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This is a listing from the Bleach parody Hueco Mundo Cup



Unlike his anime counterpart, Luppi seems to be a sexually and gender confused character. He is uncertain whether he is a man or a woman and a such he pretty much doesn't bother to find out. He speaks in a high pitched, annoying voice with a Spanish accent. He eventually notices that Rankigu has the exact same accent that he does. When he asks her why, she tells him its because they are both voiced by the same person (Jose) and because he has limited charcter voices.

Much like his anime counterpart, he doesn't seem to think too highly of Grimmjow and thinks he lacks fashion. Grimmjow doesn't hold Luppi in high regard either and usually refers to him as a "he-she". Yammy unsure whether Luppi is a male or not, scold Grimmjow in comical fashion stating "That is no way to talk to a lady!". Luppi defends the statement by saying "Male, female, hmm I'm not sure myself anymore".

Luppi seems to have a far more evil side to him. Following his defeat at the hands of Hitsugaya and moments before he left to Hueco Mundo, Luppi says to him in a creepy demoinc voice, "I'm gonna...fuck you up and beat the living shit outta you. Make you burn! Goodbye, wonder boy!". He does this again when he expresses his jealousy of Orihime's powers, but Aizen tells him not to speak in such a manner as only he (Aizen) can have the most masculine voice.

Luppi meets his end in similar fashion. In this version, he askes Aizen to help him, but Aizen simply states "I'am not here". When Luppi states his confusion in that he can see him, Aizen simply says "no you can't, that's just an illusion". Luppi dies at the hands of Grimmjow by a cero blast that blasts away his upper half.

On a side note, in episode 24 of the series, whilst Aizen was telling his Espada a story of his time back in the Soul Society, he claimed to have heard the stock market crash and stated that it sounded like an effeminate man. The stock market's "supposed" voice sounded incredibly like Luppi.


He sees almost no change from his anime counterpart. The only noticable difference is that he seems to be able to speak better and he seems to view Aizen as his "mama". He has the same fascination for Urahara's hat as in the anime. He also seems to be greatly scarred following Luppi's death. Aizen scold Grimmjow, asking him "why couldn't you have waited till we closed his eyes?"

Aizen states that Wonderweiss is like a baby and most of the Espada treat him as such. Yammy considers him to be a little brother to him.

The Pio Pio Birds[]

Not actually characters, but humorously considered as such by Alex and Jose. They are basically birds that say "pio pio" in the background in several episodes in the series.

Byakuya Kuchki[]

Doesn't see a change from his anime counterpart. He is the only character that is not dubbed by either of the creators, instead is voiced using several of his lines from the Japanese dub of Bleach with joke subtitles for comical effect. Before he fights Zommari, he states that he hated Rukia before her execution, but since Ichigo came to rescue her, he hates her even more.

Byakuya is usually seen in all of his other appearances fast asleep whilst standing. This shown when his eyes are closed and he is snoring. Outside of his fight from Zommari, Byakuya is almost always asleep and the only other instance when he wasn't seen asleep was when he saved Rukia in dubmasterdub's other series "Soul Society Stories" from Gin's attack, but following this, he fell back asleep again. Byakuya also appears to be a sleep walker as when he was sent to retrieve Ikkaku and Rukia from the living world, Kenpachi stated that Byakuya was sleep walking and didn't want to wake him up.

On a humorous note, he considers the scarf that he wears not to be a scarf at all, but wings.

Mayuri Kurotuschi[]

Unlike his anime counterpart, he doesn't seem to be too intellegent, but he does have intellegence to a certain degree. He also appears to still be a scientist. He speaks in a language that consists of the words 'Naka Naka" and he states that the only person that seems to understand anything he says is Toshiro Hitsugaya.

He is still the one whom kills off Aporro by having drugged him with a superhuman drug (or as he humorously calls it "a super-person" drug) , but unlike the anime,the drug is activated by the sexual hormones activated when Szayel hit on Renji. Moments before Aporro died, he was going to reveal why he talks the way he does, but because Aporro dies before he can say anything, it remains a mystery.

The reason Mayuri talks the way he does is finally revealed in dubmasterdub's spin-off series, Ulquiorra's Bedtime Story; a spin-off of Hueco Mundo Cup that abridges the episodes where Hirako remembers his and the Vizard's time in the Soul Society. In the series, it is revealed that he is British and as such speaks in a British voice. He is locked in jail for no apparent reason, but according to the prisoners, he is "the craziest, mother-fucker around", Urahara releases Mayuri from his cell under the condition that from there on out, he would speak only saying "Naka Naka Naka". Mayuri of course keeps true to this condition as he speaks in the same manner even since Urahara left the Soul Society.


Nothing like his anime counterpart. He speaks in 5th person and in a Yoda-like voice. He also isn't a violent, cruel, and sadistic person, but a friendly, loveable, and kind person at heart.

Kenpachi seems to like just about anything he comes across and is friends with whomever he meets. When he went to save Ichigo, he constantly reminded Ichigo how much he liked him and how Ichigo was his friend and that he will save him. He even considers Nnoitora to be his friend when he meets him.

Apparently, he is unaware that his sword can attack people. Throughout his fight with Nnoitora, he was simply blocking the Espada's attacks, but was getting greatly injured in the process, but not to a point where he was fearful he was going to die. It takes Ichigo to finally tell Kenpachi that he could use his sword to attack people. Kenpachi then slowly looks at his sword, slashes at the air for a while, and then turns to Nnoitora with a rather happy and surprised smile (all whilst 2001: A Space Odyessey is playing in the background). Nnoitora goes to attack Kenpachi, but is immediatly killed and defeated by a single slash of Kenpachi's sword.


Tesla is a rather humorous, watchful, and semi-normal Arrancar whom serves as something along the lines of a parental figure for Nnoitora whom seems functionally retarded. He speaks in a rather nasally voice.

His entire character is based on Jerry Seinfeld. He is a stand-up comedian and even utters his famous line "Who are these people?". However, he is rather cheesy and immature. His jokes normally consist of double meaning jokes (such as "Why do they call it kidnapping? Your not a kid and your not taking a nap. Who are these people?) Nobody other than Nniotora seem to think he is funny. Ichigo in praticular following one of his jokes in which he asked "What is the deal with sandwiches? They're not made of sand and they're not made from a witch. Who are these people?" said "You're not even trying anymore Tesla; that was a horrible joke. Seriously you should just stop".

Hilariously, he enjoys singing whilst beating up his opponents. Orihime doesn't seem to like this and has said that he has "horrible singing". However, it doesn't appear that Tesla tries his best to sound good when he sings.

He is looking out for Nnoitora's best interests and is always making sure that he stays out of trouble. He is not above disiplining him if necessary (as seen when he scolded and sent Nnoitora to his room for hurting Chad whom was their enemy). He also tends to act as the brains of the two as he seems to remember things Nnoitora doesn't (like Mother's day, where he was supposed to make Aizen a gift).

Tesla meets his end in humorously easier fashion then he did in the anime. Shortly after having his attack blocked by Kenpachi, he collapsed to the ground dead and bleeding. Everyone present including Kenpachi didn't understand what caused the warrior to go down so easily.

Jushiro Ukitake[]

Ukitake is one of the oldest members of the Soul Society, but not one of the brightest. He has only appeared in two episodes in which he spoke, but he doesn't seem to be very bright and speaks in a very nasally voice that sounds similar to Tesla's.

Like Rukia, Ukitake loves Soul Candy and considers it to be the Soul Society's greatest treasure.

Ukitake doesn't appear to be very smart nor logical as he has a difficult time telling the difference between bad and good news. An example of this was seen when he reported bad and good news to Ichigo and his friends. The bad news was that the Soul Society was out of Soul Candy because apparently they found rat poisoning in the ingrediants and the good news that Orihime was kidnapped by the Espada; severly.

Captain Yamamoto[]

The superior commander of the 13 Court Guard Squads and apparently the head of the Soul Society. He is incredibly old, rude, and senile. He speaks in a very old and soft voice.Yamamoto doesn't appear to be as smart as his anime counterpart as he agreed with Ukitake that the situation involving the Soul Candy was more important than Orihime Inoue's kidnapping.

Nobody seems to listen to Yamamoto nor do they seem to respect him. This was seen in Soul Society Stories where all the other captains were talking amoungst themselves while he was talking about basketball. When he finally realizes that they are ignoring him, he shouts out "are you fucking listening to me?" to which the shinigami captains stop talking. Another example was in Ulquiorra's Bedtime Stories where the other captains started a meeting without him. When he found out about this, he got angry and forcibly reminded them like a kid that it was "his meetings". Then when he goes to take his seat, the other captains leave, not wanting to have another meeting.

Like Aizen, it appears that Yamamoto loves holding meaningless meetings on a regular basis. A good example of this was seen in the season 1 finale of Hueco Mundo Cup where Harribel under the order's of Aizen drops off a bomb into the captain's meeting chambers and either too stupid to realize what it is or for some other unknown reason, Yamamoto declares that they should have a meeting to discuss whether they should deactivate the bomb or decide whether or not it actually is a bomb.


Doesn't really have much development as he was only seen in the first episode of the series and then two more times (both in a flashback). He speaks in a somewhat Arabic voice.Apparently, Shawlong like Grimmjow is very fond of pies as when he told Grimmjow "I love pies; very, very much" and when he voiced his disappointment that Ulquiorra had baked everyone a pie, but Grimmjow and himself.

When he was still a hollow, he was the leader of the science buddies, a group of hollows whom were working to get to the moon. They never really made it apparently and asked Grimmjow to eat them and use their bodies as fuel for their rocket so that he could reach it for them. Grimmjow didn't understand the point of doing such a task and neither did the others, but Shawlong assured him there was such a logic. He then explains that Hueco Mundo has a dark secret, but before he can say it, the scene switches to Ichigo and Grimmjow fighting.

Strangely, in a flashback by Toshiro, he referred to Shawlong as Martha Stewart. Why he calls him as such has never been touched upon by dubmasterdubs, but it may have been solely for comedic purpose.

The Hueco Mundo Boys[]

A team consisting of Patras and his two henchmen whom act as something along the lines as rivals against Aizen.

Patras seems to be unchanged from his anime counterpart as he still hopes to steal the hyogoku and overthrow Aizen, but he seems to act even more idiotic than he did on the show. Aizen doesn't fear him or his men even to the slightest, once calling them "my pathetic excuse for rivals".

In the season one finale, after losing the game, he and the Hueco Mundo boys join forces with Ichigo and Ishida in an attempt to take down Aizen, but they all fail horribly and fall to the might of Aizen's bankai. It would appear that they have been erased from all existance and Ichigo and Ishida appeared to have found away out of Aizen's bankai throught the use of an alternate dimension.

The Medics (The Exequias)[]

Greatly different from their anime counterparts. It would seem that they are good hearted Arrancars, but greatly unintelligent. Rudobon (the leader) speaks with a nasaly voice similar to Tesla's, but not as loud.

They are not very good medics. In fact, they don't seem to know how to save a life in general and end up killing the person they try to save. Rudobon says that he and the other Exqiuilas were personally trained by Aizen himself as medics which probably explains why they are poor at their jobs as Aizen himself has no medical training. They also seem to be fans of medical drama TV shows such as E.R and Scrubs. Cirucci desperatly tried to get up before they arrived as she said that they were horrible medics, but she was too late and it is assumed she was accidently killed by them as Rudobon said that to heal her, they would have to "remove her heart".

They almost "saved" Chad and Gantanbainne, but Unohana and her vice captain came and scared them off.


Seems to be humorously different from her anime counterpart. She is still a medic and seems to be very intelligent, but the fear factor about her has been greatly exaggerated. She speaks in a soft, but somewhat uncomfortable voice.

It is implied that Unohana is actually a feared murderer. This has been mentioned several times. When she confronted the Medics and questioned their medical ability, she said they should leave because she feared that "something would happen that would leave them mutilated beyond recogniztion, like what happened to my last vice captain". When Rudobon asks her what happened to her last vice captain, she simply responds, "exactly". Immediatly, the medics run off in great fear. Her vice captain, Isane also happened to notice that she wasn't healing Chad or Gantanbien, but was attempting to kill them. Chad awakens saying that he feels he is missing a lung and a kidney. Unohana says that he was, but she had to put them back.

Byakuya has also mentioned that the Soul Society isn't convinced that her vice captain died in an accident and believe that she killed him/her, but apparently there wasn't any concrete evidence to prove such a story.

Like Grimmjow and Hanataro, she suffers from the Caterpillar Syndrome and as such whenever she walks, more steps are heard than there are actually being caused.


Not too different from his anime counterpart. He apparently left Soul Society to work for Aizen has he apparently has better dental plan. He also seems to work as a janitor of sorts for Aizen while in Hueco Mundo (as Aizen calls Hanataro via his echo machine and tells him to "clean up isle 5).

Like Unohana and Grimmjow, Hanataro suffers from the fictional disease, Caterpillar Syndrome.

Dordonii, Cirucci, and Gantanbainne (The Privaron Espada)[]

The three former Espadas don't seem to be too different from their anime counterparts, but their personalities have been altered for comical effect.

Dordonii claims to be Antonio Bandares and even tries to save face by naming all the movies he had stared in, but Ichigo didn't take him seriously and he fell with little trouble. According to a recap in the next episode, following his defeat, he becomes an ally for Ichigo and his friends to help them in their quest to save Orihime, but he isn't seen again. However, because they never show him falling to the Exquilas, it can be assume that he is alive. His voice sounded quite similar to Grimmjow's.

Cirucci was simply annoying and naggy against Ishida. She also thought it was unhealthy for Ishida to be addicted to Harry Potter; a remark that in turn earned her an arrow through her stomach. She attempted to get up in an attempt not to be killed by the Exquilas (or the medics as they are called in the series), but was too late.

Gantanbainne probably sees the biggest change out of the three. Instead of being serious and encouraging to Chad, he speaks in a somewhat nasally and annoying voice and voices his dislike over the fact that all Chad seems to say is Hijo De Punta. He then begins to mock Chad by copying everything he says. He is eventually defeated by Chad's ultimate attack "De Muerte De Devil" and falls unconsious. Much like his anime counterpart, he is assumed to be alive, although Unohana attempted to kill him and Chad.

Loly and Melony[]

Unlike their anime counterparts, they seem to be less mean and more along the lines, nicer to Orihime. It would seem that they simply came to her room to gossip with her. Apparently, neither of the two are popular with any of the Arrancar, but they take their unpopularity as sort of a compliment (as seen when Loly mentions a time when Starrk told her "fuck you" and she said it was so hot).

Loly also doesn't seem to be as interested in Aizen as she is in the actual show. Instead, she seems to have an infatuation with Ulquiorra and when she learns Orihime does too, she attacks the human girl stating that she should go after a "fat-ass" like Grimmjow. Needless to say, Grimmjow over hears this and proceeds to kill both her and Melony.


Greatly different from his anime counterpart. He speaks in a humorous, yet creepy computerized voice that has a beat that sounds like the Inspector Gadget theme song.


Like Iceringer he is different from his anime counterpart. He speaks in dog barks and the viewer is given subtitles to read as otherwise they won't be able to see what he is saying.

Apache, Mila-Rose, and Sun-Sun (Harribel's Fraccion)[]

They don't seem to be any different from their anime counterparts.

Apache expresses interest in wondering how Aizen is able to be heard all throughout Hueco Mundo (as a result of his echo machine)

Mila-Rose's character appears to be based of the African-American woman stereotype with things such as "Don't go there, girlfriend" and the snapping of her fingers.

Sun Sun appears to be a poet and somewhat of an emo. She considers life to be like a candle and states that if there is life, then there must be death and then ask "why don't we all just die". Aizen overhears this and is brought to tears by her words, considering her to be a poet sent from heaven. Harribel and the other fraccion members don't agree with Aizen and consider to be an emo.


Greatly different from his anime counterpart. He is still a peacful, kind, and good hearted Vizard, but it would seem that he is greatly unintelligent. He really only utters one line through most of his appearances which consists of only a loud and annoying "Uuuuuh" sound. In Episode 8, he had more lines, but overexaggerated each word and ended his speeches with a "Uuuh". This sound is probably a reference to the time his anime counterpart uttered the line in confusion to Hirako's request to put a barrier up.

Hachi is a salesman and sells a whole line of products which range from dishwashing liquid to shampoo. It would seem that almost all the characters on the show are fans of his products and Aizen himself states that he buys Hachi's shampoo to make Grimmjow's long, flowing, hair in his resereccion form look all nice and following. However, it would seem that these products are quite dangerous and lethal. At the end of the dishwashing liqiud commercial, a disclaimer appeared and stated that breathing the liquid in would cause instant death. His shampoo seems to use Ebola virus as it's main ingredient (as stated in a newspaper article in one of the episodes), but the jingler of the commercial it is endorsed through denies this. An disclaimer appears at the end of the said commerical and mentions that one's head may explode when using the shampoo.

Shinji Hirako[]

Seems to be different from his anime counterpart. He speaks in the same manner that Aizen does; with the use of an echo machine with the only difference being that Hirako's appears to be not as deep as Aizen's. It appears that Aizen got the inspiration to use an echo machine from Hirako as Hirako was once his captain in the Soul Society. It would also seem that Aizen's catchphrase of "I'am not here" also came from Hirako as it was seen at the end of the Season 2 finale when Aizen asked Hirako what he should tell the higher ups the reason why Hirako was late, Hirako turned to him and replied "I'am not here".

In dubmasterdub's spin-off series, Ulquiorra's Bedtime Story, he seems to be very intelligent and isn't fooled by Aizen's shady tactics. He continues to speak with his echo machine and assumes that Aizen wants to discover the secret behind the device, overthrow the Soul Society, and become "mama" (a reference to the nickname that his Espada call him).


All of his appearances thus far in the series have depicted him as having to desperatly use the bathroom. All throughout Ishida's battle with Crucci, he was complaining about having to pee very badly and begging for Ishida to take him to a bathroom. Ishida however refuses to answer his requests until the battle is over.

Hilariously enough, Crucci has expressed concern of Pesche's predicament and told Uuryu how one "shouldn't hold your pee". Following the battle, Ishida agreed to help Pesche find a bathroom. Pesche then strangely asks Uuryu if he could "hold his pee pee".


Hasn't spoken too much throughout the series and doesn't seem to be any different from her anime counterpart.

In her adult form, she appears to attack rather slowly (in a Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference manner) and it takes her very long to even reach Nnoitora during their battle.


Hasn't seen any change from his anime counterpart and hasn't spoken any lines outside of a "Blah, Blah, Blah".