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Hugtto Parodycure
PicsArt 09-28-03.16
Created by Tiffany-Chan123
Cast Tiffany-Chan123

Evangeline Cookie Chan Cure Gamer Lulu Ruru Sehoon ethandan Mista Precious Meow KBWVA SuicideBoyZero170 Crystal Bradley And SwagDragon8957

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Episodes 1

Hugtto Parodycure is a Hugtto Precure Abridged series created by Tiffany-Chan123. And was created while the show was currently airing, after finding out that not many people have done Precure abridged series.




  • Tiffany-Chan123 - Hana Nono / Cure Yell, Hariham Harry, Hugtan, Papple, Bishin, Jinjin and Takumi, Mackenzie Mack
  • Evangeline - Saaya Yakushiji / Cure Ange
  • Cookie Chan - Homare Kageyaki / Cure Etoile
  • Cure Gamer - Lulu Amour / Cure Amour
  • Lulu Ruru - Emiru Aisaki / Cure Macherie
  • Sehoon - Human Harry, George Kurai
  • ethandan - Charaleet, Dr. Traum
  • Mista - Daigan, Listol
  • Precious Meow - Gelos
  • KBWVA - Henri Wakamiya
  • SucideBoyZero170 - Masato Aisaki
  • Crystal Bradley - Sumire Nono
  • SwagDragon8957 - Shintarou Nono

Episode list[]

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  • Charaleet was originally going to be a parody of Jake Paul. But later settled on his chilled, yet douchey, surfer dude-esque personality.
  • Tiffany-Chan123 was originally going to voice EVERYONE! But later decided on voicing Hana, Hugtan, Papple, Bishin and Hariham Harry.