Karilynne Davies
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Karilynne Davies is a Canadian voice actress, best known for playing Albedo in The Numbskulls' Overlord Abridged series.

History[edit | edit source]

Voice Work[edit | edit source]

  • Overlord Abridged by Numbskulls - Albedo
  • Attack on Titan Abridged by Numbskulls - Mikasa
  • Kill la Kill Abridged by Psnyomi133 - Ryuko Matoi (Ep. 7, 8)
  • Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Abridged Parody by Psnyomi133 - Gentiana
  • How I Accidentally (Maybe) Ended the World by Numbskulls - Maya, Misato, and Asuka
  • Persona 5 Day One Shot by Numbskulls - Ann
  • Black Lagoon's Vacation (Abridged Parody One-Shot) by DoktorApplejuce - Revy
  • ADA (Absolute Duo Abridged) by JChippers - Tomoe
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