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Inuyasha Abridgement is a series created by Wingman, JB3, Panther's Paw, and Groko29. It started January 23, 2011 and is still going to this day.


Originally, Dan (Wingman) was going to abridge the first episode of every anime he could think of. After finishing the Inuyasha parody, he decided to soley focus on making an abridged series for Inuyasha.


Episodes are typically scripted by Wingman and Groko29, with additional scripting by JB3, Panther's Paw, and other members of the voice cast depending on the episode. Edited by Kowsky1 (ep. 1-15) and with occasional editing by Groko29 (ep. 11-15).


  • Wingman (ep. 1-15): Inuyasha, Kikyo, Kaede, Narator, Miyoga, Mistress Centipede, Buyo
  • Panther's Paw (ep. 1-15): Kagome, Yura
  • JB3 (ep. 1-4, 6, 13): Sota, Charlie, Kohaku
  • Groko29 (ep. 1-15): Miroku, Grandpa, Inuyasha's Mom, Muten, Jenka, Roykuyokon
  • Apu the Untippable (ep. 2-15): Shippo, Jaken, Mom
  • Doxl (ep. 5, 11): Sesshomeru
  • mmmmbacon7 (ep. 6, 8-9, 11-12): Naraku, Hiten, Purple Demon
  • Sacrinos (ep. 7-15): Noh Mask, Spider Demon
  • selay333 (ep. 8): Old Priest
  • Princess Electya (ep. 14-15): Sango

Miscellaneous Voice Work[]

  • Blue Studios
  • Freethehank (ep. 9-10)
  • Allie Marie (ep. 6, 8)
  • Lightning Dasher (ep. 14)
  • Bobby Jackson
  • Greg Gallaher (ep. 11)
  • Saphire (ep. 15)


Inuyasha: He is not very different from his counterpart,do is shown to be quite violent and sarcastic, yet ironically mature. He is shown to be the most intelligent and normal of the main characters, but can be somwhat stupid like when he thought Naraku really was Spiderman. He is extremely annoyed by Kagome`s stupidity and hates the fact that he needs her to locate the jewel shards.

He hates Shippo for no apparent reason and was infuriated when Shippo said he was a main character. He is also quite annoyed by Miroku`s perverted personality. He doesn't seem to dislike Sango or Kirara, do he have not interacted with them much. He don`t seem to like Kaede much, possibly do to the fact that she said he was a terrible comedian(or he just thinks she is annoying). He had the same plan of using the jewel to gain power as in the original series, but apparently only agreed to Kikyo`s idea of becoming human because she promised him sex. He also stated after she was resurrected that since she would cause a inevitable love-triangle, as well as if it would be like having two Kagome`s around at the same time and that would be unbearable,he dropped her of a cliff. He is also annoyed by Sesshomaru`s stupidity and is frustrated by the fact that he tries to steal the Tetsaiga.

Unlike in the original he claims he wants revenge on Naraku because he cock blocked him. It is hinted that when he becomes human, he has a different personality or that he shows his true feelings. In this form he is honorable and brave and don't dislike Shippo. He also almost tells Kagme that he loves her before he turns back.

Kagome: Unlike the original, this Kagome is quite stupid and often annoys the other characters, especially Inuyasha. It is shown, however that she can be intelligent, do she rarely show it. She is in love with Inuyasha like in the original but constantly tries to find a way to sleep with him, which he hates. Despit this she does use the sit command when he insults her. She dont seem to dislike Shippo as she did not mind him being a main character. She gets along fairly well with Miroku despite his perverted antics. She havent interacted with Sango much but she likes Kirara, and thinks she is an Eevee. She does seem to like Kaede, do they haven't interacted much. She thinkes Naraku is Spiderman. She often sings but usually Inuyasha tells her to shut up. She is quite useless in battle.

Shippo: Unlike the original who is a young boy, this Shippo is a old man how claims to suffer from the Benjamin Button disease. He sounds like a stoner and is apparently an alcoholic. Like the original he is a coward as when Inuyasha said that they were going to fight the demons he said ``fuck no``.

Miroku: He is perverted like the original, but is even more so in the parody. He seems to sleep with women a lot and has stated that he has had his share of ``deep wells``. It is hinted that he is into necrofilia. He often hits on Kagome stating that she really hot when she is stupied. He has not shown any attraction towards Sango(do he has groped her).

Sango:She is very much like her counterpart, the main difference being her lines. She seems to be the second most normal and intelligent of the main party after Inuyasha.

Kikyo: She acts like sailor moon and is very stupid.

Sesshomaru: Unlike the original who is serious, mature and intelligent, this verson is very stupid, childish and annoying. His voice sounds like he's whining but it's later revealed he uses a fake voice because his normal voice scares or arouses people. After this, Sesshomaru's normal voice would come and go (mostly when he's angry or in his inner thoughts).

He is after the Tetsaiga like the original but states that he just wantes to use it, not keep it. He is not mean to Jakken on purpose but often ends up hurting him. He does not seem to dislike Inuyasha like in the original. He was not willing to trust Naraku at first, as he thougth he looked like a molester, but after Naraku told him that he could help him wield the Tetsaiga he trusted him immediately.

Jakken: He is not to different form the original, but is a little bit more intelligent and talkes like a Muslim.

Kohaku: He talkes with a very weak voice and is very hard to understand.

Kaede: She is not to different from the original, but is shown to be more senile.

Naraku: Unlike the original, who is very evil and serious, the abriged version is quite normal and does not act very evil, despite doing the same things as the original. He is a fan of My Little Pony and states that Fluttershy is his favorite. He stated that he would kill anyone who tried to make him do a Pokemon reference, but then states that he does like the move Leaf Blade, which has become a chatchphrase of his.

Rin: Very similar to her anime counterpart, Rin meets Sesshomaru the same way here. Although unlike in the anime, Rin isn't mute and speaks with a heavy lisp and asks "Whozz Jaken?". Her voice sounds older like her English dub actress did in later episodes of the anime. When Sesshomaru sees Rin he demands her to bring him food. When she leaves a fish and some mushrooms, Sesshomaru complains he doesn't want rotten fish but McDonald's. Like the original, Rin's death and Sesshomaru reviving her is the same.

Rin is more serious, logical, and mature compared to the anime where she was carefree, innocent and naive.

Because of her heavy lisp in this, Rin cannot pronounce Sesshomaru's name. She calls him "Lord Sessy" or "Sessy". Sesshomaru doesn't seem to mind. Rin still admires and listens to Sesshomaru without hesitation.

Similar in the anime, Rin is sassy with Jaken although in this, she's more insulting towards him, even calling him "moron".

Episode List[]

Season 1[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 – The Mediocre Beginning

Redux 1

Jan 23, 2011

Jan 23, 2014

Episode 2 – Series of Repetitive Events Jan 25, 2011
Episode 3 – Inuyasha’s Bad Hair Day Feb 17, 2011
Episode 4 – The Plot Begins Apr 14, 2011
Episode 5 – Come Back When You Beat Earthbound Jul 27, 2011
Episode 6 – Thunderstruck Sep 12, 2011
Episode 7 – Remnant of Termina Nov 11, 2011
Episode 8 – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Human Dec 29, 2011
Episode 9 – ANNNNDDDD TWWIINNNSS Feb 27, 2012
Episode 10 – In Which Inuyasha Meets a Monk May 23, 2012
Episode 11 – A Family Matter Jul 29, 2012
Episode 12 – The Man with the Spider Tattoo Nov 10, 2012
Episode 13 – The Bitch is Back May 28, 2013
Episode 14 – Hey Look, A Cave Oct 29, 2013

Season 2[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 15 - Hole Lotta Love Jul 3, 2014
Episode 16 - Zombue Shard Puppet Brother Nov 3, 2014
Episode 17 - I'm Sorry, Your Priestess Is In Another Castle Apr 14, 2015
Episode 18 - All In The Family Jul 14, 2015
Episode 19 - Bye-Bye Birdies Dec 1, 2015
Episode 20 - The Wind Rises May 18, 2016
Episode 21 - A Pain In The Glass Dec 12, 2016
Episode 22 - Spike Dies May 27, 2017
Episode 23 - Sword Envy Nov 18, 2017
Episode 24 - A Demon Within A Demon Mar 31, 2018

Running Gags[]