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JoJo's Copyright Free Adventures
Created by FilthyRamenKing
Cast Text-to-Speech bots
Run 2018-DEC-05 to 2019-SEP-28 (Part V)

2019-OCT-25 to 2020-JAN-05 (Part I)
2020-JAN-31 to 2020-JUN-26 (Part II)

Episodes 26 (Part V)

6 (Part I)
11 (Part II)

Parts 3
Link YouTube

JoJo's Copyright Free Adventures is a parody of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 2012 series, starting with the then contemporaneous Part V and then adapting the previous ones in release order.

The series is written and edited by FilthyRamenKing using Google and stock images as assets, bot dialogue and fan covers of the soundtrack.