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Penelope Sophia Smith (Formerly Peter Gerkman)




New Jersey, United States

Specializes In:

Voice Acting, Fandubbing, Singing, & Editing.




Hokage Titan (now going under the username of shinxypaps, or scarletknight), aka Haylee, Patty, or Penny (formerly male known as Peter). She is mostly known for being the voice for Roy Mustang in AlchemicReactionTeam's Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood Abridged as well as being various characters in Gurren Lagann Sagas, being Soul in SEATeam's Soul Eater Abridged, & being Ritsu in Just5Guys' K-ON! Abridged. Not to mention, she voices a sexy Tamaki & Izzy.

Not only is she the sexiest voice on earth, she is the sexiest human alive. She's been nominated twice, & won countless of times. She has the sexiest hips ever. As well as this, Titan has four loving sisters who are the cutest girl voices ever, & they are closer to her than you ever will be, fangirls. They are protective as well & will stop you from raping her, so, don't even try. Oh, & if you're not scared or detered, you should be. One has a chainsaw, another has a whip, the third has a scary personality, & the fourth has a Star Trek phaser. It's currently set to stun, but, she can set it to kill if she feels like it. They all hang out in an Ouran-Like setting known as Skype, along with another friend, loveingly refered to as France. He is the only boy of the group, &, is jealous of Titan's sexiness. Very, very jealous.


Emil vs Ratatosk


She is more of a fandubber now rather than an abridger, however she still does both occasionally (semi-retired abridger).

Before coming out to the public as trans, many people considered her voice (as a man) to be remotely sexy, even men were jealous of the more male voice that she had at the time. She has gone through many hardships in her life before coming out, such as abuse from family, as well as family sabotage, but no matter what she kept doing her best, trying as hard as she can to do what she loved.

In 2020, allegations of grooming & pedophilia were brought up by Twitter users in the Vtubing community, recommending people to cut ties with Penni, making this the 2nd member of TheSEATeam to have been accused of any such allegation. These allegations were brought up in a now-deleted post.

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