worry,Girl,I'm with you!(touching her breasts as the girl or Jo might get scared)" "Can you marry me?" "I want To Marry And have Sex with her" Yeah,Chris is Aunt Marge's "Orphan Child that perverts on girls" mostly in the Bathroom or outside but later he gets bitchslapped by other girls!:D
  • John: "I'm so alone!" John teases at Laurie and Tom but not Grandpa Laurence! He is a little much of a Retard then a Big Bro. He Likes Meg A Bit.
  • Omoke: "you burn in hell!"NinjaSpy,Activator,Defeats Criminals in one strike: Omoke is a hero that murders any bad guy and Has a Crush on Amumi who is Emily's imaginary friend.
  • Mr Yamada: Child Molester,Teacher: Mr Yamada is the 4th grade Teacher in Amy's class which is a class full of girls so if a girl gets a problem wrong,they get raped! He would be The Worst Teacher!
  • Anthony
  • Yuki & Mami
  • Omochi
  • Yumaki
  • Ebola-Chan
  • Yataro
  • Yume
  • Mr/Mrs Yachiru


Mostly Taritoke saying This:Momomomomomomomomomomomomomommomomomomomomomomomomo(x5) and Taritoke's mom says Angrily what,WHAT?! And Taritoke says something not important and Her mom Doesn't care and Taritoke says this after her mom ignores her and says FUK YUUUUUUU!!!!

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