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Juni Taisen Abridged
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 2018-12-04
Length 29:42
Created by Cerbyo
Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxyKlUuRAlg
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The Holy Birthday Wars[]

12 Birthday Boys and Girls come together to compete in the greatest event of the decade. There can only be one Birthday Boy (or possibly girl..)! The competitors must fight eachother for the right to be champion. This abridgment covers the events of Juni Taisen episode 1 and 2.


Originally meant as a short and serious abridgment back in 2017. This was meant to be done and finished in about 2 weeks. The intent was just to make a first abridgment to prove the editor could create the things it loved to watch. It wasn't going to have a proper lip dub. It was simply designed to be a getting started project as it began learning video editing for the first time. After unexpected delays the project grew in scope and due to more delays it was set aside and a second project: Citrus Abridged Episode 1, was started. Once Citrus was finished this project was revisited and finally released almost a year later than the original intended date. It is at its heart a very raw abridgment. The story and script were the first things it had written for a project like this.

As you'll notice there are varying degrees of edits. It updated many of the edits to be better. Some were left as originally done though to showcase the original heart of the show, as a way of showing in realtime how better editing skills were learned over time. Much of the plot was modified to add humour to the otherwise serious script, and as you'll notice there are many added cutaway segments all over the abridgment to supplement the new story direction.

The show was intended to possibly spawn further episodes, but due to the delays on the project these were cancelled long ago. There are no plans to continue with any further episodes in this series.


VA Cast (in order of appearance):

Rian Kilfeather - Warrior of the Bunny




David Coon - Warrior of the Announcer


Kysara Gii - Warrior of the Monkey

from SutoriiTime VA on YouTube

Shihuchi - Warrior of the Boar


Kikka Kibaz - Warrior of the Chicken


Amu Mew Mew - Sister of the Boar