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After 7 years since the popular game had been released, Kingdom Hearts evolved into a cult classic role-playing game for Anime fans. But recently after the Abridged Series phenomenon occured, users have been creating a version for Kingdom Hearts as well. So after several attempts made in 2 years, a new version of Kingdom Hearts: The Abridged Series has been created by a new comer in abridging; username: Youkuro. By viewing the half routine efforts of many before him, Youkuro decided to begin production by going over the most progressive Abridged Series in the last 3 years; from Yu Gi Oh to Dragon Ball Z, etc.; understanding the format of the many series.


By understanding the format, Youkuro begins legally downloading the videos from Kingdom Hearts and writing a script of seemly harmless jokes. Finally after only a few hours of editing the videos, recording the multiple voices, and more purchasing on iTunes, the final cut was made on Windows Movie Maker. Basically, this is the format the series will be produced for the time being. All the voices are done by Youkuro as by production, including Donald Duck. Although it was difficult to measure up to the original dialogue from the game, Youkuro used a "heavy metal" vocal track and followed Little Kuriboh's example in "Abridging 101" by using the sound recorder effects to speed the voice up to create the "raspy quacking" voice of Donald Duck.


"Simple and Clean PLANITb Remix" By Utada Hikaru

The abridged opening video is edited by Youkuro, respectively.


"Sanctuary" By Utada Hikaru

Just a brief fade in and out of the abridged series title.



Common Jokes[]


There will often be several joke references about Sora experiencing maturity when caught doing something he thought he had kept privately. Especially when Riku will bring up the subject.

Drug References[]

Episode 3 preferably depicts the use of exotic drugs and LSD in Wonderland as proof of the world's existence.

Adult Situations[]

Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith are portrayed as a thief and prostitutes rather than how they are portrayed in the original storyline yet they provide to explaining the plot but with less dialogue than in the game. However, in the manga Sora encounters a prostitute who has her heart stolen instead of the nameless extra from the game. Which is where Youkuro decided to get the story idea from for Episode 3.


Sora and Riku will pitted in a couple of episodes where one is owned by the other by what they've said in reference to saying it about their friend or relationship with Kairi, Selphie, Tidus, etc. Episode 1 gives an example of this joke by Riku tricking Sora into eating a "Yaoi" fruit by having him think its a Paopu fruit as in the original game's story.

Crude Stereotypes[]

There will occasionally be a negative version of a character's dialogue or persona from the original game's story, although may be spot on to that particular character. Same goes for all the British characters coming up in the series.

Other Abridged Series[]

Due to familiar screen cameos in the game being very popular with Disney and abridging, the series will feature joke references regarding to other abridged series in the past; such as the log from Naruto: The Abridged Series or an Episode 34 reference to Yu Gi Oh: The Abridged Series. As from Episode 1, King Mickey from the Disney Castle is referred to as the contraband drug dealer boss from NTAS.

Internet Memes[]

As like almost every abridged series, this series has pop culture references from youtube.com or other local Internet media broadcasts at the very end. In Episode 1, Youkuro pays tribute to Little Kuriboh, as does everyone else, by saving a "Zorc and Pals: The Movie" audio clip for this part of the episode.

Pop Culture[]

Like the Internet memes, at the end of the episode there will be a pop culture reference both classic (i.e. 90's shows) and current (songs that were relevant). There also quotes in the series from TV shows and movies both present and coming up in the series as well.

Minor/Major Flaws of the Series[]

Youkuro uses many aspects of the game's storyline and appearance. Like many abridged series, there are observational jokes or references. In Episode 3, Donald exclaims that there is something wrong with Goofy's eye. In the game's cut-scene of Wonderland, Goofy's left pupil appears to be missing. This was one of the few minor detailed flaws the game creators overlooked. There are also logic points to the story's plot and appearance such as a laser firing from Sora's Keyblade; in which his catch-phrase is "Keyblade Laser: Activate!!!". As for the storyline, several worlds inspired by the Disney movies serve a purpose to the plot while a few do not. These worlds are considered as "filler", like in Anime, for the cut-scenes and ability boosts for the original length of the game.

In III, 3D, and MoM Abridged, the total idiocy of things that were said to be impossible actually being VERY probable and could have been done ANY TIME is brought up; effectively making everyone look like total jackasses wasting their time when the simple solutions were available the whole time. (Getting to the realm of darkness, the power or waking and Fairy Godmother knowing about Nameless Star could have saved a year of pointless searching for Sora)

Guest Appearances[]

Auricairus (formally as MagicalFlute)


Rina Chan (Newgrounds fame)