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Kikaider Abridged

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Created by shadow2039
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Episodes 4
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Kikaider Abridged is done by shadow2039 , Kikaider is owned by Studio OX and Created by Shotaro Ishinomori. please support the official release

How it came to be[]

while one day surfing a naruto fan website shadow2039 came across a thing called naruto abridged. He watched it and laughed his ass off so we went searching for more and found there were many. His main influences were that of hbi2k , lanipator , and idlitstudios. One day he thought that he should try to make his own abridged series . He found that the only series he liked that hadn't been done was kikaider , so he decided on that. Lucky for him his school provided macs with imovie on them. He went to work on a script , and once it was finished he cast some friends on skype for parts needed.

Main Cast[]


Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - rhinos and robots and fire oh my! N/A
Episode 2 - am i a mad machine , and more importantly do i get a new bike N/A
Episode 3 - mr. detective can you find my robo....i mean brother...yeah N/A
Episode 4 - olive garden is awesome N/A