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Brandon (A.K.A. Kyle Vincent)




Abridger, Parody Artist, Voice Actor, Script Writer, Video Editor, Website Designer, Song Writer, Singer, Artist, Author


United States


IamKitsumi YouTube

Abridged Parodie Entertainment YouTube

This article is about the abridger & voice actor once known as IamKitsumi.


IamKitsumi started voice acting and abridging back in late February of 2009. When he started he wasn't very good, didn't have many voices and his abridging really sucked. But today he has extended his range and acquired much skills and knowledge about abridging. He currently has two abridged series episodes up, one of Blade of the Immortal Abridged and the other of Flame of Recca Abridged. He has plans for several other abridged series, and will release them whenever they become available. He was good friends with VegetaSasuke0, and had offered his voice to him for his Samurai Deeper Kyo Sagas, and Inuyasha Sagas . He had also started a Naruto parody with VegetaSasuke0 called "Naruto Sagas." 3 episodes had been released until he decided to continue the project without VegetaSasuke0, which ultimately changed his views on Kitsumi and decided to close the channel, as well as the project completely down. He had 2 collaboration channels on youtube, 1 with XXXTremeAlliance called XK Parodies Inc. An abridged series has been established for XKParodies Inc, but a pilot episode was never released. The series that XK Parodies Inc. is abridging is Digimon Frontier. His other collab channel is with VegetaSasuke0 called iakvs0. Commentary type videos will be uploaded to this channel, but none have been posted as of yet. It was meant to show their opinions to different movies. He has a Valkyria Chronicles Abridged in the works with his friend and close voice acting partner UnfortuneStar. The episodes will be released to her channel upon completion. He has a Pokemon Advanced Abridged in the works with a few friends, including Nowacking, iDivineSilhouette, EdricODoom, and LunarAiko. Episode 1 has yet to be produced. Episodes will be uploaded to iDivineSilhouette's channel upon completion. He has a Let's Play series in the works of Fire Emblem: The Shadow Dragon, and a first part has yet to be released. He has a personal website in the works, more details still to come. He has another account on youtube called SuperSaiyanVegetto where he makes his Dragonball Z One Man Abridged. He is nick-named "The Brother Abridger" because he has many sibling abridgers.

In 2011, IAmKitsumi had gone off the radar, leaving abridging behind, though nobody knows the exact reasons why, some speculated it is to chase dreams.

On July 4th, 2022 Kitsumi returned with a new YouTube channel called "Abridged Parodie Entertainment"

Projects & Appearances[]

Main Projects[]

  • Naruto Sagas
  • Blade Of Immortal Abridged
  • Flame Of Recca Abridged
  • Digimon Frontier Abridged
  • Valkyria Cronicles Abridged
  • Pokemon Advanced Abridged
  • Dragon Ball Z One-Man Abridged
  • Yu-Gi- Oh, Sh!t! (Yu-gi-oh! Season 0 Abridged)
  • A Bridge Into Summer (The Door Into Summer Abridged)
  • SoulFilcher (SoulTaker Abridged)
  • Pokemon Twilight Wings Abridged
  • Dragon Bollocks (Dragon Ball Abridged) Pilot
  • How the Grinch Abridged X-mas


Planned Projects[]

  • Magic Knights Rayearth Abridged
  • Pale Cocoon: The Abridged OVA
  • Green Green: The Abridged OVA
  • Amon Saga: The Abridged OVA
  • IAK's Inuyasha Abridged
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged 1-shot
  • Yu-G-Oh! GX: The Abridged 1-shot
  • FMA: The Abridged 1-shot
  • Bleach: The Abridged 1-shot
  • Death Note: The Abridged 1-shot
  • Pokemon: The Abridged 1-shot
  • Digimon: The Abridged 1-shot
  • Code Geass: The Abridged 1-shot
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Abridged 1-shot
  • Linebarrels of Iron Abridged