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Although it started life as a competition entry to abridge something using Windows Movie Maker, the script and ideas flowed well enough that Acelister decided to run with it.  Thus the casting call went out.  After some fits and starts, the first episode quickly went into production.

The first episode went live on the 31st of October 2013, garnering a small audience but rave reviews.

This is the third Abridged project, second series, from Acesomesauce Productions.


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Iron Manime Ep1

Episode One

Episode 1

Iron Manime Episode Two

Episode Two

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Tony Stark - EarlOfBassington

Tony has come to Japan to oversee the construction of an Arc Reactor, and introduce the first military-grade Iron Man suits.  And meet chicks.  Tokyo residents are suspicious of him after the 'incident' which took place the last time he was there...

Dr Tanaka - Kiriyoku

The lead scientist in Lab 19, a subsidiary of Stark Enterprises, the doctor wants to make a good impression with the boss.

Nanami - SmochiBanzai  (formerly Deadlyrose7717)

A reporter looking for her next hot scoop - an interview with the dreamy Tony Stark.

Pepper Potts - SmochiBanzai

Tony's Girl Friday, and currently running Stark holdings in the USA while Tony is away.  Frequently a sounding board for Tony's ideas.

Voice Actors[]

RadioFreeAsgard and Acelister all provide additional voices.  Spritestuff and JBat have voiced parts.

Common Jokes[]

  • Tony feels the need to remind everyone that he is a billionaire.  Constantly.
  • Tony is quite unnecessarily racist against Asians.