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KiraKennedy is a young up-and-coming Canadian abridger. Originally he created a youtube channel to host Anime Music Videos (AMV's) he made when he was bored. Then, a friend introduced him to Naruto The Abridged Series. Shortly after this he discovered Yugioh, Death Note, and Yu Yu Hakusho The Abridged Series'. Then, during the summer of 2008, after viewing a tutorial video on how to make an abridged series, he decided to make one, but failed and ended it after five episodes. Shortly after this, he attempted a Digimon Abridged series (which he currently hosts on an alternate channel: DigitalDummy92), but then realised he would need help and decided to hold open auditions which would lead to the recruiment of phoenixspirit7584: a fellow abridger he met on the Abridged Alliance forums; YOKOKUWABARA; and Newkidaye (a friend of phoenixspirit). Shortly before the release of Digimon abridged episode 2, Kira also decided to create a When They Cry abridged series, against the wishes of an old high school friend of his. On June 21st, 2010, Kira posted a vlog stating that he was considering putting Digimon and When They Cry abridged on Hiatus due to lack of material being put out as well as a heavy schedule due to college preparations. He also stated that he may be considering working on a new Ultimate Muscle Abridged series, but later settled on scripting a one-shot (A project he's calling "Ultimate Muscle The REbridged One-Shot"). As of right now, Kira currently works on Beast Wars Abridged as well as various One-Shots, and he decided to effectively cancel all unfinished projects in order to focus more on Beast Wars abridged. However, as of September 2012, he began work on another non-abridged related project: A review show.

Current Projects[]

  • Beast Wars The Abridged Series
  • Hipster Ninja Reviews


  • Phoenixspirit7584's Viewtiful Joe Abridged- Rotten Jack (Episode 7)
  • Newkidaye's The Abridged Adventures Of Superman- Random Workers 1&2 (Episode 6)
  • Dachamp21's Ultimate Muscle The Abridged Series- Wally Tusket

Coming Soon[]

  • Beast Wars The Abridged Series Episode 9


  • Ultimate Muscle The Abridged Series
  • When They Cry The Abridged Series
  • Digimon: Digital Monsters The Abridged Series

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