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Jiz is a fan-made abridged/parody of the 1980s American children's cartoon, Jem. It is created by Sienna D'Enema and can be found on the YouTube channel bearing the same name and also on the comedy video website, Funny or Die.


The edited title card of the show

Created by Sienna D'Enema
Run July 24, 2009 - ongoing
Episodes 20
Link Jiz


The source material for the Jiz series is the American children's cartoon, Jem, which aired from 1985 to 1988. It is essentially a gag dub of Jem.

Like the original series, the story of Jiz also centers around an all-girl rock band. However, this is where the similarity ends. The plot of Jem deals with the ups and downs of Jem/Jerrica Benton and her band, the Holograms, and also their relationship with their rivals, The Misfits and The Stingers. Jiz, on the other hand, does not seem to have a coherent plot. Each episode is made either by shortening one episode or combining footage of other episodes to make up one story. Episodes are generally viewed as a standalone video as continuity is not indicated in the series; past events are usually not referred to except in a few circumstances such as Kimber's sexuality. Episodes usually runs from 2 minutes to 10 minutes in length. While there seems to be no plot, drugs, abortions and LGBT issues are central to the series, almost always offensive in nature but done for comedic effect.


Jiz - The villain protagonist of Jiz. She is a parody of Jem/Jerrica Benton. While Jerrica has to keep her identity as Jem secret in the original series, this rule does not apply to Jiz. She speaks in a deep, manly voice which stands in stark contrast to her counterpart. Besides being the leader of the band (renamed the Mammograms), she is involved in sex trafficking involving children and even owns a house catering to such services and is also a heavy drug user. She is very offensive as seen from her racist and homophobic remarks. She once said that her income comes from selling the abortions she performs personally on the girls living in her house. Jiz's real gender is highly debatable as she has once said that she has a dick. Depending on the situation, she can either be a girl with a very deep voice, a transgender or even hermaphrodite.

Kimber - Jiz's younger sister and a parody of Kimber Benton, Jerrica's younger sister in the original Jem. Kimber is openly lesbian (or lezzie as Jiz calls it) and is frequently the chew toy for Jiz and her vicious insults. She has a tendency to say 'motherfucking' before every word she says. She can be quite racist herself, but in her defense, Jiz is even more of a racist than she is.

Shana - The bass guitarist for the Mammograms and a parody of Shana. She speaks with a Jamaican accent and almost always ends every sentence with the word 'mon'. Aja and she share a common dislike towards Kimber and the two are often seen bullying Kimber together with Jiz.

Aja - The lead guitarist of the Mammograms and a parody of the original Aja. She is an Asian-American who shares a common dislike towards Kimber with Shana. In the episode Jiz - A Very Special Drug Episode, Aja was killed when her head was blown off by the Electronic Drug Dealer. Kimber then brought in the dry cleaning lady and put a blue wig on her. The dry cleaning lady has since become the New Aja only to be killed by Jiz so that she can cash the insurance money with her body. Although Aja/New Aja appears to be dead after this episode, she continues to appear in subsequent episodes without any explanation.

Electronic Drug Dealer - A parody of Synergy, the computer created by Jerrica's father. Unlike Synergy who often gives Jerrica and the others advice, the Electronic Drug Dealer functions as a tool to get everyone intoxicated or 'high'. Besides that, it can also be used to mess with someone by mentioning the words 'fuck 'em up'.

The Shitfits - The rival band of Jiz and the Mammograms. A parody of The Misfits. They are incapable of human speech and they are only able to talk gibberish. The only member to show any intelligible human speech is Stormer, but she is only able to say the word 'clitoris'.

Eric - The manager of The Shitfits. His character is close to his counterpart from the original series. He was killed by Jiz when she stuck a stick of dynamite up his butt.

Rio - Rio is the roadie for Jiz and the Mammograms and is also Jiz's boyfriend. He is a parody of the original Rio but speaks in a hilariously high pitched voice. He wants to have babies with Jiz but Jiz loves abortions too much to have a baby with him. It is also implied that he is either bisexual or gay.

Ba Nee - An Asian girl living in Jiz's house. Parody of Ba Nee, the Vietnamese child. Her catchphrase is 'eat my pussy' which irritates Jiz.

Chrissie - An African-American girl living in Jiz's house. She is a parody of Krissie. The way she talks suggests that she is ghetto. She craves semen even more than Jiz and enjoys people ejaculating or 'cumming' in her.

Deidre - A typical white girl living in Jiz's house and a parody of Deidre from the original series. She ran away from the house when she refused to get an abortion performed by Jiz. However, she decides to go along with Jiz's plan when she realizes that having a baby is for retards.

Ashley - Parody of Ashley from Jem. She was kidnapped by Eric and put in a trunk with a stick of dynamite stuck in her pussy. It eventually blows up, killing her in the process. However, she still appears in subsequent episodes without any explanation.

Laura 'Shitty Panties' - Parody of Laura from the original series. Laura, or 'Shitty Panties' as Jiz always calls her, is the only girl living in Jiz's house who Jiz herself is obsessed with. The reason is because Jiz likes to smell Laura's shitty panties. Laura is afraid of Jiz and she runs away from the house and joins a group of Christian Fundamentalists who discriminate against her for not being able to speak in tongues. They gave her a mission to convert Jiz. Laura goes back to Jiz but her obsession with Jesus causes her to steal and take Jiz's angel dust. She becomes high from the drug, climbs out of the window and eventually falls to her death.

Jiz's and Kimber's mother - A parody of Jerrica and Kimber's mother. In Jiz, she is a heartless woman who only cares about money. She sells abortions for a living and Jiz probably took over the business from her after orchestrating her death. Additionally, she enjoys writing and telling fat jokes. She revealed that Jiz and Kimber were survivors of abortions themselves and she is very proud of them.

Spooge - Spooge is a parody of Riot from The Stingers, one of the two rival bands of the Holograms. While Riot himself is flamboyant and charismatic, Spooge is an exaggerated version of Riot, whose flamboyance and charisma is over the top bordering on campiness. He first appeared in the episode Jiz Is Dead. In that episode, he dated Jiz after Jiz agreed to go to one of his concerts at a gay bar. However, Jiz becomes annoyed with his behavior and in an attempt to shut him up, Jiz crashes the motorboat that they were on during one of their date onto a nearby shore. It is believed that Jiz and Spooge died after this incident but the last few minutes of the episode suggest otherwise.


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