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An abridging of the 80s shonen anime version of Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) by Christop17.


He began abridging around 08-09 and continued until early 2011. He stopped because he grew tired of it after abridging 24 episodes and the movie. On his channel he left a final message which said "it because I've got bored of it, simple as that, just going through a phase, phase done".


Christop17 does all the voices (even the females) with a recognizable tone to most of them. Sometimes he has cameo's from other abridgers such as Chiissu or Tamao108. Near the end of his abridging career he got Tamao108 to begin voicing females.

Episode Style[]

Christop17 often combines several episodes into one and keeps the plot similar (but renames things or adds humor (such as Shin using Kenshiro as a phone when he pokes fingerholes in his chest)). He often uses ms paint to add characters from other animes for Kenshiro to kill(such as Naruto and Sasuke).


the humor ranges from subtle lines you have to pay attention to get to easy to get common jokes(like burping fire in episode 10). He has uncensored swear words in his shows and often points out when a character has a familiar appearence to another anime character (such as a man who looks like lupin III in episode 3). One recurring gag is when a punk with a vizor shows up and says "Optic blast" after which his vizor turns red(using ms paint) and nothing happens (as he isnt an X-man). Sometimes he has a characterll


Christop17 used to use Windows Movie Maker but now uses Premiere Pro C4 for editing the episodes. He also uses microsoft paint for editing it is easy to get and use.