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Junjou Abridged
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Created By:


Voice Actors:

BonkuriTokio112 xXxShuichiXEirixXx yaoilover1357

Episode so far:


Running Time:


Episodes range from 6-10 minutes so far.



Series Opening theme:

Season 1:Deep Mentality: From Persona 3, Honeybear: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Season 2:Beating Hearts Baby:Head Automatica

Junjou Abridged[]

An abridged series of the yaoi anime Junjou Romantica. Refered to only as "Junjou abridged" on YouTube. Currently in progress, it is the first yaoi series to have more then 1 episode. It was supposed to only be a one-shot, but after getting good reviews, The creator confirmed it would be made a full abridged series and that all of the actual anime episodes would be abridged.

Common Jokes[]

Misaki's Sexuality

Usagi raping Misaki

Misaki's lack of friends.

Hiroki's voice.

Usagi's pedobears.


Video's on Bonkuritokio112's account were victim to copyright infringement, and subsequently had his Youtube account deleted recently.