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Voice Actor, Writer, Editor



Also known as

Jaxxin4acre, JFO, JFOtaku781Zero


Since JFOtaku7810 left college with Distinctions in Media in Moving Image and Video, he was going to use his editing skills for a job but sadly none turned up. During the last year he made music videos and spoofs and watched a number of Abridged Series on YouTube; until he watched the 3rd episode of TehExorists D Gray Man Abridged Series, that is when JFOtaku7810 decided to make his own Abridged Series. He published his first pilot episode of TTGL TAS, (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann The Abridged Series,) on the 24th August 2008. At first he was going to do the project himself, until he met up with follow Abridger, Nowacking. (Bobobo The Abridged Series.) on-line. With her help, she provided the voice for Yoko, Leeron and other characters later in the series; and even helped with the writing and editing. From there on, JFOtaku7810 and Nowacking continued making TTGL TAS.

His current abridging status is unknown as this time, but is assumed retired from abridging.


Main Projects[]

  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann The Abridged Series - He is the Writer, Editor/mixer, and provides the voices of Kamina, Simon, Dayakka, Kiyal and Boota. Co-staring in the series also is Nowacking, AJTheProtector and MasterOuiukiske.
  • Air Gear The Abridged Series - He's the Writer and Editor; and provides the voices of Ikki, Onigiri, Ume, Spitfire, Rez-Boa-Dogs Leader, Skull Saders Leader, Jabba, Old Man, Akira, Cyclops Hammer, DJ Plugman and Rem. And Co-starring in this series also is Codeblackhayate, MasterOuiukske, SkydanceShinigami, Testedatrandom, RavenRoth1993 and AJTheProtector.

Other Projects[]

  • Cowboy Bebop Abridged by TheSatelliteBlues - Old Man Bull / The Shaman
  • Desert Punk Abridged by MasterOuiukiske - Genetic British Father
  • Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Abridged by TypeRitona - Angeal


  • Had a febrile convulsion aged 13 months since birth and has signs of Aspergers.
  • His favourite character for a voice over is Kamina in TTGL TAS.
  • Weird food taste - Baked beans mixed with grated cheese.
  • He wants to become a film director.
  • Was always the oldest at boarding school, his college group, his cosplay group and his Abridged group.
  • Won a $1000 on the first night in Las Vegas and it was the first time he played a slot machine.
  • Cosplays as L & Near, (Death Note) Zangetsu, Isshin, Shiji, Aizen & Zennosuke, (Bleach) Tyki Mikk, (D Gray Man) Death Scythe / Spirit, (Soul Eater), Android 17 (Dragonball Z) and Lupin 3rd (Lupin 3rd.)
  • Has met Jenny and Kelly from the smash YouTube hit, Demyx time.
  • The intro to Desert Punk The Abridged Series episode 1 by MasterOuiukske was created by JFOtaku7810.