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Voice Actor and Script Writer for Fandubs and Abridged Series


United States, Missouri


November 29th, 1991

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Medium-high, Medium, and Medium-low

The Voice Actor:

JK3SZ (Kai) his first projects were AMVs in the early 2000s. On May 8th, 2007 he created his YouTube account, his friend Norkkah was friends with JK3SZs second cousin which was the one who showed Norkkah YouTube and then Norkkah showed JK3SZ or you can say "Kai" for short, YouTube. JK3SZs first uploaded videos was his AMV work, AMVs are simply music and Anime clips and combined together to create a Music Video. His Productions on his Channel are called: B.A.D.S. Productions which BADS is the abveriation of his Full Name in real life.


Kid Buu Audition

JK3SZ's Fun-To-Do Audition of Kid Buu from Dragon Ball Z. June 4th, 2012.

From: AMVs, To: Voice Acting, JK3SZ's Voice Acting Timeline[]

His first projects on YouTube were AMVs until one his second cousins showed him the basic sound recorder at an Thanks Giving dinner, they were young and played around with the mic saying and doing goofy things, telling jokes, and even hosting a "fake" Thanks Giving voice show. He later had a visit from his friend Norkkah. JK3SZ, Norkkah, and Mavent64 (at this time known by Hj4kl, name he made up by looking at how Kai spelled "JK3SZ"). JK3SZ opened up Movie Maker and a AMV of "History Of Trunks" All three of them voiced over it as their first Voiced Over Work. It was never uploaded on any website but they had enjoyed their time... JK3SZ was Trunks and Android 17, Mavent64 was Android 18 (young voice), and Norkkah was Future Gohan.

He went into a project known as "Dragon Ball Z Opera" (April 20th, 2008) Episode 1 couldn't be uploaded on YouTube cause of copyrights but Dailymotion let them to do so... Highly recomanded to check out, this was their first voice acting work to appear on the internet starring: JK3SZ as Piccolo, Pui Pui, and Vegeta of the Hood, Norkkah as Goku, Majin Buu, and Dende, and Hj4kl as Babidi and Mr. Popo (Mavent64). Here recently Norkkah brought up the topic to JK3SZ and a few others about rebooting Dragon Ball Z Opera but also put it on YouTube being careful of copyrights, JK3SZ said they might reboot it but it all depends...  

Shortly after uploading the DBZ Opera on Dailymotion, one of JK3SZ's childhood friends invite JK3SZ and Norkkah to his Death Note Abridged, dogface701 wanted voice actors that he knew in real life, this made it easier to stay in contact. JK3SZ appeared in dogface701's Episode 2 as Matsuda (July 22nd, 2008) and played as Matsuda and extras up to Episode  5 the series stopped after Episode 6, Episode 7 was being worked on but was never finished to upload it.

Two years later JK3SZ and Norkkah started Beyblade Abridged on TheBladeSharks (May 28th, 2010) this became one of their most known projects. JK3SZ as Kai, Tyson, Chief, Extras, and Shenron (Dragoon), they divided the characters in half and they plan the series to have only them two in it. They came out with Two Episodes so far and plans Episode 3, 4, and 5 very soon. Episode 1 (May 30th, 2010) was uploaded two days after the account was made and Two Years Later Episode 2 (May 29th, 2012) was uploaded, you can find all episodes on both Dailymotion and YouTube both by TheBladeSharks.

During the same year that TheBladeSharks Episode 2 came out, Mavent64 wanted to do Avatar Abridged with JK3SZ and Norkkah. JK3SZ was Katara and Prince Zuko, Norkkah was Uncle Iroh and Sokka, and Mavent64 was Anng. Episode 1 (Feburary 14th, 2012) was uploaded  on OrganizationLotus (YouTube) asap and following it Episode 2 (Feburary 16th, 2012) which was banned from YouTube and instead uploaded on Dailymotion by: The_White_Lotus. Using these Accounts later did a Code Geass Abridged (CGA idea from JK3SZ and Mavent64) this was StClair444's first Voice Acting project and who later was found out attended the same High School as Mavent64. CGA Cast included: JK3SZ, Spiritkitten, NintendoWiiS100, Norkkah, dogface701, Mavent64, StClair444, SakuraYuki112Jr, xxmysteryxxx, marikoxmia, Dylavox, and LuCkY DuCk recently two others had joined the group, iceskater1392 and Phattony92. JK3SZ plays as Lelouch (Zero), Lloyd Asplund, and Extras. Check out these accounts to see the Code Geass Abridged, OrganizationLlotus (YouTube) or The_White_Lotus (Dailymotion)

JK3SZ was working on a Zoids Abridged, at the moment no one is sure whats going to happen with that series but as far as anyone knows MasakoX was offered the role as Jamie, Browman Uchiha was offered the role as Brad, and JK3SZ was going to be Bit Cloud. More Information is to be updated about this series...

JK3SZ appeared in a Cardfight Vanguard Abridged Episode 1 (July 19th, 2012) as Kai and two of Kai's monsters: a strange knight and Dragoonic Overlord. The series is by: JK3SZ, StClair444, and Norkkah on the channel of CFVTAS. Episode 2 is being planned out and JK3SZ said hes going to try something different with Kai's voice for Episode 2+ but keeping the Knight and Dragoonic Overlord's voices...

Three months later JK3SZ created a Death Note Abridged of his own cause it appears that dogface701 finally canceled his but JK3SZ didn't want to quit a Death Note Abridged so he created his own. He invites StClair444 and Norkkah to join in cause CFVTAS didn't seem like it was gonna have an Episode 2 till alittle while. He even gives the role L to Norkkah and the role Light to StClair444 and returns as Matsuda once again. JK3SZ is Ryuk, Sayu, Matsuda, Near, Misa, Raye Penber, Teru Mikami, Aiber, and Merrie Kenwood. Episode 1 was a great Episode and a lot of people enjoyed it but recently was banned off of YouTube by Viz Media then later revived. Episode 2 (November 24th, 2012) and Episode 3 were a good episodes but Episode 4 showed much more progress on the series, these episodes can be found on OrganizationDNA.

Current Projects[]

  • Death Note Abridged by OrganizationDNA (YouTube)
  • Bleach Abridged coming soon by JK3SZ but on his other channel, OffTarget (YouTube)
  • Naruto Abridged by Konohabridged (YouTube)
JK3SZ's Death Note Voice History
Name Head Of Project Channel Website Episodes Genre
Matsuda dogface701 dogface701 YouTube Ep2-5 Abridged
Ryuk JK3SZ OrganizationDNA YouTube Ep1-4 Abridged
Sayu JK3SZ OrganizationDNA YouTube Ep2 Abridged
Matsuda JK3SZ OrganizationDNA YouTube Ep2 Abridged
Raye Penber JK3SZ OrganizationDNA YouTube Ep4 Abridged
How Gero Made Cell

The Creation Of Cell

JK3SZ can also impersonate 11 out of 13 Soul Reaper Captains from the anime Bleach really well, the only two he doesn't try is the two female captains: Retsu Unohana and Soifon, hes looking forward to be apart of a Fandub or Abridged series as captains but is at the moment apart of none. However he had an offer from Getsugabridged to try out for the captains for their Season Two Bleach Abridged, JK3SZ is just currently waiting for them to get there, only to find out they end up canceling it.

The Name Kai[]

People wounder why is JK3SZ is refer to as "Kai", JK3SZ says the "K" in JK3SZ stands for Kai. He got that idea from playing as an anime character in two different series by the name "Kai". Kai from Beyblade Abridged (TheBladeSharks) and Kai from Cardfight Vanguard Abridged (CFVTAS). He visited a podcast called: Konoha Corner and when Gothic0Gaara replied to JK3SZ he would read it as: J K 3 S 7. Which to JK3SZ this appeared funny, he never saw someone live on YouTube trying to pronounce his name. He visited the podcast often and fans of Konoha Corner knew him by Kai. On JK3SZ's YouTube channel now haves a link to the channel of Konoha Corner, which is now officially canceled.

Future Projects[]

So far only to be known is he plans on creating his own Bleach Abridged and a Dangan Ronpa FanDub.

Guest Appearances[]


External Links[]

Facebook VA account: https://www.facebook.com/jkthreesz.uchiha

YouTube Account: www.youtube.com/user/jk3sz

Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/JK3SZ#video=xm5fu2

Voice Acting Alliance: http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/member.php?35287-JK3SZ