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Kuroshitsuji Abridged Parody

Kuroshitsuji Abridged Parody

Created by Keybladekid1245 and Fantasyrhia
Cast Keybladekid1245


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The Kuroshitsuji Abridged Parody is an abridged series for the anime Kuroshitsuji, also known as Black Butler. It was created by Keybladekid1245 and Fantasyrhia.


The series is posted on YouTube and Abridged Underground. Releases are about 2 weeks apart(1 week for editing + 1 week for scripting and voicing), unless there are problems.

Project is currently on Hiatus.


  • Keybladekid1245 - Ciel, Finny
  • DeidaraFangirl3579 - Sebastian
  • Fantasyrhia - Grell, Italian Guy (Episode 1)
  • YukiAnimeOtaku - Elizabeth, Meilin, Random Voice
  • BladeBlur - Bard
  • Kyol - Lau
  • NarutoLuvsBleach19 -William

Editing: Keybladekid1245 (Software: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0)

Scripting: Keybladekid1245 & Fantasyrhia

Former Cast[]

  • JakatoX - Bard, Lau
  • (Page Created)Fantasyrhia 23:20, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

Regarding Series Status[]

Hello, this is Fantasyrhia from 2022. This wiki page is the only evidence left from this series ever really existing outside of a few audition videos (which may have been made private since I last looked for them).

Due to the extreme clamping down on copyright on YouTube during 2012/2013, and with a general lull brought to production due to life in general, the series was dropped. Both Keybladekid1245 and I struggled to find workarounds for keeping uploads of the series live outside of Abridged Underground (now lost to history as well), thus, as much as I wish I could go back and watch them for nostalgia, all videos are gone. I lost all data related to the project due to harddrive corruption, and I'm not going to hope for the slim chance that Keybladekid has any surviving data on his old harddrives. So this series, unfortunately, has basically been scrubbed from the internet over time.

I hope everyone who was involved or who remembers this series is doing as well! Keybladekid and I haven't spoken in years, yet we're each thriving more than I think either of us could've imagined at the time we were working on this.

Series Status before Discontinuation (from memory)[]

  • ~4 episodes were definitely published
  • scripts and production for episodes 5-8 were in the works
  • scripting for an abridged parody special of the "Ciel in Wonderland" OVA was in production

This addendum is more or less my love letter to this project. I've been looking into getting back into media creation and every time I begin to think about that, I wander to this page in nostalgia. Kuroshitsuji Abridged Parody was my start of learning all about production and creation. It has an incredibly dear place in my heart, other abridged series I participated in coming right after. This project was started by a bunch of young teens, and now that I'm in my mid-twenties, the memories I have of working on this series as well as trying to start my own abridged series for xxxHolic, are some of the most precious memories that I had made growing up. Thank you abridgedseries wikia for keeping this page live, otherwise there truly would be no evidence left that this series had even existed.

Thank you.

And I hope those who find this page have a wonderful day. Creation is a journey, and this was my beginning. I wish all of you the absolute best. (And yes, I did cry, multiple times writing this)