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Kemono Friends Abridged
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Created by:

Nintles - Ginseng Media


June 22nd 2017 - June 8th 2019



Kemono Friends Abridged is an abridged series of the 2017 CGI Anime, "Kemono Friends", made by Canadian abridger, Nintles under his production name, Ginseng Media.


Kemono Friends Abridged was conceived in the middle of the production of another episode of a series Nintles was working on at the time, titled "Kiznabridged" (Kiznaiver Abridged). Nintles was thinking of doing another series after Episode 2, something that was more shorter and could give him more freedom to do what he wanted. Kiznaiver, while he thought had some comedy material to make fun of, he felt was restricted to making it more fan-dubby than what he originally wanted. It doesn't help that around the time, he was struggling to find help in regards to writing and visual effects, which made him lose motivation even more. Nintles was tossing around ideas for what he wanted to do, whether it would be a One-Shot, or the First Episode of a whole new series, but he couldn't find a series that would either be popular enough, or insane enough to even attempt. But then, during the Winter Anime Season of 2017, a hidden gem came to the surface. Originally sunken from terrible first impressions, the people that continued watching ended up raving about how despite its bad animation, had a charm that most modern anime don't. That anime was called Kemono Friends.

His first exposure to Kemono Friends was actually from Arkada/Glass Reflection, in a video titled "Why I LOVE Kemono Friends (And So Should You!)". Nintles was skeptical at first, and thought it was some kinda joke, and to an extension, a paid advertisement paid by Crunchyroll to promote the anime. But he watched through, and before Nintles knew it, he actually sat down and watched the first episode. It was at that moment, Nintles found his series. The first episode was written in secret, with an audition page posted to Abridgers' Lounge, and was edited along side Kiznabridged Episode 2. the video was then released on June 22nd 2017 first on vidme, with a release to Youtube on the 29th.

A few months after Episode 1's release. the video was then shared on niconico, a Japanese Youtube alternative with a considerably huge Kemono Friends fanbase. this led the video to garner more views than it originally got, and for nintles to get an international fanbase. Plans for Episode 2 and 3 started around this time, but were taking longer to make due to nintles being employed at the same time. in the meantime, he created his own niconico account to upload the First Episode onto and eventually Episode 2, which premiered on Christmas Day. Episode 3 would end up being released on Earth Day 2018 (April 22nd) with a early release a day before on his Patreon.

After Episode 3, nintles put the series on hiatus to focus on two new projects. One directing the First Episode of Little Witch Abridged for his collaboration channel, BridgeBrains, and the second being Land of the Ludicrous, a parody of "Land of the Lustrous" written by him and ZehOverseer (of RWBY Abridged fame) for BridgeBrains as well. in 2019. only a single episode, Episode 4, was made. in 2020, nintles left Bridgebrains to form his own production company, Ginseng Media(formerly Ginseng Golems) and due to personal problems and COVID causing issues outside of nintles' life and with production, nintles was forced to delay work on the series till further notice.

On March 13th 2021, nintles returned after a year long break and announced his retirement from abridging in favor of becoming a VTuber, with future episodes like Episode 5 being completely cancelled, on June 22nd 2021, nintles did a livestream commentary going through each episode, and ended the stream with going through plot details of how he would have ended the series.

Kemono Friends Abridged as of March 10th 2024 is now on the BridgeBrains channel in the form of a long video collection/volume called "Kemono Friends Abridged: The Classic Collection". Nintles (now PanaxVT) gave BridgeBrains the distribution rights to the series in order to archive it and give it a new home for all to view. It was made clear that the series is only up for archival purposes and won't be continuing.


Main Cast:

  • Serval - Wildcard (Matthew McCallum)
  • Bag - nintles
  • Lucky Beast - DemonGroceryStore

Recurring Cast:

  • Raccoon - Allen The Ultimate Gamer(Ep.2-3)
  • Fennec - Keik Arkinshock

Minor Cast:


Episodes Upload Date
Episode 1: "You're A Terrible Kemono Friend!" Vidme: June 22nd 2017

Youtube: June 29th 2017

niconico: December 5th 2017

Episode 2: "A Bus-y Day in the Park Part 1" Youtube: December 25th 2017

niconico: December 31th 2017

Episode 3: "A Bus-y Day in the Park Part 2" Youtube: April 22nd 2018 (For Patreon: April 21st)

niconico: April 22nd 2018 (due to a copyright blockage in asian countries)

Episode 4: “Dry Desert Liars” Patreon: June 7th 2019

Youtube: June 8th 2019

niconico: June 8th 2019


  • This is the first CGI Anime Abridged Series to contain lip flaps (don't quote us on that). in fact, the lip flaps and visual edits are so complex for this series, future episodes contains original animations by some MMD creators. border-lining more of an adaptation as opposed to an abridged series.
  • The story is similar to the original anime, but with differences like Serval not being a regular in the Park, and her motivation being to eat Bag after a trip to the Library.
  • All the voice actors are Male, which is a massive cliche. We don't know what nintles was thinking when he did that.
  • This is one of the first Abridged series to get dubbed in Japanese, by a fan named "Khirio". This dub was soon officially released by nintles to celebrate the one year anniversary of Episode 1. he later would contribute MMD animation to the main series.