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Hueco Mundo Cup was created by dubmasterdub, which consists of Youtube users Alex and Jose (last names never mentioned) and occasionally a friend of their's Ricky. Although not techincally called an abridged series, follows pretty much the same format of a regular abridged series. The series begins from the end of Bleach Episode 114 and continues on from there. The characters are all voiced by Alex and Jose themselves; both voicing several characters each, including the female characters for comical effect. Jose and Alex are both of latin decent and as such, most of the characters seem to have a Spanish accent when they speak. Some of the characters have the same voice (such as Rangiku and Luppi whom are both vocied by Alex) and this point is made clear in certain episodes.

The series is a parody and abridged version of the Arrancar and Hueco Mundo arcs of the Bleach series. Interestingly, Ichigo does not seem to be the focus character of the series (he is however still a main character and appears in most of the episodes). Instead, the series's main character seems to be Sosuke Aizen (the main antagonist of the series); whom is a completely different character from his anime counterpart and to a lesser extent, Ulquiorra (whom is the 4th Espada in his Arrancar army).


Hueco Mundo Cup is a Bleach parody series created by dubmasterdub. This seems to be their second series as their first was a 5 episode series called Soul Society Stories.

Series Humor[]

The humor of the series doesn't seem to be just paroding the plot of the original series, but other elements such as fan made commericals, unfitting music, and several uses of third party videos. Both Alex and Jose have encouraged their fans to send in any videos or original artwork that they usually use as a part of their series.


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Like a normal abridged series, the characters retain some of their personality as their original counterparts, but most of characters in Hueco Mundo Cup traits have been altered drastically and humorusly to the point that they are almost nothing like their original counterparts.

Pop Culture and Obscure References[]

Hueco Mundo Cup seems to rely heavily on pop culture references. Sosuke Aizen's character in praticular seems to make several pop culture references in almost every episode he makes in apperance in. In the very first episode, he claims that he and the Espada all marathoned the movie Titanic; watching it three times in a row whilst Ulquiorra and Yammy were off in the human world. Aizen also makes it clear in many episodes that he is a fan of boy-bands such as the Backstreet Boys and Nsync, loving romatic and romantic comedy movies such as Legally Blonde, and a big fan of tv shows such as Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Charmed, and especially Hannah Montana (all of which are shows mostly watched by a female audience).

Ulquiorra's character in the series seems to be solely based on his first apperance on the original show when he called most of the heroes "trash". Most of Ulquiorra's sentences in this series seem to include "trash" either in the beginning, middle, or end of his speech. In fact, it is his signature catchphrase in the series. He even refers to most of his Espada comrades (Grimmjow in praticular) as trash. He has never however called Aizen or Orihime "trash" instead referring to them as "Not-so-trash".

Many of the fake commericals seen in the series are based off of actual commericals. One such example was an anti-drug commercial detailing that if one wasn't there to save another person because they were too high that featured the Espada Zommari (who's character in this series seems to be a crazed pot head).

Other pop culture references heard in the series things such as include Ishida's various references to Harry Potter (as he calls Ichigo, "Harry" and Renji, 'Ron"), Chad once claiming himself to look like Sylvester Stalone in Rocky 10, Orihime being referred by Aizen and the Espada as Hannah Montana, and most of the Privalon Espada (the demoted Espada) claiming to have been actors in their past life (Dordoni in praticular claims to have been and still is, Antonio Bandares).

A Christmas Special episode was made featuring songs by the Espada.
The Hueco Mundo Cup Christmas Special


A rather recurring theme in the series, seems to be the sexuality of several characters. Whilst most seem to be rather open about it; Ishida claiming to be an out of the closet homosexual (although he strangely denies this fact in later episodes, pulling a Bakura and claiming himself to simply be British) and Szayel Aporro Granz making it quite obvious he is attracted to Renji (hitting on him multiple times throughout their match and later proclaiming his love to him), other characters such as Aizen leave it ambigious. Although Aizen's mannerisms seem to borderline on homosexuality (with he rather strange taste in movies and tv shows), he claims that because he is a fan of Hannah Montana, he is quite masculine.

Urahara's Condoms and Hachi Products[]

A common and running joke within Hueco Mundo cup is a series of fake commercials of Urahara's Condoms and Hachi products. Urahara's condoms consists of commercials in which Urahara is encouraging customers to buy his condoms as he states they are the best around. Hillariously enough, the condoms offer as he commonly says "half the pleasure for zero the protection", thus making the product look completely unsafe and unreliable. The commercials also seem to show Urahara commiting various crimes against the law. One such example was when the camera man showed the viewers children making the condoms. When Urahara asks one child how old she is, she replies "12" to which Urahara quickly rebounds by saying "eh, she's only kidding".

Hachi products are a series of commercials that consist of original products made by Hachigen, a Vizard. The commericals contain original jingles made by Alex and Jose. It is unknown which one of them actually sings the jingles as the person sings in a high pitched voice. Hachi in between each jingle utters his famous "ehh?" catchphrase for comical and annoying results. The products are said to be rather unsafe. An example of this was seen during the commercial for Hachi's Magical Shampoo and Condition which apparently is getting a bad rep for using Ebola virus as it's main ingredient, but the jingler assures the viewer it is all lies and is just an opinion. Hillariously enough, after the commerical, a black warning screen appears saying that using the product may make your head explode.


The series has used various pieces of music throughout it's run.

1. My Heart Will Go On by Celin Deion (used as the main theme from Episode 1 to Episode 6)

2. Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden (used as the opening theme from Episode 7 to Episode 9)

3. Original Bleach Soundtracks were used as the opening theme from Episode 10 to Episode 23

4. Tabiatsu Kimi He by Asain Kung Fu Generation (used as the opening theme from Episode 24 to Episode 26)

5. Shout (Isley-Isley-Isley) by The Beatles (used as the opening theme from Episode 28 to Episode 35)

6. Nobuto Ariyoshi by Asian Kung Fu Generation (used as the opening theme from Episode 35 to present)

7. Wishmaster by Nightwish

8. End of All Hope by Nightwish

9. 007 Theme

10. Beat It by Michael Jackson

11. Thriller by Michael Jackson

12. Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

13. Bye Bye Bye by Nsync

14. Nobody's Perfect by Hannah Montana

15. Alone by Aqua Tunes

16. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

17. The Batman TV Show Opening

18. I'm So Excited by The Pointer Sisters (this was used as the opening theme for Episode 18)

19. Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne (used as the background music when Apollo is singing his rendition of the song called "Boyfriend")

20. 2001: A Space Odyessy Opening Theme