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About KTAS[]

K-ON!: The Abridged Series was created by Toaster and Zeromaster in 2009 after the series' release, they both thought it would make an interesting project as the series was fresh and only one episode was released at that point in time what added to that was that the cast was all female.

Toaster along with Zero watched the first episode together and came up with several ideas for the parody and sought the help of: HokageTitan, RogueAbridger and Knightshade04 and thus Just5Guys was born.

Early on KTAS changed a lot from the original draft including character personalities and jokes/references, shortly after Episode 1 was uploaded it gained several fans and Just5Guys started work on Episode 2 and onward until Episode 5: The Reference, in which the video was taken down due to copyright infringement (for Naruto: Shippuuden footage oddly enough), and thus the channel's 2nd account TheLoliBrigade was born where they re-uploaded episodes 1 - 5 and even gave them snazzy names and renaming the the episodes as J5G Parody.

They continued to make more episodes until yet again copyright struck once more on their Christmas Special (a.k.a Episode 7), which Zero then decide it would be wise to upload the episode on Blip.tv and future episodes of KTAS in their original form where YouTube would get altered uploads (i.e mirrored/darkened footage).

Shortly after the Christmas special and during development of Episode 6, Toaster left the group due to personal reasons and thus Nightshade04 took over the role of Mio and FullmetalChao became an official member of Just5Guys taking the role of Azusa. And Zero became the official and only editor for KTAS.

As of the release of season 2 (entitled K-On!!) as well as a movie adaptation, there has been no implications of a season 2 or abridged movie of K-On! Abridged, making this series completed for now, though things may change & there may be a season 2 in the future.


Zeromaster: Yui Hirasawa, Editor

Toaster: Mio Akiyama, Editor (2009 - 2010)

HokageTitan: Ritsu Tainaka

RogueAbridger: Tsumugi Kotobuki

Dco257: Ui Hirasawa

Knightshade04: Sawako Yamanaka, Nodoka Manabe, Mio Akiyama (2010 - Present)

FullmetalChao: Gitah, Azusa Nakano

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode1: Illegal...(Legal In Japan) Apr 13, 2009
Episode 2: Yui's Awesome ADD Adventure N/A
Episode 3: The God Wears Suede N/A
Episode 4: PEPSI! N/A
Episode 5: The Reference N/A
Episode 6: The "EPIC" Concert Apr 13, 2010
Episode 7: Christmas Special May 13, 2010
Episode 8: New Meat N/A
Episode 9: When Catgirls Attack N/A
Episode 10: Everyday I'm Steppin' On The Beach N/A
Episode 11: Last Minute Drama for Dramatic Purposes Sept 12, 2012


  • The original draft of Episode 1 originally intended for Mio to be a "Gangsta Girl" but was quickly changed to her current character traits.
  • Mio is in fact, a Futanari/Transexual (but knowing Zero's sick mind she's a Futa).
  • All the girls have a sexual attraction to at least another girl Mio/Ritsu, Yui/Ui, Tsumugi/Sawako etc.
  • Mugi is totally the daughter of Paris Hilton like, Yaa!
  • The band name The God Wears Suede is a take on the Metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada.
  • Just5Guys like their Haruhi jokes (episodes 1,2 & 5 are filled with jokes and references to FullmetalChao's The Abridging of Haruhi Suzumiya).
  • Gitah is a possessed guitar that can talk and often inappropriately touches Yui "Hey you sister person fetch me a cigarette!"
  • All Yui ever seems to play on Gitah is Death Metal either this is to do with Gitah being possessed or Yui just likes Death Metal so much.
  • Yui wants to be the Castanet Hero!
  • Ritsu has a very interesting skit in Episode 4 in which there is a Magruber Parody called "Ritsuber" which features Zero singing the Magruber Ad for Pepsi with a twist "RITSUBER!! PEPSI, PEPSI, PEPSI!" you get the idea, This joke was brought back for Episode 10 as was various memorable jokes from Episode 4.
  • Yui is a whale.
  • Azusa suffers from a rare disorder called the Jimi Hendrix Disorder although funnily enough the scene shows Jimmy Page either Zero doesn't know this or simply doesn't care.
  • Azusa so far has two catchphrases in the form of "God, what a freak!" and "I think (insert name/he/she/I etc.) just came."
  • Sawako continuously shouts and takes off the girls' clothes "IT'S RAPIN' TIME!" and constantly quotes Kamina of Gurran Lagan and even wears the sharp orange signature shades "Believe in the me that believes in the Yui That believes in me!" "This guitar pick is the guitar pick to PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!"

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