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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Manga Abridged Is an ongoing adaptation of the 1980s action manga, created by DrFunk98, and written by Eman Sdrawkcab, FoxFireFool, Dinglepoops, Fantastic Jtastic, GolddenEyes, Haru, & SuperUnhappyMan.

Retelling the story in at times, a more bizarre version of its original events. Be this in the casts personalities and intelligence, the logic of their environments, or even what some of the characters are capable of. One minute you're talking to an employee at an Indian restaurant, the next minute you discover he is some temporal being, not bound to the understandings of this world. Everyone's some varying level of stupid, and usually are looking out mainly for themselves. Yet somehow the world still functions regardless. This is the reality of JJBAMA.


Phantom Blood In the 19th century. Dio Brando's father, Dario Brando, has been poisoned by his son. Just before his death, Dario sends Dio off to live with his former lover, George Joestar. Jonathan Joestar, Georges son, has difficulty adjusting to this change. Both due to Dio's behavior and manipulation of his "friends." And the absolutely random shift of treatment by his father. Years later Jonathan discovers a letter from Dario, about his illness symptoms. Once confronting Dio with a sexually provocative letter by accident, then the real one. Jonathan finds out Dio is poisoning George. In response, Jonathan makes his way to Ogre Street London to find the poison seller, Wang Chan.

Once there, Jonathan fights, and befriends a Scottish thug named Robert.E.O.Speedwagon. When returning home with poilice, Dio kills George and uses his blood on a stone mask, that's been in their family since Dario saved George. Dio becomes a vampire, and fights with the very terrified and angry Jonathan. Seemingly defeating Dio, Jonathan is nursed back to health by his abrasive girlfriend, Erina Pendleton. All is not what seems however, as a salt water addicted Italian named Will.A.Zeppeli, informs Jonathan, Dio is alive. Zeppeli then teaches Jonathan a mystic art he picked up, while in a Tibetan prison, called Hamon. Now with allies by his side, Jonathan, Zeppeli, Speedwagon, Hamon monks and cannibalistic child named Poco. Battle in Windy Knights Lot, to defeat Dio's zombie army, and put his evil to rest.

Battle Tendency In 1938. Joseph Joestar, the grandson of Jonathan Joestar, and his grandmother Erina. Move to New York city. After a fight in an Italian restaurant, started because of harassment towards Joseph's new friend, Smokey Brown. A mobster informs the three that Speedwagon (now a business tycoon.) Has been murdered by one of the monks he fought alongside years ago with, Straizo. Later on Joseph is confronted by the cocky Straizo, now a vampire, at a diner late at night. Joseph defeats him through a tommy gun, grenades, Hamon, and an obsession with dental work. Before his death, Straizo reveals he and Speedwagon discovered an ancient being in a pillar. A member of the race that "created" the stone mask that made Dio. Joseph travels to Mexico, discovering Speedwagon's alive, and has been taken by nazi's. Only Speedwagon discovers, the man in charge, Rudol Von Stroheim. Isn't actually a nazi at all, and is in fact, a Hugo Boss model, who was mistaken by for a commanding officer. Not knowing what he's doing, Stroheim hopes to resurrect the pillar man, he has named, Santana. Joseph arrives and defeats Santana, but not without the sacrifice of Stroheim, who goes blownheim, to try and finish the pillar man off.

Discovering that there are more pillar men hidden away. Joseph and Speedwagon go to Italy, to meet the grand son Zeppeli, Caesar. Caesar and Joseph's personalities clash, but they earn each others respect, after having to battle the newley awoken pillar men. Kars, Esidisi, and Wamuu. After just barely surviving, Caesar brings Joseph to meet his master, LisaLisa. A powerful user in hamon, as well a deep voiced Russian woman who.....might be human? She informs the two of what the pillar men hope to obtain, to whipe out humanity. The red stone of Aja. It is up to Joseph, Caesar, LisaLisa, and their friends to defeat the pillar men. And prevent the stone from entering their grasp.

Stardust Crusaders In 1988. Jotaro Kujo, grandson to Joseph Joestar. Refuses to leave a small jail sell, proclaiming he's been possessed by an evil spirit. Joseph arrives with his Egyptian friend Avdol, upon request of Jotaros mother, Holly. Avdol informs Jotaro, what he has is known as a stand. After a small battle, Joseph reveals DIO is alive, and has stolen the body of Jonathan Joestar. And that this awakening, is the reason Jotaro, and Joseph, have developed their stands. Jotaro the next day meets and swoons for a little, a new student named Noriaki Kakyoin. He reveals however, he has been sent by DIO to kill him. Jotaro massacre's Kakyoin, and brings him, freeing him of DIO's influence. Now freed, Kakyoin's personality completely changes. Revealing he was an idiot? Prior to DIO's control. Holly falls ill soon after, as she too has developed a stand. Only she cannot maintain it like the others. With Jotaros stand, Star Platinum. He discovers from a photo DIO, the location he resides.

The four leave on a plane, but are attacked by a dangerously fast stand, that appears as a beetle. Kakyoin accidentally kills it. Forced to land on water, the group arrive in China. There they decide, it would be safer for the people around them, if they traveled "Around the world in 30 days" style. While in china, they meet a man named, Jean Pierre Polnareff. He too is an assassin of DIO. Once defeated by Avdol, he is freed, for showing resistance to DIO's control. Polnareff wishes to join the four, so he may find the man who murdered his sister. A man with two right hands. The five go off, on their incredibly strange trip to Egypt. Meeting many enemy stand users, both employed by DIO, and not. As well as a 6th member of their crew, that is a shock to a few of them.


  • DrFunk98: Jonathan Joestar, Dio Brando, Dario Brando, Jack The Ripper, Tattoo, Dire, Orange Slice. LisaLisa, Rudol Von Stroheim, Wired Beck. Noriaki Kakyoin, Hierophant Green. Extras and background characters.
  • Eman Sdrawkcab: Poco, Police Chief, Wang Chan. Joseph Joestar, Mark, Mario Zeppeli, Mort. Enya Geil, J Geil, Hanged Man, Captain Tennille Imposter, Forever, Mannish Boy. Extra's and background characters.
  • Reynard Hersch: Jotaro Kujo, N'Doul, Oingo.
  • FoxFireFool: Wang Chan, Matt Smith, Poco's father, Dio's Test Subject. Kars, Mustard Man, Orange Slice. Jean Pierre Polnareff, Ebony Devil. Background characters.
  • DinglePoops: Main Bully, Styx. Caesar Zeppeli, Esidisi. Silver Chariot, The Lovers, Alessi, Cameo, Chaka, Roses. Extras.
  • Fantastic Jtastic: George Joestar, Mr. Addams. Santana, Messina. Enrico Pucci, Daniel.J.D'arby, Nukesaku. Extras and background characters.
  • Toxikitty:Narrator, Smokey Brown, Loggins, Negotiator. Old Joseph Joestar.
  • NotoriousDogFight:Erina Pendleton, Queen Elizabeth 1st. Suzie Q, George Joestar 2nd. Iggy, Empress, Marina, Malèna. Extras.
  • SuperUnhappyMan: Robert.E.O.Speedwagon, Bruto, Cop 2, Extras.
  • 'Kyodex: Will.A.Zeppeli, Muhammad Avdol.
  • Digiblade: Star Platinum, Judgement, The World.
  • C Warzynski Va:Kenshiro, Hol Horse.
  • GolddenEyes: Death 13, School nurse. Extras.
  • Honeydew:Midler, Extras.
  • Skyward-Hearts:Boingo, Sherry Polnareff.
  • Hardcore Dinosaur:Bruford, Ol'crazy legs, Wamuu, Willison Phillips.
  • Haru: Gray Fly, Steely Dan, Khan.
  • Miyuzette: Holly Kujo, Anne.
  • BeatBito:Doobie, ZZ, Thomas.
  • Ground-ZerO's:Dio's mother, Poco's sister.
  • BeelMango/KillMArtist:Straizo.
  • Jonik/FrostyAlmighty:Tarkus.
  • Portable:Hierophan Green, Devo.
  • SmugkiraVA:Vanilla Ice.
  • ChaosJester:Telence.T.D'arby, Dark Blue Moon.
  • Tiffanychan123:Brave boy, Shaving lady, Nena.
  • Greekas:Rubber Soul.
  • VonEagasta:Petshop.
  • Samuelanderson0100:Anubis.
  • I'm Near:Tower of Gray, extras.
  • TheHawksEye:Mariah.
  • Legacy Lekain:Avdol's father.
  • Bootleg Megaboss: Racist mobster, Mailman, Scarface, extra.
  • TheWangz:Old lady 1.
  • MarineBiologistJotaro:Old lady 2.
  • The Memeax:Ton Petty, CoCo cola salesman.
  • Meaghanshouseoffluff:Puppy, Extras.
  • Kat Hat: Reporter, stand in narrator.
  • TheYellowCouch:Donovan.
  • DragonMasterJ:Taco nazi's.
  • Jullen:Cop 1.
  • HamonFlutest:Bruto's girlfriend.
  • Will T.N Allen, Nyosuke, Keyle0015, Adacor Art:Extras.
  • Antfish: Himself.

Episode List[]

Part 1[]

Episode Air Date
JJBA Mangabridged: Phantom blood 1 of 2 May 17, 2017
JJBA Mangabridged: Phantom blood 2 of 2 May 18, 2017
JJBA Manga Abridged: JoJonium Episode 1 Dec 4, 2021

Part 2[]

Episode Air Date
JJBA Mangabridged: Battle tendency 1 of 4 Dec 26, 2017
JJBA Mangabridged: Battle tendency 2 of 4 Dec 27, 2017
JJBA Mangabridged: Battle tendency 3 of 4 Dec 28, 2017
JJBA Mangabridged: Battle tendency 4 of 4 Dec 29, 2017
JJBA Mangabridged (special 0): Jorge joestar Apr 1, 2017

Part 3[]

Episode Air Date
JJBA Mangabridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 1 Apr 18, 2018
JJBA Mangabridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 2 Apr 29, 2018
JJBA Mangabridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 3 May 20, 2018
JJBA Mangabridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 4 June 26, 2018
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 5 Oct 22, 2018
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 6 May 25, 2019
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 7 Jul 13, 2019
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 8 Oct 5, 2019
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 9 May 2, 2020
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 10 Nov 28, 2020
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 10.2 Dec 25, 2020
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 11 Mar 13, 2021
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 12 June 26, 2021
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 13 Aug 6, 2021
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 14 Oct 16, 2021
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 15 Feb 12, 2022
JJBA Manga Abridged: Stardust Crusaders episode 16 Apr 23, 2022


  • JoJonium episode 1, is heavily inspired by the humor and presentation of Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged DBZA:Kai videos. Which act as very abridged summaries of the prior saga's. As the original two parts to JJBAMA are nearly hour long videos. This format helped to condense, update, and even in some cases retcon certain aspects about the series. It also acts as the 10 year anniversary special for the youtube channel. Because Funk always forgets to make one in time. And it seemed fitting, as it was the lead into the fifth year anniversary of the series as a whole.
  • Episode 5 of Stardust Crusaders is dedicated DrFunk's late grandfather. Who passed away a few months prior to completion of the episode.
  • The original intention for the series, was to be hour long abridged movies for each part. But after burn out from making Battle Tendency, combined with the length. It was suggested by Speedwagon's voice actor SuperUnhappyMan, that they be made episodic going forward.
  • It was suggested by GolddenEyes to change the title to "Manga Abridged." As appose to "Mangabridged." So it would have an easier time showing up in search results.
  • An ongoing narrative in the background of the series involves a cult first referenced in Phantom Blood called the "Orange Pickers." Who worship the nose thing from Berserk. It being a creature from another reality that's entered this one, messing with it's events. The biggest way, was in creating the stone mask. It's catchphrase is "Schnerg."