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Kakurenbo The Abridged Movie



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Created by TheOnly08thMSTeam as a Halloween Special in October 2009. The group had wanted to create something for Halloween but didn't really think that the series they abridged Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team would lend itself very well to a Halloween theme so the group decided to abridge this short movie.

Production[edit | edit source]

 Editing[edit | edit source]

The movie was edited using Sony Vegas, Audacity, and various Adobe programs

Footage[edit | edit source]

All footage was taken directly from a DVD to ensure the highest quality.

Writing[edit | edit source]

Unlike previous works by the team, the credits state that all three of the members of the group contributed to the writing of the special.

Voices[edit | edit source]

Also unlike previous works the credits state various people as having participated in voicing including non-team members. Credits state the voices as following:

Animeguy118: Hikora, Noshiga, Sorincha, and Pineapple Taker

Prawl23: Yaimao, Yanku, and Random Voice (listed as Child Molester)

ChimChim839: Thyroid Demon

Non-Member Contributions:

TommorrowInc: Tachiji and Suku

ChosenSpoon: Inmu and Hotdog Demon 1

Arey420: Oni and Hotdog Demon 2

 Songs Used[edit | edit source]

Opening - Monsters by Matchbook Romance

In movie- Boris The Spider by The Who

Closing/Credits: Thriller by  Michael Jackson

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