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Rissa is an American voice actress from Texas who did a couple of appearances in some abridged related videos. Her current state is unknown.

History/Career[edit | edit source]

Rissa, known as ITouchedYusuke, worked on the first two movie parodies of Dragon Ball Z with Lanipator, Vegeta3986 & MasokoX, her status was script supervisor, as well as playing Bulma, & in the second movie lending her voice to Chi-Chi, replacing Vegeta3986 in that role. After the first two movies were finished, the team stopped working with ITouchedYusuke & started concentrating on Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Though never actually considered a part of Team Four Star, the Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies are considered by fans as the beginning of Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

She is currently working with Team Dattebayo on their Death Note Abridged. In October 2008 she was officially dating Gmazca member of Team Dattebayo who worked with her on Death Note Abridged.

Projects[edit | edit source]

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