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Also known as

Kkyre, Kyre, Kyre12

Most known for

Naruto Comedy Series

Main Projects

Zoids-Chaotic Century/Guardian Force Abridged, Furuba Abridged, Hellsing Abridged, Naruto Comedy Series, Kampfer Abridged

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Kkyre started abridging at the age of twelve-being 13 now, and began on his entire journeys on youtube at the age of 9.

He hasn't really had many voice roles in the past, but he will, he has worked with Lunaraiko, Darklordcomp, Nowacking, Cook25cats & Themassiveaang.

More to come on this young talent.

Abridging Resume[]

He has had been in numerous projects, but main ones include....

(Main Characters in bold) (Underlined Indicates a Large Contribution to Series)

  • Avatar-The Last Airbender Abridged by Kkyre12 and Darklordcomp - Sokka, Editor
  • Furuba/Fruits Basket Abridged by Kkyre12 and Lunaraiko - Kyo Sohma, Writer, Editor
  • Hellsing Abridged by Kkyre12 and Darklordcomp - Seras, Walter, Writer Editor
  • Kampfer Abridged by Kkyre12 - Natsuru Senou(Male), Writer, Editor
  • Pokemon the Abridged Series by Themassiveaang - Half of the pokemon, Editor
  • Naruto Comedy Series by Darklordcomp and kkyre12 - Sasuke Uchiha, Iruka, Writer Editor
  • Zoids Chaotic Century/Guardian Force Abridged - Van Flyheight, Dr. D, Commander Karl Schwarz, extras, Irvine, Raven, Zeke, Ambient, Shadow

Personal Life[]

Kkyre was born in North Hollywood, moving to Surprise, Arizona at the age of four, at 18 he is going to move back and go to USC. He takes interest in world travel, and with his friend Kaleb, he is going to do so, first five countries-Kenya, Australia, Japan, Serbia & England. More to be seen.

Kkyre's favorite voice actor is David Tennant. His favorite voice actor is Vic Mignogna.


  • He is a natural Entertainer, acting & playing instruments like the Trombone, Soprano-Bass Saxiphone, Bugle, Trumpet, Baritone, French Horn, Snare Drum, Guitar and Piano.
  • He can speek lolcat