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Abridged Series
Name Kirby The Abridges Series
Run 04/03/2012 - Present
Created By VGKirbyftw
Number of Episodes 3

Kirby The Abridged Series was Created by VGKirbyftw. It began it's run on April of 2012.


Kirby: The central hero of the show! He is mostly Self absorbed and hates it when is compared to Jigglypuff!(Even though Kirby has been introduced before Pokemon) He Tries to do what he can to save his reputation as a Star Warrior!

Tiff: Kirby's Friend, in this series She tends to be annoying and protective then usual!

Tuff: Tiff's Yonger brother, in this series he wants to see some excitement around the usual dull and boring Cappy Town!

King Dedede: The King of Dreamland! in this series he is portrayed as a dumb king with a typical Foghorn Leghorn accent.

Escargoon: King Dedede's RIght hand Snail. He has a Campy personality, He was portrayed as a Homage to Mr. Garrison from South Park.

Metaknight: In this series he is portrayed as a loner who don't really give much for company. He gives kirby tips on how to win against the NME Monsters.

Recurring Characters[]

Fololo and Falala: Servants of Sir Ebrum and Lady Like. They always get along and always speak in rhyme much to the annoyance of everyone around them.

Spikehead: A Pokemon Fanatic and one of Tuff's Friends. He once Mistook Kirby For a Jigglypuff.

NME Salesguy: The salesman who always sells Dedede His monsters. Once in a while he would provide offers such as a 2 for 1 deal on internet Jokes and references.

Honey: another one of Tuff's Friends, She speaks in a Valley Girl Accent. Her only known appearance was in Kirby Parody: Cooking up Trouble. where she was voiced by TheHamtaroFlower1.

Main Cast[]

  • VGKirbyftw - Kirby, Tuff, King Dedede, Tokkori, Additional Voices
  • Spyroney - Tiff (1st two Episodes)
  • StarStella44 - Tiff (Episode 3 on)Additional Voices
  • ShadowClaw X - Escargoon, Metaknight, Sword Knight, Blade Knight, Additional Voices,
  • KyleWilson2 - NME Salesman, Chef Kawasaki, Melman, Additional Voices

Guest Voice[]

ManaYuGiOhGX5Ds - Lovely the Flower (Parody: Hell in the woods)

Episode list[]

Episodes Air Date
Epsiode 1 - For your Stars Only N/A
Episode 2 - Extreme Makeover (8-bit Remix) N/A
Episode 3 - You don't mess with the Metaknight N/A

Style and Characterization[]

This series was written to poke fun of the Kirby Series as well as different Video Game Series such as Mario, Pokemon and Sonic through ways of references, sound effects and Jokes! It also pokes fun of the Anime itself. For Example King Dedede's accent in this series references how he was voiced in the English dub of the Original.