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January 19, 1999 (age 23)


Scriptwriting, Voice Acting, Audio Mixing/Editing, Mashups, and Producing






Oregon, United States

JChippers, a.k.a. JChip, is an American Abridger, Voice Actor, Writer/Parodist, and Audio Editor. He is the creator of Absolute Duo Abridged and is currently in the process of making more new abridged series. He is the founder of the abridging collaboration channel BridgedBrains, where he co-writes, voice acts, and audio edits. He was formerly a mod in the AbCom Discord server. He runs the BridgeBrains Server (formerly JChip Fan/Friend Server). He is obsessed with Eevee from Pokemon, and therefore made it one of his icons for his social medias, including YouTube.


JChip found abridging through Little Kuriboh in 2010. He regretfully always did impressions of the characters when watching and talking about his Yugioh The Abridged Series with his friends at school.

In 2015, JChip took up voice acting, after meeting professional voice actor and celebrity Patrick Warburton for the 2nd time ever (the first time being when he was 8 years old at a community event in a small town in Oregon, where Warburton has a Summer home). He asked Warburton what it's like to voice in movies and TV shows, and how different it is to live action acting. After having that conversation, JChip became interested in voice acting.

JChip bought his first microphone in June 2015, a blue snowball, and began auditioning for projects on BehindTheVoiceActors (BTVA), and eventually put up casting calls for comic dubs after he watched various comic dubs. He eventually switched over to CastingCallClub.

JChip got interested in voicing for abridged series after finding casting calls for abridged series he actually watched on YouTube. He auditioned and didn't get any of the roles, but it gave him the idea of putting together a couple scripts for an abridged series of the anime Mikagura School Suite, in which he called Mikagura School Suite Abridged (MSSA), since he couldn't come up with a more clever name. After scripting, JChip put up a casting call for both voice actors and an editor since he couldn't video edit. After finding both, he began production of MSSA, in which the editor and JChip called "absolute hell" due to how ridiculous the show was. This made JChip look back at his scripts, realizing how badly written they were. Due to how far into production the first episode was, JChip decided to just release the abridgment as a one-shot, cancelling the second episode he had scripted.

After the failure of his first abridged "series", JChip decided to start fresh by uploading another series he was working on: an abridged series of the anime Absolute Duo, in which he called Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA). He let his editor, Nintles, have some input in the script. After Episode 2 of ADA was uploaded to YouTube, it got taken down immediately by YouTube, forcing JChip to counterclaim to no prevail and cropping the video, making it look really bad on screen. JChip's editor for MSSA then offered to upload the episode to his channel and fight the copyright. Though it helped a little bit visually, the version JChip uploaded to his channel still has a lot more views between the two.

After the release of ADA Episode 2, JChip got into using discord more, and got invited to the AbCom Discord server, where he learned more about audio editing, eventually labeling himself an audio editor after audio editing for Kiznabridged(Kiznaiver Abridged) by Nintles. JChip decided to make a server of his own, the JChippers Fans/Friends Server, after hitting one thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. He later joined the Abridger's Lounge (AbLo) Discord server after a falling-out in AbCom. He got promoted to mod in AbCom, but later gave up the position due to inactivity and wanting to focus on modding for his own server.

In June 2017, JChip founded the abridging collaboration group named BridgeBrains, where "Abridging Minds Unite". He did so after he wanted to collab on a new series he was writing for his own channel.

On September 14th, 2017, JChip announced that he was rebranding his Discord server into the JChip/BridgeBrains Server. He started adding more text and voice chats (also categories for these chats later), as well as specific roles, for content creators, inspired by the AbLo Discord server. These new additions included art, audio editing, video editing, voice acting, writing, and a promotions chat for content creators to promote their work. JChip has said, "This change came about after talking with a subscriber I had inspired to voice act after he watched my terrible series. I felt like I had to give back more. I want to promote my friends, and have smaller content creators get their names out there more, even if they could do so better in another server like AbLo."

After the server rebranding, JChip announced in an update video on his own channel that he was going to be rescripting Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA) episodes 3 through 5 (he prescripts a lot of his scripts during production). This was due to him being unhappy with those specific scripts, as they contained too much of the source material and had a lot of what JChip calls "toilet humor", where there's just a bunch of random explicit language and sex jokes. He has stated on an episode of the BridgeBrains podcast Cryptcast that ADA Episode 4 will be the mid-season finale of ADA, putting the series on hiatus while JChip works on other series. He said he might come back to the series one day.

In the October update video for BridgeBrains, JChip revealed he was planning a new series that'll be exclusive to the BridgeBrains channel. On Halloween 2017, the new series, Little Witch Abridged (a Little Witch Academia parody) was revealed through a trailer, projecting the release date of the series for sometime in 2018.

After over a year wait, Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA) Episode 3 was announced for sometime in March 2018 after the episode's preview was uploaded on January 19th, 2018, which happened to be JChip's birthday. The episode came out on February 25th, 2018, but was copyrighted and blocked instantly.

On February 14th, 2018 (Valentine's Day), JChip revealed a trailer for the next series on his channel: NEKOPARA OVAbridged, abridged shorts of the NEKOPARA anime OVA(s). When news broke on December 28th, 2018 of NEKOPARA getting a TV anime series, JChip announced that he'll be abridging it when it comes out.

On May 8th, 2018, JChip revealed on Twitter another abridged series in the works, Abridgesuko (Aggretsuko Abridged) due to its popularity and his love for it, making it the first really popular anime series that JChip would abridge.


  • AbCom - Ex-Discord Server Moderator
  • Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA) - Writer, Director, Audio Editor, Producer, Miyabi
  • BridgeBrains - Founder, Writer, Director, Voice Actor, Audio Editor, Producer
  • Cells At Work Abridged One-Shot - Extras, News Reporter
  • Collaborated Abridging (Colridge) - Himself, Creator of Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA)
  • How To Be An Abridger - Viktor
  • How Uravity Plugs Her Patreon (Daitomodachi Animation) - Extra
  • Idolmustard 10 - extras
  • In The Booth S3E4 - Himself
  • Kemono Friends Abridged - Audio Editor
  • Kiznabridged(Kiznaiver Abridged) - Audio Editor, Bigger Bully
  • Love Prerecorded! (Love Live! Sunsine! Abridged) - "Without Love" concept artist, Extras
  • Little Witch Abridged (Little Witch Academia Abridged) - Writer, Audio Editor, Croix
  • Mass Debation Podcast - Himself
  • Man Children (Hanamaru Kindergarten parody) - Writer, Audio Editor
  • MRW Bleach (Daitomodachi Animation) - Audio Editor
  • Nekopara OVAbridged - Writer, Director, Audio Editor, Producer
  • Pure Bond (Voice-Over Story) - Reginald's Henchmen
  • The Lamers Team - Voice Actor
  • The Lamers Team Interviews - Himself
  • The Midnight Crew - Recurring podcast guest, Voice Actor
  • The SuperTards (GTA 5 Film) - Slick


  • JChip got engaged on December 27th, 2017 to his high school sweetheart.
  • JChippers is from Oregon, USA.
    • JChip is a mix of Mexican, Spaniard, German, and North American.
  • JChip records in a closet with acoustic foam panels. His microphone (at this moment) is an AT2035 and he has Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen audio interface.
  • In addition to abridging, voice acting and audio editing, JChip makes song mashups in his free time. Most of the mashups on JChip's channel are of Without Me by Eminem, but JChip has shifted focus onto making more original mashups. JChip started making mashups because he wanted to make music but wasn't good at doing so. He still wants to create original music someday though.
    • JChip started making mashups for abridged series to help with intros, outros, background/theme music, and concept music.
  • JChippers is a self-proclaimed semi-retired Let's Player and Youtaite (YouTube singer/cover artist).
  • JChip befriended fellow abridger ZehOverseer after JChip made a Halloween special for Absolute Duo Abridged, which was inspired by ZehOverseer's RWBY Abridged Halloween Special. JChip met ZehOverseer in person at Kumoricon 2017 (an anime/video game convention in Portland, Oregon), making it his first in-person meeting with an online friend.
    • JChip and ZehOverseer are the only two known abridgers from Oregon, which is one of the reasons why they became good friends.
  • Though JChip is obsessed with Eevee and has a neko mascot, he is most definitely NOT a furry.
    • JChip has been accused of being a lolicon by many people for liking and drawing small, cute anime girls. In truth though, he just likes cute stuff in general and does not romanticize or sexualize them.
  • JChip is currently taking a business class, and plans to study both psychology and audio engineering/mixing/editing in college.
  • JChip met ZekkieKO through a horrible joke casting call on CCC. He regrets it to this day.
  • JChip's two favorite anime of all time are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Gurren Lagann.
  • JChippers' name origin is that he combined an old gamertag (Chippers) and his first name initial.
    • There is a recurring joke in AbLo with JChip, where NoSatNavTom & Dusty Sox say "sorry jchip" or "sorry Jake From State Farm." JChip also gets "triggered" whenever his name is spelled incorrectly or capitalized/uncapitalized incorrectly.