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Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere Abridged
Created by ProjectMouthwash
Run Jan 15, 2015 - present
Episodes 6
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The second series produced by ProjectMouthwash. This series was created as a side-project by Logan Laidlaw to keep content in production over Christmas Vacation when the group could not collect themselves at the Studio to record a project as large as the entirety of Bleach season 2. They used the limited time they had before Vacation hit to write and record this series.

The series only plans to do the first season of the anime Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere, running six episodes. Unlike ProjectMouthwash's other work this series is written independently by Logan Laidlaw without any co-writers involved.


This series is written, edited and directed by Logan Laidlaw.

It was recorded entirely by ProjectMouthwash at GoStudios in Vancouver B.C.

Season 1's opening theme is "Terminated - Chihara Minori", and it's "ending" is a psudo-animated ProjectMouthwash title card themed with Horizon's image. It has a green and yellow cloud-like background with an unnamed musical score.

Season 1 has a total of six episodes, all released weekly between Jan 15th and Feb 18th of 2015. As of it's season 1 conclusion the series has gone on immediate hiatus as to allow ProjectMouthwash to work on other projects. However the project could potentially return in the future, so it should not be considered cancelled.


-3rd&M.O.- Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere Abridged - Ep6 - "BFG With A Lot More B"


-3rd&M.O.- Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere Abridged - Ep5 - "Launch The Werewolf!"


  • Evan Moyer - Toori Aoi, Himself(Ep4), Extras(Ep2)
  • Shelyse Cameron - Horizon Ariadust
  • Katrina Salisbury - Tomo Asama, Masazumi Honda, Adele Belfette, Heidi Augsvaver, Gin Tachibana, Margot Knight, Extras(Ep4,5)
  • Cassandra Cavalli - Makiko Oriotori, Azuma, Mikawa, Futayu Honda, Nate Mitotsudaira
  • Logan Laidlaw - Motonobu Matsudaira, Tenzou Crossunite, Shirojiro Bertoni, Muneshige Tachibana, Noriki, Innocentius, Himself(Ep4), Extras(Ep1,3,4,5, 6)
  • Ashley Marcinew - Kimi Aoi, Miriam Poque, Musashi
  • Ariel Hansen - Naomasa, Kazuno Honda, Malga Naruze, Extras(Ep5)
  • Kennith Tynan - Toussaint Neshinbara, Ginji Ohiroshiki, Extras(Ep1,2,5)
  • Sarah Harries - Suzu Mukai, Extras(Ep1,2,3,5)
  • JR Lindstrom - Kyonari Ulquiaga, Tadakatsu Honda, Extra(Ep2,5)
  • Bryan Garces - Extras(Ep1,5)
  • Cory Stuppard - Nenji, Extras(Ep1,5, 6)
  • Joey Wong - Tadatsugu Sakai, Kenji Itou
  • Aaron Robert Parnell - Galileo, Yoshinao