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This is a listing of main characters from Hueco Mundo Cup

As in a normal abridged series, the characters retain their personalities and qualities to a certain degree, but some aspects have been greatly exaggerated and altered as seen below.

For a listing of minor characters, see Hueco Mundo Cup minor characters

Protagonists (from series perspective)[]

Sosuke Aizen[]

Sosuke Aizen is a sensative, selfish, needy, and childish individual. He normally speaks with the use of an echo machine as he wishes to have the most masculine voice out of everyone. He seems to be incredibly uncaring and lazy, especially when it concerns a life or death situation for one of his Arrancars or Espada. Whenever said character calls out to Aizen (normally calling him Aizen sama) for help, he responds with a quick, "I'm not here" despite the fact he makes it clear that he is (in fact, before Luppi was killed and asked for his help, Aizen said he wasn't there despite the fact he was standing right before Luppi, but he passed it off as an illusion). At times, it would appear he really cares for his Espada as he sounded rather upset when he heard that Aaroniero was dead following his match with Rukia (despite the fact that the former asked for Aizen's help as he laid dying and Aizen simply said "I'm not here") and he wants to protect them from all harm, but it would seem this is far from the truth as he has offered no help to any of the Espada that have asked for his help.

Aizen seems to truly dislike Kaname Tousen, the black, blind, general in his army. It would appear that his dislike for Tousen mainly comes from the fact he considers Kaname to be "a whiny bitch" as evident when he called him that when the former came fourth asking Aizen to punish Grimmjow for nearly spoiling the end of the Titanic. Aizen doesn't seem to care for his well being for that matter as when he learned of Patras's betrayal, he decided to use his zanpakato's special ability (the abilty to create illusions) to make Tousen look like Ulquiorra and use him as a guard for when Patras came to steal the Hōgyoku (which was really an egg in disguise thanks to his zanpakato's special abiltiy) and when Tousen was attacked and asked for help, Aizen denied him it.

Out of anybody, the only three people Aizen seems to even the slightest care about is Ulquiorra, Wonderweiss, and Orihime. Ulquiorra appears to be Aizen's favorite Arrancar (as evident by the fact Ulquiorra is usually given awards such as Arrancar of the month and year and is usually given the win in Aizen's game show despite the fact he may answer a question wrong) and usually asks the Espada for advice or help in general. Ulquiorra in turn is very loyal to Aizen and refers to him as "Not-So-Trash sama". He cares for Wonderweiss because he is apparently a baby, and he cares abotu Orihime because he considers her to be is A ticket to being considered a masculine man in the eyes of his naysayers.

Aizen also seems to be rather protective of his castle Las Noches as evident when he was heard cursing in shock over Grimmjow's destruction of the palace during his fight with Ichigo.He claims that Las Noches is sponsored by Coca Cola (the deal being, he would give the company some advertising on the show and they would pay for the castle).

Aizen's hobbies include marathoning the Titanic (which seems to be his and the Espada's favorite movie), watching women shows such as Gilmore Girls, Charmed, and Grey's Anatomy,looking after his Arrancars, and holding unnecissary meetings on a regular basis. Aizen also hosts a game show which he calls "Aizen's Questioning Time". The questions he asks within the show are usually topics that deal with either him, his hobbies, or really stupid questions. No matter whom gets the most points, Ulquiorra is usually proclaimed the winner (although Barragan; called the Old Guy in the series, won in the season 1's finale).


Unlike his anime counterpart, Ulquiorra is rather kind, sensative, generous, and very impulsive. Ulquiorra seems to be unable to say one sentence without using the word "trash" as he considers almost everything around him to be trash. He also seems to be rather popular with most of the Espada and even some of the heroes such as Urahara and Zangetsu (the later referring to Ulquiorra as "Lord Ulquiorra) and he seems to be Aizen's favorite Espada as he normally gives Ulquiorra the honor of being the Arrancar of the month and the year. Yammy in praticular seems to be rather obsessive about Ulquiorra and views him as a very important figure in his life (as his catchphrase is shouting Ulquiorra's name in comical fashion).

Ulquiorra is described by many characters within the series to be quite powerful and impervious to damage. In one humorous example, when Orihime went to slap Ulquiorra for stating that Chad would die, Alex; Ulquiorra's voice actor in the series broke the fourth wall and explained to the viewers that Ulquiorra's head didn't turn because Orihime slapped him, but because he thought he saw something on the wall to his side and turned his head the moment before Orihime slapped him across the face. Another example was when Zangetsu (Ichigo's zanpakato's spirit) begged Ichigo to quit his battle as Ulquiorra was simply too powerful. In fact, Zangetsu considered becoming a second zanpakato for Ulquiorra, leaving Ichigo to die following his defeat at Ulquiorra's hands.

Ulquiorra seems to have a big crush on Orihime Inoue (a reference to the popular character pairing of the two within the fan fiction community; although this pairing was confirmed to be canon) ever since he brought her to Las Noches. He considers Orihime to be "not trash" and considers her to be very beautiful. He appeared to be rather speechless following his first meeting with her in Las Noches as he claimed he was unable to act cool and stop thinking about her. He even went to extreme lengths to find out what she liked from Ichigo and fought him over the fact Ichigo refused to tell Ulquiorra what Orihime would like for a birthday present (although Zangetsu gladly told Ulquiorra what he needed to know). Ulquiorra even claimed that he asked Orihime to marry him and she agreed (although she claimed she never did).

On a humorous note, Ulquiorra is actually the the 1st Espada as oppossed to being the 4th Espada as in the actual series. This comes as a big shock to Ichigo as Ishida had told him that Ulquiorra was the 4th Espada. This reason for this change other than being for humorous purposes, could be because Ulquiorra is Alex and Jose's favorite Espada. It also explains why Ulquiorra is given so much exposure within the series. It is unknown at this time what Starrk's number is, but because Ulquiorra is the first, it could be possible he is the 4th.


Like his anime counterpart, Grimmjow seems to be a rather violent, vulgar, and overall mean hearted Arrancar. However, unlike his anime counterpart, Grimmjow seems to turly be a good person at heart and seems to be a fun loving person.Orihime seems to see this quality in Grimmjow as she was heard cheering for him during his third battle with Ichigo. He also seems to want to please Aizen in anyway he possibly can, although he is humorously always pushed aside in favor of Ulquiorra. His brithday is on Christmas day; a fact that seems to have gone unoticed by the other Espada for quite a while until the Christmas Special where they all remembered. Grimmjow also seems to have the nickname of "The Blue Boy". This could either be a reference to his hair color or the fact that he is normally upset in the series. He is called this by many people and in the Christmas Special, he calls himself "the sad one".

Grimmjow seems to have a great fondness for pies. It would seem that this fondness long existed since his time as an Adjuchas class menos as when Shawlong asked him his name, Grimmjow responded "rrr I'm Grimmjow; I love pies".  In fact, he scolds Ulquiorra over the fact that he had baked almost every Espada (including Yammy) a pie, but never made him one. However, in the Christmas special, Ulquiorra strangely made Grimmjow a pie, a fact to which Grimmjow expresses his great happiness over. Of course, it could simply be because it was Grimmjow's birthday. He also enjoys endorsing jeans and threatens to literally and brutally murder anybody whom doesn't buy any. Humorously, the jeans that he wears apparently make him look fat (as stated by Aizen in Episode 5) and as such, he has been called a fatass three times (by Loly, Aizen, and Ichigo) all of which except the time with Aizen, that he responded with violence towards the said person.

Grimmjow seems to harbor an extreme dislike towards many people throughout the series. However, it would seem that the two people he hates the most are Ulquiorra and Tousen. Gimmjow hates Tousen mainly because of the fact that he thinks Tousen isn't a nice person and because he reminds him too much of Michael Jackson (a running joke in the series in which Tousen is referred to or called Michael Jackson) and he hates Ulquiorra over the fact that Aizen seems to hold Ulquiorra in higher favor over him and because Ulquiorra never baked him a pie.

Grimmjow also suffers from a fictional and humorous condition called Caterpillar Syndrome. The Syndrome is a condition in which when one walks, more steps are heard then there are actually caused. This seems to be comical to Aizen and the other Espada. The condition also seems to have affected Unohana and Hanataro.

Unlike his anime counterpart, Grimmjow seems to have a friendly rivalry with Ichigo in the series (although in one instance, Grimmjow attacked Ichigo is such a graphic manner than the screen didn't allow the viewers to see it and could only hear the sound of a chainsaw, gunshots, a knife, and a machine gun). Grimmjow seems to think Ichigo reminds him a lot of Robin Hood (possibly because of the fact that they were both heroes whom didn't fight for themselves) and as such as referred to him as such several times in the series.

Near the end of the second season, Grimmjow had two reasons for fighting Ichigo. One because he wanted Ichigo to buy some bingo tickets from him and because Ichigo called him a fatass. After being defeated by Ichigo, Grimmjow refuses to stay down and begs Ichigo to buy the tickets. Much to his relief, Ichigo agrees to, but before Grimmjow can make the sale, he is attacked by Nnoitora; whom apparently is unaware of the fact that he attacked Grimmjow and blames Ichigo for the attack. His fate is unknown, but it is most likely that he is alive.


Sometimes called "Jammy", Yammy is quite possibly; next to Nnoitora, the most idiotic character in the series. He is big, loud, childish, and somewhat retarded. He speakes in a very low, happy voice. He acts like a big child and as such, he is treated as one by many of the other characters (although it can be said it is done in an affectionate manner). He is usally heard making groaning and confused sounds such as "Eh" and "Uh".

Yammy seems to be greatly loyal to Ulquiorra (much like his original counterpart), but to the point that he is literally obsessed with him. In fact, Yammy is known to randomly shout out "Ulquiorra" (which sounds like Urukiora when he says it) for apparently no reason at all. He seems to view Ulquiorra as something of an older brother and relies on him for many situations. Most of Yammy's actions in the series seem to be solely for Ulquiorra's love and approval in general. Two examples of such was when he blasted Urahara with a Bala and he happily shouted how "Urukiora would be proud of me" and when he said "URUUUUUUUUKIORA, told us to distract them, so let's do this guys!"

Yammy gets along quite well with the other Espadas and seems to be very good friends with the equally stupid Nnoitora. The two are normally mentioned to play together and during the Christmas Special, the two sung a rendition of Jingle All The Way together. Yammy is also very carrying towards Aizen whom he almost always refers to as "Mama". Aizen seems to be somewhat affectionate towards Yammy for that matter.

On an interesting note, it would seem that perhaps Yammy is acting stupid on purpose. In episode 24, during a story time session, Aizen was talking about his time in the Soul Society and began to talk about stocks. Yammy asked Aizen what a stock was and Aizen happily explain it to him. Then to Aizen's shock, Yammy explained what stocks are in a more logical and scientific term. When Aizen asks Yammy to repeat what he just said, Yammy resumes acting stupid once again.


Like Yammy, Nnoitora is generally incredibly stupid, but at times appears to be pretty much retarded. He is considered to be the series's most incredibly stupid character of all as he seems to have no intelligence or common sense whatsoever. He is greatly different from his anime counterpart in the fact that he isn't sadistic, vulgar, rude, or battle loving. Instead, he is fun loving, hyperactive, curious, and playful. He speaks with a Beavis-like voice and at times copies many of his mannerisms.

Nnoitora seems to enjoy causing trouble at times, but never seems to do them correctly. One such example was when he proudly told Ulquiorra how he locked Grimmjow in the nursery with nothing, but the keys to the room. When Ulquiorra asks why Nnoitora would do something so stupid, Nnoitora replies that he left the keys there as the only thing that Grimmjow could eat. However, Ulquiorra explains to him that the door locks from the inside and that because he left the keys in the room, Grimmjow can easily leave the room.Another example was when he played tag with Chad following his victory over Gantabien, but because Chad was unarmed, Nnoitora tagged him with his weapon and caused great harm to him. There is one instance where it appears that; like Yammy, Nnoitora is faking his stupidity, but this is apparently not the case. In the season one finale, when given an extremely hard math problem to the Espada, Nnoitora buzzes in the correct answer. When Aizen asks Nnoitora how he knew that answer, Nnoitora simply repilies that he guess so it was lucky guess on his part.

Nnoitora gets along quite well with most of the Espada, but Yammy and his fraccion Tesla are the two that he admires the most. Probably because he is equally as stupid as him, Yammy is Nnoitora's best friend and the two are often seen playing with each other. There was one instance where Nnoitora pulled a rude prank on Yammy; in the Season One finale, Yammy wasn't present during the game and when Aizen asks Nnoitora where he is, Nnoitora replies "Eheh, he's done. I gave him diharrea!" (this is probably a reference to Beavis's character as he too enjoyed giving people the said condition). Tesla (whom in the show is henchman and Fraccion) is ironically like a parental figure to him. Tesla doesn't seem to be quite intelligent himself, but he would seem to be to a certain degree to see the error of Nnoitora's actions. He even bosses Nnoitora around to a certain degree (as seen when he told Nnoitora to go to his room for hurting Chad).

To a certain degree, it would seem that Nnoitora is unaware of his own actions. A prime example of this was seen in Episode 28 when he attacked Grimmjow for no reason and Ichigo asked Nnoitora why he would attack his friend. Immediatly, Nnoitora began to panic and asked where he was (hinting that he could be on medication or takes drugs). When Ichigo tells Nnoitora he harmed Grimmjow, Nnoitora calls Ichigo a liar and prepares to attack him for supposedly causing Grimmjow harm. He then tells Grimmjow that he will protect him from Ichigo despite the fact that he himself did harm Grimmjow.

His hobbies are playing tag, listen to Aizen's stories during Aizen's story time, and eating candy (soul candy in praticular). In fact, Nnoitora seems to be on a personal mission to find a invisible, flying, disk in Hueco Mundo that supposedly has unlimited amount of soul candy. Although this is a lie on Ulquiorra's part in an attempt to get rid of him, in the season one finale, Nnoitora finds the said disk and is incredibly happy.

He meets his end in much quicker fashion than his anime counterpart. He still falls to Kenpachi, but apparently had the upperhand throughout the entire fight. However, once the equally stupid Kenpachi found out his sword wasn't just for blocking and he could use it to attack people, Kenpachi gave Nnoitora a furious slash across the chest and the idiotic Espada immediatly fell to the ground dead.

In a recent message from dubmasterdub to the fans informing them of a delay in episode release, Nnoitora is heard in the background talking to Aizen. When Aizen asked if Nnoitora was dead, Nnoitora said "no" in his signature tone. Aizen however is certain that he is. Nnoitora then tells Aizen that he is going to heaven. Aizen states that with his IQ, Nnoitora would go to dog heaven. However, Nnoitora seems unfazed by this comment and simply says in a happy tone "doggie heaven". This confirms that Nnoitora (at least as a ghost) is alive.

Aporro (Szayel Aporro Granz)[]

Simply called "Aporro" by Aizen and everyone else, He speaks in a stereotypical homosexual voice with somewhat of a Spanish accent. Szayel isn't too different from his anime counterpart. However while he is still a scientist, he like Ishida, is a proud homosexual and makes the fact be known. His overall character is an exaggerated version of Szayel (although many fans actually assume that Szayel is gay because of the remarks he makes on the show). He is very proud of his looks and body and claims himself to be the most beautiful Espada of all. At one point, he even claimed himself to be a "goddess".

Immediatly after laying eyes on Renji, he falls madly in love with the shinigami. He introduces himself twice and immedialty announces his intentions to get to know the shinigami on a "physical" level. He expressed multiple scenarios for Renji; one in which he could take off all his cloths except for the bandana and allow Aporro do dress him up himself (stating that his Shinigami cloths are horrible, but Renji himself gorgeous) and another where he could draw Renji naked on a 16 foot canvas (an obvious reference to the Titanic). He is so in love with Renji that at one point he told himself to control himself a little. He gives the soul reaper a handful of ridiculous nicknames, but seems to pefer calling him "my little choo choo train".

Of course, Szayel is still not above killing Renji should Renji resist. However he assures Renji that "one way or the other, you're leaving here on my back". Renji obviously does not share Szayel's feelings and admits being quite terrified of him. Aporro then proceeds to make his offer yet again and then proceeds to make homsexual groans so loud that it is heard all throughout Las Noches. Everyone else is equally terrified of Szayel's homosexual advances, but Ishida seems to think that the groans are the most beautiful thing he has ever heard.

Aporro's zanpakato's name has also been slightly altered. It is now called 'Fornicaras Solo Hombres" (Spanish for "You will fornicate only young men), another reference to his obvious homosexuality.

Szayel also seems to be quite attracted to Aizen and has made his voice be heard multiple times. He also seems to share Aizen's taste in actors such as Leo Dicaprio, Matthew Mcconaughey, and Tom Cruise, but obviously for more than just their movies. The said actors where all choices in a question asked by Aizen in whom he felt made the best movies. Aporro proceeded to say "option D" to which Aizen said there was no option D. Aporro then said that option d was all the actors above with him in a hot tub.

Aporro met his end is similar fashion to his anime counterpart. However, instead of continuing his fght with Renji and Ishida, he sung a song (his version of Avril Lavigne's song Girlfriend) where he expressed his love for Renji. When Mayuri came, it would seem that Aporro was already under the effects of the superhuman drug (however, unlike the anime, it was activated by the sexual horomones activated by his attraction to Renji). Apollo proceeds to die in similar fashion to his anime counterpart.

In Episode 26 of the series during a comical explaination of the different classes of Menos Grande, dubmasterdub gave an explaination of how Aporro came to be. Although the ritual that menos undergo remained unchanged, the creators gave the process a humorous name of "Masivas Orgias" (spanish for "massive orgy"). They said that Aporro was one of the few Menos that came to existances through this process and labeled it as "unusual". Hurmorously enough, the clip of the menos in which they claimed was him was actually the Gillian form of Shawlong in the actual show.

In his alternative ending in the season 1 finale, Szayel manages to make Renji is sex-slave and finds a way to reproduce with him. Renji makes a living as a soccer mom whilst Aporro becomes a dentist.


Greatly different from his anime counterpart, Zommari is normally referred to as "the black Espada" by the other characters. He speaks in a deep, paranoidish, voice. Zommari is a pot addict and apparently, it has caused great harm not only to him, but to others as well. A running joke in the series is that he sees a giraffe (obviously an illusion caused by the high of his addiction) that continues to ask him for peppers.

Zommari's addiction to weed is a running joke all throughout the series. It would appear that he was once off the stuff, but got back on it sometime before Episode 12 in the series. Aizen is well aware of Zommari's addiction and makes it known how he is not very supportive of the Espada's choices. Zommari's addiction caused him to become very lazy and uncarring to almost everything (a fact confirmed by Ulquiorra when he explained what the Espada do for fun in their spare time). He did nothing to help the Gillian Menos in the Menos Grande forest (a place he was apparently put in charge by Aizen) that met their end at the hands of Ichigo and his friends and one night, he got incredibly high, snuck into Tousen's room, and apparently rapped him. He didn't react much to the news that Aaroniero had died. Zommari's catchphrase in the series is "Whoa!".

His battle with Byakuya went completely different from the anime. Apparently, he was still incredibly high and was about to kill Rukia over the fact that he thought she was imaginary. Then Byakuya appeared (speaking only Japanese) and Zommari used the apparently visible subtitles as a way to find out what the shinigami was saying. He thought Byakuya was just an illusion just like the giraffe and proceeded to attack him. However, it later became apparent that he wasn't fighting Byakuya at all. In fact, Byakuya didn't leave the spot that he had entered in and Zommari had been fighting Byakuya's hatori for almost a half hour.

Following this, Zommari decided to release into his ultimate form. However, when his first attempt failed, he tired once more. This time however, he began to smoke the smoke that came from his bankai's release and the room became engulfed in smoke. At this moment, Hanataro rushed in and informed Byakuya that Zommari still was in his regular form despite the fact that Byakuya saw otherwise (but that was because he too enhaled some of the smoke and is a little high). Following this, Zommari was hit by Byakuya's ultimate attack and despite thinking he was unhurt, proceedes to die immediatly after.

In the season 1 finale, his alternative ending sees him checking into rehab for his addiction apparently writing a song similar to Amy Winehouse's "Rehab song". He eventually overcomes his addiction and goes on to be a successful song writer and wins multiple awards for his songs. One such song was an obvious parody of Eminem's "Cleaning out my closet" called "I said I'am sorry Tousen, I never meant to rape you, I never meant to make you cry, but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet".


Much like his anime counterpart, he is lazy and unwilling to perform even the most simplest request from anyone. However this is not because he is lazy in general, but because he despises Aizen with a passion. Unlike his counterpart, Starrk is incredibly unloyal to Aizen and usually doesn't listen to a word that his lord tells him to do. In fact, Starrk is the only Espada that flat out curses Aizen to his face. Starrk's catchphrase in the series is "Fuck this!"

Starrk is rather impatient and vulgar. All he really seems to want to do is to sleep and do nothing. On his birthday, he was visited by the Exequias (whom were dressed as meriaches) and sung to him a birthday song. He however wanted no part of it and demaned they all leave. He later states he killed them all by decapitation for not leaving him alone. He harbors no affections for any of the Espada and looks down on all of them. In fact in episode 12, he openly told all the espada he hated them all and hoped that they would eventually die. In addition, he openly told Aizen he "sucks as a leader", asked Gin "what the hell is so funny" (a referrence to why Gin is always so happy looking), and told Tousen that he was indifferent towards him. Of course, Aizen simply thinks this is a comedy routine on Starrk's part.

Starrk doesn't care for the well being of Aizen for that matter. He is the only espada that sees through Aizen's incredible stupidity and refuses to be apart of any of it. Of course, there are times when Starrk will listen to Aizen, but only if it serves in his best interest. Two prime examples were; in the season one finale, Starrk refused to play in Aizen's game show, but when he learned the first prize was the Hōgyoku he immediatly joined in the game in hopes of winning it. The other example was when he made a deal with Aizen; if Aizen would go to Karakuda Town and defend his Arrancar from the shinigami, Starrk would go retrieve Orihime for him. However, Starrk only did this in hopes that Aizen would die in Karakuda Town. This was confirmed when Starrk told Ichigo that he would bring Orihime back once Aizen was dead.

The only person besides Lilinette (his fraccion) that Starrk seems to not hate is Harribel. He sees her as the only other intelligent Espada. In fact, in the season one finale alternate ending for him, he married Harribel following winning the hogyoku and the two went on to have Arrancar children of their own.

In the Hueco Mundo Cup Christmas Special, Starrk was very unethusiastic about the holiday and following Grimmjow's Christmas carol, he openly yelled "fuck Christmas". When Aizen asked Starrk why he didn't celebrate or like Christmas, Starrk reveals that he is Jewish; much to Aizen's shock. Aizen quickly tries to appeal to his religion by singing the Dradle song, but Starrk simply replies, "get the fuck away from me Aizen!"

The Old Guy (Barragan)[]

The only character in the series whom is absolutely nothing like his counterpart, Barragan is simply referred to as "The Old Guy" by everyone around him. He speaks in a constipated, dry, and high voice. Barragan is one of the first Espada ever created by Aizen and according to Starrk is "a billion years old". Barragan confirmed this by stating that he once met Jesus.

Barragan is constantly begging for a glass of water. In fact, "water" is almost always the only line he ever utters at all in the series. It would seem that he is dehydrated and is dying from a lack of water. Of course, Aizen nor any of the Espada seem to take him seriously and are constantly ignoring his cries for water. Starrk however seems to be the only one whom notices and asks that somebody get him a glass of water because he was getting on Starrk's nerves. This joke may very well be a reference to the SpongeBob episode where he went to Sandy's tree dome without realizing it had no wate r(which he needs to breathe) and he was begging for it later. Barragan's catchphrase is simply "Water!"

In the season one finale, a glass of water was the consolation prize for the loser of Aizen's Questioning Time. Barragan immediatly attempted to give up, but was denied as Aizen stated that it wasn't how the game worked. Barragan would go on to win the game and the first prize; the hogyoku, much to his utter disappointment. Luckily, Starrk won the glass of water and gladly traded it for Barragan's prize. Following this, Barragan goes on to start his own water selling company, apparently to prevent anyone from suffering the same torment that he had to endure.

Aaroniero Arruruerie[]

He is almost exactly like his anime counterpart. The only difference being that it would appear that no part of him is or ever was Kaien; Rukia's former mentor. Aaroniero hardly ever spoke much in the series. Unlike his anime counterpart, his two voices sound exactly the same; low and annoying.It would seem that Aaroniero's heads are trapped in the glass jar as they begged anybody to "get them out of there". His catchphrase in the series is "eeeeee".

Whilst immitating Kaien, he was always defending his case that he was Kaien around Rukia. One such example was when he patted her head and asked "Remember when I patted your head like this?". When Rukia denined this, Aaroniero quickly rebounded and asked 'Remember when I used to NOT pat your head like this?". When she remembers and calls him Kaien Dono, Aaroniero is relieved.

His fight with Rukia wasn't shown too much on the show. When Rukia asked why this was the case, Aaroniero told her that "dubmasterdubs" (the creators) didn't care about either one of them. This became apparent when their fight scenes lacked continuity. Aaroniero would then endure a constant stream of death scenes in which Rukia stabbed him through his glass jar head multiple times with him cursing dubmasterdubs for not allowing him to die peacefully. Rukia was subjected to this as well for two times, much to Aaroniero's delight. However, following the second time, the scene switches to Aaroniero's heads already out of the jar. The lower head speaks in a soft and grabbled voice; screaming in humorous pain for Aizen to help him. Aizen humorously remarks "I'am not here. I'm eating", leaving the Espada to die. The upper head speaks with a more raspy voice and curses Alex and Jose for showing him no respect before his head splits in two.


At first, Harribel seems pretty much the same as her anime counterpart. The only real difference noticed is that the reason nobody can really understand whenever she talks is because she is always chewing gum (specifically Trident) which she won't get rid of. She does seem to be one of the more observant Arrancar noticing Orihime was trying to sing during one of the meetings which the others ignored. Like nearly all the other Espada she is fine playing along with Aizen's games and sing a longs though when Starrk questions her about it, she says "don't ruin it for the children" implying she also sees the others as idiots but is perfectly fine indulging them and Aizen. This is also seen in the First part of the season one Finale where Aizen sent her on a mission to deliver a bomb to the Soul Society to blow up the Thirteen Court Guard Squad leaders which she did (with the exception of Toshiro who was the only one who knew to run away from a bomb instead of wanting to have another meeting about it) which was why she was the only who didn't partipcate in the final Aizen's questioning time.

However as the series went on it is shown her loyalty is more of a front. When annoyed by her Fraccion Sun Sun for her poem about death which Aizen loved she called it emo and depressing and when Aizen defended it, she called him an asshole. Later it's revealed that she was tunneling money out of Aizen's bank account in Las Noches, which is why the palace was broke and falling apart. Making it clear that she was putting on a front to steal from Aizen. Who even found annoying when he was crying in the flame shield Yamamoto put between them, indiciating she just wanted Starrk not to insult Aizen so Aizen wouldn't cry about it. In the season one alternate history finale the two got married and though live near Aizen have a happy live using the Hogyoku to make smart arrancar as again both are the only fully intellegent and non loyal Espada in Aizen's rank.

Gin Ichimaru[]

Isn't much different from his anime counterpart, but unlike the actual gin, he actually is extremely happy all the time. Whenever he makes an appearance, a high pitched giggle can be heard and is one of Aizen's generals in the Arrancar army. He is somewhat similar to his anime counterpart in that he seems to be a cheerful he normally speaks with a high pitched voice.Humorously, despite his defects, Gin seems to be the most normal person (besides Starrk and perhaps Harribel) in Hueco Mundo. Gin also seems to be the one person other than Ulquiorra than Aizen thinks extremely highly of. In fact, the two are seen together in almost every scene. Aizen often relies on Gin for help or for advice and never seems to insult him.

Much like the Espada, Gin doesn't like or respect Tousen much. In one episode, Gin questioned why Tousen had Wonderweiss in his room and told him that "your not supposed to be around little kids" (this is obviously a reference to Michael Jackson whom Tousen is constantly referred to). According to Ulquiorra, Gin (much like the Espada) harasses Tousen in his spare time.

In the season one finale, Gin goes on to travel the world; discovering different places and meeting people, all whilst smiling.

Kaname Tousen[]

Greatly different from his anime counterpart, Kaname is a whiny, childish, and complaining individual. He speaks in a rather high pitched voice. Because of his looks, he is often called Michael Jackson by almost every single person he comes in contact with. He is blind and his condition is often mocked by Aizen, Gin, and the Espada. He also is rather self conscious.

Tousen is probably the most despised and hated character in the series (even more hated than Ishida). All the Espada and even his fellow comrade Gin,  harass him in their spare time (as said by Ulquiorra) and in one unfortunate instance, he was harassed and then raped by Zommari who at the time was extremely high and forced him into rehab. He is usually a physical and emotional punching bag for almost every single person in Hueco Mundo as nobody seems to respect him and are constantly making fun of him.

Tousen is still loyal to Aizen, but to what extent is unknown. Although he has been seen still obeying his orders, at the end of Episode 24, whilst Aizen was walking, the 007 inside gun view appeared and he asked "Tousen, why are you pointing that gun at me?" Tousen then replies that "I'am sick of you, you never support or respect me and I'm going to kill you". This would seem to show that while Tousen will obey commands, he is not very fond of Aizen. Hilariously enough, it was confirmed in the season one finale that he shot Aizen with the gun and the bullet bounced off of him and hit Tousen instead (this is a reference to the 007 beginning where the spirally circle closes in on James Bond and then Bond shoots the circle with blood flowing from the top and to the bottom).

In the season one finale, when Aizen performed his Bankai, Tousen got to close to it and was cured of his blindness. When he asked Aizen why he didn't help him before, Aizen gave no response and sent Tousen to a palace of his own called El Basurero (Spanish for "The Garbage"). Tousen lives there happily with his friends.

Antagonists (from series perspective)[]

Ichigo Kurosaki[]

Unlike his anime counterpart, Ichigo seems to be a rather hyperactive, crazed, and overly dramatic person. He considers himself to be the only strong member of his group and as such, he generally looks down on Ishida and Chad. Ichigo seems to be rather confident in his abilites and always gets ahead of himself. In fact, whenever he gets really wild up, he breaks off into a humorous rap about himself.

Ichigo seems to truly value is position as the "hero" and will do whatever it takes to bring Orihime safely home. However, it would seem that his Arrancar opponents don't generally view him as a big threat; Ulquiorra in praticular doesn't think way too highly of Ichigo. Orihime doesn't seem to want to be rescured by him either and she has grown to like Hueco Mundo. However, Ichigo generally doesn't listen to anybody, but himself.

Greatly unlike his anime counterpart, Ichigo doesn't seem to care about anybody other than Orihime. This was seen when Chad supposedly died in Episode 17 (although he simply was unconsious) and Ichigo immediatly broke into celebration (as did the rest of the world). He also seems to greatly despise Ishida as the later has made countless advances on him and continues to call him "Harry" (as a reference to Harry Potter) and would like nothing more than to see him finally meet his end. When it comes to Orihime, it would seem that he greatly cares about her and is in a competition of sorts with Ulquiorra whom has also admitted to being in love with her. Orihime however can't really seem to make up her mind over whom she likes more.

Like his anime counterpart, Ichigo tries to avoid combat unless it is absolutely required. However, Ichigo seems to avoid fights only because he is afraid of his opponent. One such example was seen in Episode 28 when Nnoitora injured Grimmjow and came to take Ichigo to Aizen's questioning time (this is a reference to the first season finale where Ichigo and Ishida took part in Aizen's game show and when they lost, they attempted to bring Aizen down only to be erased from existance by Aizen's bankai), and Ichigo remembering the outcome of the game (as Ichigo somehow found a way into an alternate dimsension which took place 10 minutes before he was escorted to the game show) and asked Nnoitora that if he could guess why he (Nnoitora) was here, he would let him go free.

Ichigo seems to have a Vizard timer whenever he enters the state. This was seen in Episode 6 when he entered Vizard form and a ten second timer appeared. Humorously, instead of attacking Grimmjow immediatly, he proceeded to rap for more than eight seconds before he actually attempted to attack the Arrancar.

His catchphrase in the series is "Ichigo Go!"

Uuryu Ishida[]

Ishida is the stereotypical British character within the series; being greatly disliked by most of the characters and greatly unappreciated. He is also extremely homosexual and tends to say very inappropriate comments. He is a romaticist, annoying, and is hopelessly in love with Ichigo and the Harry Potter series. He is constantly making disgusting and unnecessary homosexual comments. One such example of this was during the season one finale where Aizen wanted to hear a complement from each of the characters and when Ishida's turn came up, he took it a step further and talked about how beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy Aizen was and then he went on to state how he longed to rub Aizen's nipples. Aizen then states how verbally violated he felt following the comment.

Ishida is greatly disliked by both Chad and Ichigo. Chad is constantly making rude comments towards Ishida in Spanish and Ichigo is constantly wishing that Ishida would die. Even his father attempted to kill him multiple times because of the fact that he is a homosexual.  In fact, the only person whom seems to be able to handle him is Urahara.

Ishida doesn't seem to solely be in love with Ichigo. As stated earlier, he has revealed that he has an infatuation with Sosuke Aizen and moments before he and Ichigo attempt to take down Aizen for losing the game show, he expresses his regret he will ahve to bring Aizen down as he wishes to have been with him. Ishida also seems to be mildly attracted to both Szayel Aporro Granz and Mayuri Kurotuschi. An example of each is when Szayel was heard making homosexual groaning sounds all throughout Hueco Mundo and Ishida thought it was the most beautiful sound he ever heard. He then goes on to say moments before Szayel is killed by Mayuri that Mayuri is "so hot right now."

Ishida believes in true love and is quite the sucker for it. This was seen in Episode 35 when Szayel; despite the fact he was trying to kill Renji, expressed his love for the shinigami and Ishida and his clones proceeded to make love groans. Ishida then tells Renji to go to Szayel and to ignore the fact he is trying to kill him as he feels it makes it more romantic as in a Romeo and Juliet kind of love.


Chad is the stereotypical foreigner of the series and is usually labeled as "The Mexican". Chad has a dream of going to America and finally becoming a citizen of the country (a dream that he revealed in Episode 17 has roots when he was a little kid and his grandfather asked him to go buy him a Pepsi and that following his purchased he realized what he wanted to do; go to America). Chad's catchphrase and at certain times his only line in the series is "Hijo De Punta" (spanish for son of a bitch) which he uses no matter if he is feeling happy, angry, sad, or excited.

Nobody seems to believe in Chad or his strength as a fighter. Urahara reveled that the only reason he allowed Chad to go to Hueco Mundo with Ichigo was that he would possibly die there. Of course, Urahara simply covered up the true intent of his mission by saying Ichigo was going to America and Chad immediatly jumped on the chance. Aizen and the Espada seem to share this trait and view Chad as the weakest member of the group. Humorously, nobody even seems to care about Chad at all, as seen in Episode 17 and the beginning of Episode 18 where Ichigo thought he died and he, his friends, and pretty much the entire world celebrated his supposed death. Episode 17 hillariously enough is called "Chad's Muerte" (which is Spanish for "Chad's Death).Ulquiorra also constantly reminds Orihime about how Chad will die because "he reads the manga". Strangely enough, Chad is alive in the manga.

Chad also doesn't really seem to believe in himself for that matter. This was proved in Episode 18 that moments before he defeated Gantanbainne that if it wasn't for his faith in his abuelo, that he would be "in another world, in another dimension fighting man-eating beasts called hollows and Arrancars and going to my death today". Hilariously enough and unaware of it, Chad was doing just that at the moment.

Orihime Inoue[]

Orihime is very annoying, fearful, complaining, and depressed. She speaks in a Miss Piggy-like voice with a little bit of a Spanish accent all throughout the series. Unlike her anime counterpart, Orihime doesn't seem to believe in her friends to much and is typically very easy to give in to almost everything.

Orihime is almost constantly referred to throughout the series as Hannah Montana. Ulquiorra and Aizen seem to call her this the most out of anyone else. In fact, Aizen's whole reason for kidnapping her in the series is not because of her powers, but because he genuinely believes her to be Hannah Montana whom he is a great fan of and because he believes that by kidnapping her, people will begin to view him as a very masculine man. As such, she is forced to sing some of her songs (all of which she doesn't seem to know the lyrics to). Some of the heroes even begin to refer to her as Hannah Montana.

Orihime also seems to be rather confused and never can seem to make up her mind. Although she is in captivity by the Arrancars, she views them to be her friends and feels sympathetic whenever something horrible happens to them. The Espada in turn seem to greatly respect Orihime and seem to share sympathey for her as well (of course, this could be because they think she is Hannah Montana, whom they all are big fans of). She also is constantly in distress over whom to cheer in battles. At one point, she cheered Grimmjow over Ichigo during their third fight against each other, but when Ichigo won and offered his hand to her, she accepted. It would seem that Orihime will side with whomever she thinks to be the stronger person.


Urahara is a sly, vulgar, and disgusting individual. He normally speaks in a soft and confident voice with a Spanish accent. He seems to retain most of the aspects of his original character, but some of them have been greatly exaggerated. He is still somewhat of a peverted individual, but to the point that he is just out of his mind. In the series he makes his living by making, manufacturing, and selling condoms which offer as he likes to say "half the pleasure for zero the protection". Throughout the series, many joke commercials appear of him talking about his condoms. It would seem that he violates many child labor laws and has children under the age of 8 make the condoms for him.

Urahara also has many sick habits. One such habit is blowing up his condoms like a balloon. Yammy (whom ironically is the stupidest character in the series) can't seem to understand why he would blow a condom. He also is a heavy pot smoker and one time he was so high that when he took a dump, he hid it in the closet and the smell began to overtake his room.

It would seem the law is after Urahara as many have stepped foward in an attempt to capture him. In the season one finale, he was captured by the police and charge for multiple felonies such as GTA, drug use, drug mass production, conspiracy to murder, child labor, etc. He was sentenced to life in prison, but escaped nearly two hours after he was imprisoned. He is then said to now be the leader of a massive, hooker ring in Amsterdam.

His hat also seems to be greatly admired by many in the series; Wonderwisse and Ulquiorra in praticular. Ulquiorra in several episodes was seen wearing the hat and Orihime remarked how good he looked in it. Wonderwisse the minute he saw it tried to take it, but to no avail.

In dubmasterdub's spin-off series; Ulquiorra's Bedtime Story (a stroy which Ulquiorra is telling the story of Hirako and the Vizard's time in the Soul Society to Wonderweiss), Urahara didn't seem to be any different than he was after his time in the Soul Society. He still retained his disgusting habits (one such example was that he pooped and he put it in his closet and the smell began to overtake his room) and he is hinted to have and still may be a pedophile. A few examples of this was when he was looking at some children and then asked the shinigami next to him "don't you wanna wake up every morning like there is a fresh baby sleeping besides you?", when he stated that he was "inappropriatly staring" at his kid lieutenant, Hiyori Sarugaki, and asking that she come into the forest where nobody could hear her scream.

It is also revealed that Urahara is the reason why Mayuri only speaks saying "Naka Naka Naka". Urahara said he would release Mayuri from jail if he would speak in such a manner.


Renji seems to be nothing like his anime counterpart. He isn't typically violent or impulsive, but rather calm, collective, and cautious. Renji has a Scottish accent and typically calls people "laddie" which gives the viewer the correct impression he is Scottish, but apparently he is of Irish descent as Aporro called him "a sexy Irish reaper".

Renji becomes the unfortunate target of Aporro's affections shortly after meeting the flamboyant Espada and is subjected to multiple advances as well. Renji however isn't the least bit interested and doesn't share Aporro's affections. However, Aporro assures him that one way or the other that Renji "would be leaving here on my back". Apparently, Ishida understands Aporro's affections and continuously has encouraged Renji to return the feelings, but Renji refuses.

He apparently is called "Ron" by Ishida (an obvious reference to Harry Potter character, Ron Weasly as Ishida is a Harry Potter fan boy and because Renji has red hair). This annoys Renji and in one episode, Renji threatens to beat the living shit outta Ishida if he doesn't stop calling him that.


Very unlike her anime counterpart, she doesn't seem to be calm or reserved at all. Rukia is very impulsive, loud, and obnoxious. She speaks with a rather quick and loud voice. Furthermore, she doesn't seem to be quite intelligent and is quite guilble for that matter.

Rukia has a silly and strange obsession with Soul Candy (a candy that in the actual series isn't really a snack, but rather a tool used for releasing one's soul out of their body) which as she says is "the best candy ever". She continues to encourage others to try it and to share her feelings towards it. However, it doesn't seem that the candy is rather popular. Orihime says that she doesn't really like it and one character actually refered to it as tasting like "gasoline". Rukia however scolds and snaps at those whom down talk the product.

Her fight with Aaroniero goes quite differently from the anime. Because she isn't smart and is gullible, Aaroniero uses this to his advantage and continues to remind Rukia of how his mannerisms (whilst disguised as Kaien) were just like the way they were when he was alive. When she finally snaps out of it, their fight continuously goes through multiple scenes that lack continuity and when Rukia asks Aaroniero why this is the case, he tells her, "because nobody cares about us". Rukia doesn't even really deliever the finishing blow to Aaroniero, but rather dubmasterdubs switches the scene to when his heads are already out of the glass jar where they immedialty die.