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The finalized title card, created by Sonicfiend.

Keroro☆Abridged is an Abridged Series created by RabidSonicFan, based on the popular Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog anime.


  • RabidSonicFan : Creator, Lead Writer, Video Editor, Voice Director, Voice Actor
    • Roles: Keroro (Teaser Trailer), Fuyuki Hinata, Aki Hinata, Misc. Characters
  • imepicurnot : Voice Actor
    • Roles: Keroro
  • MangaMoon95: Voice Actor
    • Roles: Tamama
  • MontHenryKnitly : Voice Actor, Co-Writer, Voice Director
    • Roles: Kululu, Satsuki (Voice #2), Saburo, Misc. Characters
  • Sonicfiend: Voice Actor, Lead Video Editor [Episode 0-1]
    • Roles: Dororo, Demon Sergeant
  • Livlifeawesome: Voice Actor
    • Roles: Keroro's Mom
  • modbz: Voice Actor
    • Roles: Giroro, Narrator
  • KittySan1202: Voice Actress
  • Roles: Natsumi, Satsuki (Voice #1)
  • LadyTemariDesert: Voice Actress
  • Roles: Yayoi
  • BlueKeyFreak: Voice Actor
  • Roles: Commander
  • mattroks101 : Lead Editor [Episode 2-Onwards], Additional Dialogue


00: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lan0QHjFznw

01: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BdW5-xFRZM

02: Writing - 100%
Editing - 0%
Voice Acting - 0%


For a list of characters, please go here.


  • Despite Dororo's constant torture, his actor was the first to be cast.
  • This series mainly came about due to inspiration from The Midnight Frogs.
  • The first few episodes were written by RabidSonicFan while he was in school, though now, they're co-written with MontHenryKnitly.
  • Episode 0's Preview length is 2:27 (2 minutes, 27 seconds), Sonicfiend's birthday is February 27th.


  • Opening Theme: Afro Gunso by Dance Man
  • Tamama's Love Theme: Alpha Dog (Phunkstar Radio Mix) by Bentley Jones
  • "The Forgotten One" by ThornBrain ("Croak Cover" feat. Keroro Shoutai! Abridged)