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Kasha is a small abridging team cofounded by Meerkat and Sawyer, but Sawyer did leave due to a dispute with Meerkat. They created Diamond is Abridgable, Abridge on Titan, and HxH abridged.

Works by Kasha[]

  • Diamond is Abridgable
  • Abridge on Titan
  • HxH Abridged


  • Meerkat
  • AngelicPyro
  • Vix
  • Tomas
  • Megan
  • Deku
  • ReAnimator


Kasha was created by Ben Meerkat and Sawyer Quinn. They originally started it with the intention of making a Digimon Tamers Abridged, and later turned into a Jojo Golden Wind Abridged, but both series were both shelved.

They recruited a boy named Tomas, and the trio became the true founding members of what we currently know as Kasha. Meerkat would be the head director and writer, Sawyer would act as the graphic designer and co writer, and Tomas would voice act and occasionally write jokes. Meerkat’s friend and little brother figure Kaylerr, was also a large part of Kasha. All of them would voice act in videos, and divide up characters amongst eachother.

Sawyer and Meerkat designed the original mascot of Kasha, a snappy purple gargoyle named Spuytan.

At a certain point, Kaylerr left Kasha to work on school. He and Meerkat stayed close and are still close to this day. Many new voice actors signed in such as QueenNicy, Valentine, Goose, Fiber, and Tonio.

In June of 2023, Meerkat and Sawyer had a horrific friendship ending dispute which led to Sawyer leaving Kasha forever. Meerkat was distraught by this, and genuinely pondered deleting Kasha. With advice from his mentor, and close friends, he was urged not to delete Kasha, because at this point it was much more than just him and Sawyer’s, it was the property everyone involved in Kasha. Kaylerr ended up hearing about this, and rejoined Kasha for a few months before deciding to leave because school had started again. Him and Meerkat are still close.

On a whim, in August of 2023, Meerkat put out a call on Casting Call Club for a series he was producing called Hunter X Hunter Abridged, which was a new passion project that he wanted to make several months earlier, but was stopped by Sawyer because she hadn’t seen Hunter X Hunter. A few days into the call being made, Meerkat got 3 auditions in his mailbox. TheAngelicPyro auditioned for Gon, Megan auditioned for Killua, and Vix auditioned for Kurapika. Meerkat quickly reached out and hired all three actors. They worked tirelessly on the project, and grew closer as a team.

Megan was promoted to co casting director, co writer, and currently is in talks of becoming CEO and leading Kasha with Meerkat. AngelicPyro has auditioned and been cast as Shizuku as well as Gon. Vix has auditioned and has been cast as Pitou as well as Kurapika. So far, they’ve brought in 3 more actors. Blue, ReAnimator, and Bebo.

There will be more to come as fans of Kasha eagerly wait for Season 2 of Hunter X Hunter Abridged, and Season 3 of Diamond Is Abridgeable.


- Meerkat and Sawyer met in their High school creative writing class

- Meerkat was the original voice of Abridged Koichi, until he casted Kaylerr as Koichi.