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April 2008 - 03/20/2010


30 (Season 1)
5 (Season 2)


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The series began abridging the anime "Higurashi no Naku koro Ni" in April of 2008. As of August 30, 2009, the Crazyboutcena version of Higurashi Abridged was the larges, having made 30 episodes. A second season, titled Higurashi The Abridged Series KAI, began on September 9, 2009 and continued for 5 episodes before entering a hiatus. There have been no further episodes since March 20, 2010, and the website hosting the episodes, http://higutas.ning.com/, is no longer available. Currently, only the comments made on episodes can be viewed by archival on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (http://archive.org/web/).


The videos are made using Windows Movie Maker. So far, there have not been many advanced effects in any of the episodes. Audio editing is done with Audacity. Special picture effects and the opening logo are produced in Adobe Photo shop.

Common Themes[]

Crazyboutcena uses an array of random themes in her series, attempting to show her more A.D.D side. It is not rare to hear one of the character bash and/or flame her for any reason, whether it be her lack of a social life, her fan fictions, her drawing skills, or lack of funds. One common joke that was used partially in the first arc was her use of subbed episodes due to her low funds. She relates a few of her jokes around the American Government , Homosexuals, and Pedophiles. The characters in the series frequently acknowledge the fact that they are in an abridged series, let alone there is an audience, signaling the use of Breaking the Fourth Wall. Usually used by either Keiichi or Rika.


Crazyboutcena54 selected each voice for the Higurashi cast based upon her viewpoint of them. She uses Audacity to make their voices either high-pitched, or incredibly low. Some for comedic, like Maebara Keiichi, or some that are close to their original Japanese Voice actors, such as Rika Furude.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai cast

The Higurashi (Kai) Main Cast

Maebara Keiichi[]

Crazy is quite fond of Keiichi's character and frequently makes jokes about this sexuality and voice range that was given to him. Keiichi's voice has the second highest pitch of the Higurashi Abridged cast, Hanyuu Furude being the first. Keiichi is always seen as the main character, whether if it's his arc or not. Keiichi is seen as a bit of a pedophile when it comes to Satoko Houjo and Rika Furude, and frequently discusses with others about Mion and Shion's "Grope-able" breasts. In the series, he shows his affection towards Mion, but would prefer to have a threesome with both of the Sonozaki twins.

Rena Ryuugu[]

Rena Ryuugu is the only character of the series that doesn't seem to realize that it's an abridged series until her Arc (as shown in Episode 23 of Higurashi the Abridged Series). Her character is portrayed very close to her original Japanese character, with minor details such as the urge to "mount" or "rape" Rika due to her cuteness. Through the series, she is known to stalk Maebara Keiichi and asks him to buy her cookies. Rena claims that she is a member of "The Girl Scouts of Japan", even if they do not exist. Rena despises that Mion is taking her attention away from Keiichi, but chooses to ignore it.

Mion Sonozaki[]

Mion Sonozaki's voice is portrayed to be somewhat like her Japanese voice, yet a tad higher for the comedy purpose. She is seen as the most worthless character of the series since she never commits any on-screen murders. In "Watanagashi-hen" she has others try to tell Keiichi about her feelings for him, yet they are usually cut off by the ending credits.

Shion Sonozaki[]

Shion Sonozaki is said to have the exact same voice as her sister, sometimes it seems a bit higher. She is the self-proclaimed Ultimate Satoshi Fangirl and she will do anything to have sex with him or just to be around him (even if it means committing acts of Necrophilia). Stalking is one of her passions. She attends an all-girl Catholic school for most of the season, yet claims that she left due to the fact that she is an Atheist. Shion is said to be the bipolar one of the Sonozaki twins, but she claims Mion is instead. Currently, she has a music contract and has already released her first single: Under My Bloody Hammer a parody off of Umbrella.


Shion Sonozaki Feat. Mabera Keiichi

Shion Sonozaki's Single, Feat. Keiichi

Satoko Houjou[]

Satoko's voice tends to change from arc to arc. Her character is portrayed almost exactly like her Japanese character is. She constantly has lines that are close to the English Subtitles and her frequent use of Japanese is an annoyance to some fans. She still calls Satohi her "Nii-Nii" in the series and says "Gomennasai" (ごめんなさい) instead of "I'm Sorry" in her famous freak-out scene. She has a true hate for Keiichi as she refers to him as "a pussy" and "a fat bitch". The only exception is in "The Cursed Murder" arc, when she calls him her Nii-Nii, but later accuses him of committing rape on Rika. She is noted to be another pathetic character, for she has yet to kill any character in cold blood; pushing Keiichi off of a bridge was nothing.  In episode 32 of the series, it is implied that she would be Rika Furude's slave.

Satoshi Houjou[]

Satoshi is the only boy in the series in which Crazy feels sorry for. He is given a British-rockstar accent to mirror his Bishonen-ness. He despises all of his fangirls, especially Shion, for ruining his life.

Rika Furude[]

Rika is also another character who is almost like her Japanese character. She has a high pitched voice, but chooses to become bipolar and have a lower pitched voice. She also frequently has lines identical to the English subtitles. For the sake of her fan base, Crazy constantly attempts to make Rika's phrase, "Nipa" to be almost exact to her Japanese "Nipa". Rika tends to be the only character who doesn't hate Keiichi and the only one who points out the obvious mistakes in every arc. She is also known to be Mion's "Repo-man".

Hanyuu Furude[]

Not much has been noted about Hanyuu, let alone she has yet to make an appearance. She has made voice cameos in "The Higu TAS X-mas special", "Kizuna -with you-", and "Higurashi no naku koro ni: Mane"    In episode 33 of the abridged series she makes a vocal appearance as the voice in Rika's head telling her she would die as well as making random comments in Rika's prescence and bugging her during Rika's monoloug.

Miyo Takano[]

Miyo is one of the characters in the main cast who is noted for her constant change in voice.  She has held many occupations including nursing, pornography, and being the Devil's advocate.  She is probaly the most intellegent female in the entire series with Rika not too far behind.  Miyo has an obsession with shiny objects, especially if she can use them to torture people. 

Supporting Cast[]

There are a few other minor character that have tiny parts

  • Akasaka: Akasaka is just known as Akasaka. He is said to be just as pathetic as Mion.  Also, there is an ongoing joke in the series that Akasaka is the Higurashi version of Matsuda from the Death Note series.  
  • Ooishi: Ooishi's name is constantly pronounced as "Oishii" (おいしい) the Japanese word for "delicious." He has the lowest voice in the series and is deemed "The Fat Man", "The Old Man" and "The Chain-Smoker guy".
  • Jiro Tomitake: Otherwise known as "Camera Guy Number 4" by the cast.  He has held several camera occupations, being a photogropher for playboy being his favorite.
  • Teppei: The only character who has actual dialog, yet no one can understand it. He talks in a mumble for he is an old war veteran. He only speaks regular English once.
  • Kasai: voice by Crazy's friend, Kyte27, he is Shion's bodyguard and a very bad one indeed. He claims to have the most fans in the series.
  • Rina: Rena's dad's girlfriend who always pronounces Rena's name wrong.
  • Generic Jewish Man: He is almost every old man in the series that does not have an offiicial name. He constantly talks about eating prunes and hates every character on the cast. He received his own track in the first volume of the Higu TAS CD.
  • Kimiyoshi: Kimiyoshi believes that he is a Super Mario character, such as princess peach or bowser. He talks with a country accent and tends to have childish behavior. At the Cotton Drifting festival he runs the kiss booth.
  • Kyosuke Irie: The local doctor in Hinamizawa and by far the creepiest.  He tends to be fond of Keiichi in the first season, but soon reveals his love for Satoshi as well as Satoko and Rika.  He has been deemed the town's pedophile and tends to rape Keiichi during his weekly visits to get his insulin shots.  In the cursed killing arc, it is revealed that he has an affiliation with the late Micheal Jackson.  Many fans of the series are dissapointed with his affiliation, but crazy doesn't seem to care. 

Other Higurashi TAS Works[]

In her spare time, crazyboutcena54 has produce various other works with the Higuashi cast outside of the actual series.

Higurashi The Abridged Series CD Collection[]

  • Vol. One. "Higu Tas" was released August 30th, 2009 on the official Higurashi abridged website for free for download. It contains sixteen tracks and a bonus preview video for Higu TAS KAI
  • Vol. Two "A Higu TAS Christmas (A'capella)" was released December 23, 2009 
  • Vol. Three "The Character Songs: Volume 1 ENGLISH" is set to be released in January of 2012
  • Vol. Four " "no set release date

Others will be announced as the series progresses. So far, there is a pattern of parody, or "Higurashi-ized" songs on the CD, plus other auido tracks in both English and Japanese.

CD Tracks[]

  • Volume One
  1. Intro
  2. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni ~TV Size~
  3. Keiichi's Happy Place
  4. THIS, IS, NIPAH~!
  5. Blood Drops on My Dear Axe
  6. Higurashi [Kill Big]
  7. The Laugh Collection (season one)
  8. When The Higurashi Cry
  9. Under My Bloody Hammer
  10. Please Kill Me Now!
  11. Omochikaeri (お持ち帰り) My Ass
  12. The Real Satoshi
  13. Nii-Nii, I Won't Cry
  14. Rant of the Generic Old Jewish Man
  15. Kizuna -Higurashi TAS -
  16. Higurashi Abridged is Gay

  • Volume Two
  1. Tis The Season! (Intro)
  2. The Carol of Murders
  3. 12 Days of Higurashi X-mas
  4. Medly!

  • Volume Three
  1. Nano Desu (That is So)
  2. Futari no Birthday (Birthday of Two)
  3. Egao Happii Piisu (Smile Happy Peace)
  4. Suzuki Nii Nii (I Love You, Nii-Nii)
  5. S.A.G.A [Rinneno Hate Ni] (SAGA: At the end of the samsara)

Episode Guide[]

Below is a complete list of episodes posted on Crazyboutcena54's site as of October 18, 2009

Season 1 (Higurashi no Naku koro Ni)[]

Episode 1: ZOMBIES! (pilot)

Episode 2: Cotton Turd Buddies!

Episode 3: WHAAAAAAAAT!? (Remastered)

Episode 4: What the F*ck? (Remastered)

Episode 5: Yu-Shion-Sonozaki-Oh!

Episode 6: Crayon Kei-Chan

Episode 7: Small Town, BIG WORDS

Episode 8: Is this Episode 21?

Episode 9: Oh Great, It's Satoko's Turn

Episode 10: Pedos-R-Us

Episode 11: MONTAGE

Episode 12: He Never Came...Back Home

Episode 13: RAPE

Episode 14: Nipah Mother F*cker (Remastered)

Episode 15: Everybody Loves Akasaka

Episode 16: Mishi Sonozaki

Episode 17: The Best of Both Girls

Episode 18: The Price is Wrong! Bitch!

Episode 19: PRISON BITCH!

Episode 20: It's TEAL!

Episode 21: Epic Death...Not So Epic Win

Episode 22: Requiem of a Fangirl

Episode 23: When The Damn Higurashi F*cking Cry

Episode 24: Rena is Boss

Episode 25: When The Paracites Feed

Episode: 26: This Filler Is Like a Probe

Episode 27: Schools Out for a Murder

Episode 28: Studio 666

Episode 29: The Melancholy of Rena Ryuugu

Episode 30: Season Finale...or Series?

Season 2 (Higurashi no Naku koro Ni KAI)[]

Episode 1 (31): Welcome to Hinamizawa

Episode 2 (32): Enslavement of the Stupid

Episode 3 (33): Don't Go Breaking the Plot