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Created by pzykosiz
Cast pzykosiz
Run September 7, 2018
Episodes 1
Link Youtube Link

Keijoke!!!!!!!! is a One-Shot created by Pzykosiz for OreimoVA's contest Abridging World Championship, on the youtube channel IAmPzykosiz. The video is fast-paced jokes and covers the last two episodes of the Keijo series.


Writer: pzykosiz
Editor: pzykosiz
Voice Actors: pzykosiz

The script was written on a Friday night, recorded on Saturday morning and assembled during the week and released the following Friday. It was done quickly due the the two week timeframe of the contest.


  • Announcer: Narrates the action, and also the contest judge
  • Nozomi: The main protagonist and perversion extraordinaire
  • Hanabe: Looking for Abridger boyfriend
  • Rin: Want to finish this up and get drinking
  • Muramachi: Magic lesbian chick
  • Midori: Talks back a lot
  • Tae: Gets into other people's business
  • Maya: Crazy bitch

Episode List[]

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Keijoke!!!!!!!! - Much Ado A Butt Nothing Sep 7th 2018


  • This was Pzykosiz's first video made using Sony Vegas