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Infinite MENT (Infinite Stratos AbridgeMENT) is a parody series created by Runawayturist. It was originally planned as a One-Shot only but due to it's growing popularity, Runawayturist decided to continue the series. While using PurpleeyesWTF's Abridging style(as well a various other punchlines) it has received various positive feedback due to it's certain "Originality" by itself. It is planned to end with 10 episodes (Ep. 1 and Ep.2 are both merged episodes since both have two episodes of the original series in them and the original anime has 12 episodes).


Runawaturist's orignal concept was to have both; flipped characters and to completely "twist" the flow of the plot making it completly opposite to the original series. Still many things that happen in the MENT happened to be the opposite of how it happened in the original series.



  • Runawayturist as: Ichika Orimura (1/2), and Maya Yamada
  • KyubiiOfRage as: Ichika Orimura (2/2)
  • OdooriKimura as: Houki Shinonono (Alfred), and Chifuuyu Orimura
  • 'JadeTheFirefox' as: Cecilia Alcott
  • Sydsnap as: Ling Yin Huang
  • LoliWithAnExcaliborg as: Charles/ Charlotte Dunois
  • MOM0KI as: Laura Bodewig


  • Runawayturist as: The Stadium Announcer, and The Camera Girl
  • MrSkoringo as: The "Black" IS, and Dan Gotanda
  • KyubiiOfRage as: The Sun

Running Gags[]

  • Ichika can't tell the difference between certain boys and girls no matter how obvious it is.
  • Chifuuyu's "Sterile-ness"
  • Houki's name is changed to "Alfred Hitchcok"
  • Ichika refers to Maya as "Sexy Teacher" for obvious reasons
  • Ichika's instantenous personality switch from dumb to serious during battles
  • Rin's constant declarations of love to Ichika
  • Many scenes show weird (obviously edited) eye movement


  • Ichika's voice is a big and obvious reference to Code MENT's Suzaku Kururugi. Not only in voice, but also in personality.
  • Maya Yamada's voice was made specifically for the Daft Punk moment in Ep. 1.
  • The "Sexy Teacher" joke as well as several moments in Infinite MENT are actual (real) anecdotes from Runawayturist's offline life.
  • Ichika was never planned to have a serious side until Runawayturist invited KyubiiOfRage to be part of the cast.
  • Rin's character was originally supposed to be rather quiet and emotionless until Runawayturist heard her abridged voice actor (Sydsnap) do a disclaimer for NeumanProduction's Ro-Kyu-Buu,and ShinigamiEater's Shukufuku no Campanella with that exact same voice.


  • "HELLO, MY LOVEBIRDS! TODAY, I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU... HOW TO BREAK WINDOWS." "No, you idiot! We're supposed to be giving dating advice to the male audience. ...Though I don't know why."
  • "Don't make me kick your ass!" "Don't make me suck yo dick!" "Don't make me cuddle you like a baby!!" "Don't make me SUCK... YO... DEECK!!!" "That's it! I'll see YOU in the S Stadium tomorrow!" "Bet your cute little ass I'll be there! Get kicked by a horse n' die" "Dammit, Rin sounds so sexy when she says that!" (Oh, really...?) "Ichika, get kicked by a horse and die! "No, it's not sexy when u do it."
  • "Then how come you didn't got pregnant all those times we did it?" "BECAUSE I WAS TAKING PILLS!"
  • "So, Sensei, how did that whole thing with Ichika start?" *cuts to a scene with Ichika and Chifuyu* "Sis... I wanna do the incest." "O...k" "And that's how it happened!" "...I actually meant his stupidness" "Oh... I dunno." "Ah... I see... OMG, you actually bang your own brother?" "I HAVE ISSUES, OK?!"
  • "So, Rin, it's been so long since we talked like thi-" "I love you, Ichika!" "Yeah, I-I know, l-liste-" "Like, REALLY LOVE YOUUU!" "I-I wanted to show you something." "IS IT A SACK O' POTATOES???" "W-what??" "I LOVE potatoes! ...And pumas" "...Okay.. well I-" "Hey, you know what would be awesome? If you invited me to your room." "A-Actually, I was going to-" "Oh, FUCK YEAH!" "Well, Rin, I just wanted to tell you that-" "Get that damn DONG.. in my throat!" "THE HELL?!" Dumb Ichika: Well, that went well!
  • Smart Ichika: Sense your partner's mood "Ichika??" "SHUT UP! I'M SENSING!" "Ichika, you're scaring me! ...and I LOVE IT!"



Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - Ruined Childhood
Episode 2 - Friendly Greetings
Episode 3 - Dual Assault
Episode 4 - Saving Private Parts

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