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Specializes in

Reviewer, Voice acting, Video editing


Parody,Satire Comedy, observational humor


http://www.youtube.com/user/Fandubridge http://www.caiminds.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/Jamiethecomic

Overview of Jamiethecomic[]

Jamiethecomic first started out as car45j34 on YouTube but has since then changed his "screen name" in order to move away from his previous work and begin fresh. On his blogtv channel he has stated numourous times that he does stand up comedy at competition and has won twice of the 5 he has entered.

After changing his online name, Jamiethecomic has tried various project including, video game reviews, movie reviews and a podcast. Although there hasn't been much of these videos since August 2011, he hasn't stated that has cesed doing these videos but has since then done voice over work in Machinama.


Jamiethecomic has so far worked in a Halo Reach Machinama for 2 roles. The machinam titles; "Ghosts of Onyx" is based on the novel of the same name and is created by Sandboxfilms. He played Captin Gibson and Min, both of these characters has since been killed off but Jamiethecomic still remains good friends with the creators and has done other voice over work for them on a World of Warcraft Machinama. The story and name is unknown at this point but Jamiethecomic has stated he has voice 2 episodes so far and the relases are still pending.

In August 2011 Jamiethecomic started a podcast entitled; "LVLUP Podcast" for the website www.thegamerstudio.com which he directed, produced and stared in. The podcast is currently on episode 10 but has currently cessed due to "problems".

Jamiethecomic also auditioned for a role in Ga-rei Zero abridged which he had sucessfuly got 2 of the parts he auditioned for. The creator of the show had cancalled it due to the fact that all the channels he posted episode 1 on got banned for copyright and Jamiethecomic never recored any lines for the show.

His own project; Bleach Fandubridge has not been updated for several years and appears discontinued. Although Jamiethecomic said he was aware they are several Bleach abridged shows, he has never watch any becuase he doesn't want his show's content to be influenced by other people's work.

On December 17, 2013, He started a reviewing show on Youtube called Reviewing This Sh!t.

Jamie is currently working on the Caiminds YouTube channel and focusing on a Yu-Gi-Oh Progression Series.

Shows Jamiethecomic is involved with;[]

Bleach Fandubridge

Super Mario Super Abridged

Ga Rei Zero Abridged