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Created by Ammerose3011 and RhtyhmBeatMusic
Cast Ammerose3011 and RhtyhmBeatMusic
Run ??
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The KuroSHITsuji is a abridged series by Ammerose3011 and RhtyhmBeatMusic from youtube. The series can be Viewed on RhythmBeatSuji, as the RhythmBeatMusic Account was taken down. It has since been renamed KShitSuji

About the Series[]

The Series was Started in may 2010 By both Ammerose3011 and RhythmBeatMusic, The First 2 episodes are around 10 minutes but since then all episodes have been in the 6-7 minute area.

The KuroSHITsuji abridged parody has a very British sense of humour, like that of Monty Python but also has many anime or video game references.

Many of the characters in the series speak a language of what they are, for example Meirin in this series, instead of talking just speaks "nerd" which....is impossible to describe over text.

The series does many jokes around the anime leaving a lot of stuff that was in the manga out it also makes fun of some of the animation flaws and what the series has called "yaoi moments"

As of episode 7 of the series a better mic has been used to record the episodes. This gives the series a much better feel. Not only that but each episode has high definition video.

The Sound effects in the series are either actual sound effects (as of episode 7) or could be a cast member saying "woosh" "click" or "slice". As of episode 18, these were cut down and real soundeffects were used more prominanatly.

The series also holds references to other abridged series, such as Megami33's Sailor Moon Abridged or CardGamesFTW's (LittleKuriboh's) Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged

The series was taken off of youtube in early 2011, as a near instant retaiation RhythmBeatMusic made several new accounts, the series is now hosted on RhythmBeatSuji, along with all his other fandubbing work. The series is dated to return in summer of 2011, along with a Gosick abridged. The Series has been Renamed KShitSuji as of its re-upload.

Major Roles Cast[]

  • RhythmBeatMusic - Sebastian, Ciel, Bard, Grell, Madame Red, Himself, Various Sound Effects
  • Ammerose3011 - Meirin, Finny, Tanaka, Pluto, Angela (Mrs Wiggle Piggle), Herself, Various Announcements