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January 3, 2010 - September 6, 2011




Episode 1 on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses

The entire series fan-uploaded on YouTube

"It's the story about a guy who turns into a girl but it's not Ranma, it's Kampfer! It's German! ...And the girls like the guy, but he can't tell, which is funny. And there's a bad guy as usual, but I can't tell, because there's so many girls who want the guy, and the guy-girl too, and that's pretty funny, so let's make it funnier! It's Kampfer Abridged!"


Though he is known for editing and voicing in Naruto the Abridged Series, MasakoX wanted to give scripting a try, creating a one-shot of the anime "Mahoromatic." As it was a success, and with much persuasion from Takahata101, Masako decided to  continue working on his scripting ability by creating Kampfer Abridged. The first episode premiered at the TeamFourStar panel at MAGfest 2010 and was put up on Masako's youtube channel, (MasakoXtreme,) a few days after the convention. As it was taken down on January 12, 2010, Masako created a separate channel for the series named 2KaTAS.

The 2KaTAS channel was also taken down by some time in 2013, but episodes 1-10 were available on a permanent hub at blip.tv at http://blip.tv/katas as of May 3, 2011[1]. The series was removed from Blip in late 2013, and is currently being re-uploaded by MasakoX to his http://thatguywiththeglasses.com page under "Anifile".


Kampfer Abridged is edited and scripted by MasakoX



  • PurpleEyesWTF - White Kampfer (ep. 9-11)
  • Hbi2k - White Kampfer (ep. 10-11)
  • KaiserNeko - White Kampfer (ep. 9-11)
  • Xthedarkone - White Kampfer (ep. 9-11)
  • somatosensation
  • SaiyaSerenityV
  • NarlyFang
  • Nozawa
  • Kirbopher

Episode list[]

Episodes Air Date
KäTAS 1: My Crotch Was A Lie January 3, 2010
KäTAS 2: Me, Myself and Sakura N/A
KäTAS 3: Once A Virgin... May 9, 2010
KäTAS 4: Lips A-Go-Go N/A
KäTAS 5: Canoodling, Contests and Cordite December 27, 2010
KäTAS 6: Meet the Childhood Friend February 1, 2011
KäTAS 7: The Silence of the Plushies May 1, 2011
KäTAS 8: Licensed to Derp June 7, 2011
KäTAS 9: Meet The Bikini Teamy June 21, 2011
KäTAS 10: 2 B A KAMPFER July 20, 2011
KäTAS 11 September 6, 2011

Note: above information is compiled from posts on The Official MasakoX Fan Page on Facebook [2]


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