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Knightshade was brought into the abridging community completely by accident. While looking for an episode of bleach he found Bleach Soma Abridged (Made by Semisoma1) watching it for the first time he thought it was weird but upon further watching the series, he enjoyed it. After watching one abridged series he went to find others yugioh abridged, DBZ abridged, Naruto abridged, etc. After watching he thought of making an Abridged Series of his own. Being 17 at the time and making a series for the wrong reasons (internet fame) didn't get him past writing a script. After about a year he decided to message Semisoma1 on youtube, expecting no answer he went about his daily life.

Upon seeing his message bar blinking red Knightshade got a message from Semisoma. He and Semisoma traded messages back and forth, asking Semi. about making a series until Semisoma introduced Knightshade to Skype. Upon realizing this, Knightshade got Skype and was quickly introduced to other abridgers (Zeromaster, Rogueabridger, Blacksilkninja and Midnightdevont. Over a period of time he began to have a new reason for abridging (have fun, duh). So he asked Blacksilkninja to edit his first series (Zombie Loan Abridged) and it worked at first, but after 6 months and only 2 episodes were made he stopped Zombie Loan Abridged. After a long Hiatus he got into fandubing small scenes in shows. He now does Fandubs for Kamen Rider and soon Super Sentai.

He got back into Super Sentai by a friend named Nathengraves989. He and Nathen love Kamen Rider and Super Sentai so much that they made a Podcast called "The Tokusatsu Corner" featiring Nathengraves989, Knightshade and Zeromaster. Every week they talk about everything Tokusatsu. So far 43 episodes have been made and shows no signs of stopping.