In 2008, Kendall916 started out on YouTube and attempted some abridge writings for Blood Plus Abridged. She is a non-Union Voice Over that loves to lend her voices on various non-profit projects for online publication and content distribution. Since that time, she has been a part of some abridging groups and Star Trek fan productions.

Abridging Groups[edit | edit source]

Kendall916 has been an active member of Youtube Abridging group TeamAARU since 2008.

Voiced In[edit | edit source]

Darkwolflade7's Kiss X Sis Abridge (TV & OVA)

  • Suminoe, Ako
  • Suminoe, Riko
  • Kiryuu, Mikazuki
  • Kiryuu, Yuuzuki 
  • Mikuni, Miharu

Black Note (TeamAARU)

  • Amane, Misa (Future Episodes)

Seikon no qwaser (TeamAARU)

  • Yamanobe, Tomo

Ladies vs. Butlers (TeamAARU)

  • Shikikagami, Sanae

Codename: Sailor V (Sechelf)

  • Hikaru
  • Artemis

Star Trek: Absolution (Caithlin Ferrarah)

  • Episode 1 - The Galaxy Just Got Smaller
    • Lt. Sito/Cara
  • Episode 2 - The Galaxy Just Got Smaller II
    • Lt. Sito/Cara
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