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Junk House Studios
Junk House

Founded On

June 13, 2013


Alifluro + justkyledavid








Junk House Studios (formerly OverlordABRIDGED) was created by Alifluro and justkyledavid in June 2013. Both creators were looking to start a new abridged series and so they put their heads together and decided to start one for a relatively new anime series (at the time) that they both loved: The Devil is a Part-Timer (or Hataraku Maou-Sama) in which Alifluro would voice Emi Yusa, and justkyledavid would voice Lucifer. The remaining cast was released on July 7, 2013. 

The Devil is a Part-Timer Abridged remains the most popular project put out by the team, but they have also begun a Fairy Tail Abridged Series titled 'Fairy Games', and Kakegurui Abridged Shorts.  

The team also produce a variety of parody animations, and are in the pre-production stages of their own original animated series titled 'Drip and Blaze'.  



Other Members[]

  • FrustratedRocka - Voice Actor
  • SynK - Voice Actor
  • LollipopProductions - Voice Actor
  • Laikachi - Voice Actor
  • Kayli Mills - Voice Actor
  • Earl of Bassington - Voice Actor
  • MinaMinaVA - Voice Actor
  • TheOmega360 - Voice Actor
  • Fairfieldfencer - Voice Actor
  • Eagle8burger - Voice Actor
  • Skoringo - Voice Actor
  • Codeblackhayate - Voice Actor
  • Xcaliborg - Voice Actor
  • Austin Rearden - Voice Actor
  • IzanamiVA - Voice Actor
  • EoD - Voice Actor
  • Dizzasta - Voice Actor
  • Grimmjack69 - Voice Actor
  • Seigi VA - Voice Actor
  • BuddyVA - Voice Actor
  • YaroShien - Voice Actor
  • Spiritkitten - Voice Actor
  • Trina - Voice Actor
  • Angelegend - Voice Actor
  • Scar - Voice Actor
  • Riefee - Voice Actor


Editing - Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop

Animating - Toon Boom Harmony

Recording - AKG Perception 120 and 220 microphones, Adobe Audition


  • The Devil is a Part-Timer Abridged
  • Fairy Games (Fairy Tail Abridged)
  • Kakegurui Abridged Shorts
  • Varying Animated Shorts
  • Drip and Blaze (original animation in pre-production)


  • The creators of Junk House Studios (Alifluro and justkyledavid) are both Australian, and live together.
  • The opening song for the The Devil is a Part-Timer Abridged is "The Hell Song" by Sum 41.
  • The opening song for Fairy Games is "Magic" by B.o.B.
  • The cast and crew are made up of a mix of Australians, Americans, and Canadians.
Junk House Studios