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Kimmy Mochi


Kimberly Anne-Marie




Florida, USA

Specializes in:

Killing, Sarcasm, Voice Acting, Video Editing, Singing, Making children cry.

Voice Acted:

2 Years

Video Edited:

2 Years


Kimmy13r is a video editor, singer, voice actor, and story writer.

Orihime and rangiku

Orihime and Rangiku from Bleach

A very new face to the world of anime and an even newer face to video editing and voice acting. Kimmy began in late 2010 and has enjoyed every moment of whatever she's doing.

Picture of me 48

Kirino Chiba from Bamboo Blade

Known for her voice as Kirino in Bamboo Blade Abridged, Clare from Claymore UNserious, and also as Orihime in TheGoteijusantai abridge of Bleach, she still has a lot of work to do before she qualifies a skilled voice actor like she aspires to be. A lover of music and now beginning a hidden singing channel on youtube, she knows that she still needs some practice. Her video editing isn't as wonderful to her yet but she loves to edit and won't stop. She believes she is still a newbie when it comes to everything and loves to pick up on things from other skilled people that take part in video editing, voice acting, story writing ect. She has also began to do nail art and enjoys knowing that many people love her work even though she is inexperienced. With a knack of getting into trouble and conveying her feelings into whatever she does, she keeps her head held high knowing that as she continues growing and getting experience she will become another popular figure on youtube.


Smile Lag x Niche

An example of Kimmy13r's editing

"Life is filled with ups and downs but no matter what, I wouldn't change it for the world." Is her motto and sticks to it



  • Teamfourstar
  • Leeandlie
  • GameGrumps
  • BlackSinnix
  • Imoristar
  • IHaveACupcake
  • ElieMontyVA
  • Pewdiepie
  • MandoPony
  • Avidityy
  • X1xSakuraYukix7X
  • BingoRock16
  • cutepolish
  • DazzlingPaw
  • GanXingba
  • Razzyness
  • Rockleetist
  • TheLivingTombstone
  • WhiteLiolynx
  • WoodenToaster
  • incorrectbox


(Note: These roles include projects that have been canceled or on hiatus)

  • Ange'l - 'Gabriella and Himeko- Asianfury20
  • Angel Stars - Minako Mamoru - PopRocketsProduction (lilmama321123)
  • Dark Diamonds of the Future - Member - PopRocketsProduction (lilmama321123)
  • Sailor Zodiacs - Haruhi Inoue *Sailor Pisces* - animeliciousbabe112
  • The Apocolypse - Kale - shadowclanDeathstar
  • Elemental Teens - Marissa- WaterGoddessX
  • The Blackshine Studios - Member - Starlight3535
  • Bleach Abridge Series - Rangiku Matsumoto and Orihime Inoue - TheGoteijusantai
  • Chance Pop Session - Akari Mizushima - Animeliciousbabe112
  • The Lion King 2 fandub - Singing voice for Zira
  • BakaBachiB - Niche - NInjaheart100
  • ShadowsxofxDawn - Member - 001DragonHeart
  • Wingless Angel Studios - Member - xxmangaXmusicxx
  • Super Organization III - Director - Kimmy13r
  • Bamboo Blade Abridged - Kirino Chiba, Yuuri Ando, Cubey, and Animals - by SonCurran
  • Claymore Unserious - Clare - by UltimateGamerist
  • Air Fandub - Haruko - X1xSakuraYukkix7X


  • Is a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, My Little Pony, Hetalia, Pewdiepie, and JennaMarbles
  • Cosplays as Kairi, Namine, and the white mushroom from Kingdom Hearts
  • Her favorite animal is the fox
  • Her favorite Pokemon is Ninetails
  • Loves horror games