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McCreadie1989 & xbubblemunkyx


09/18/2011 - present




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High School of the Dead Kinda is written by McCreadie1989 and xbubblemunkyx, and edited by xbubblemunkyx.

As of April, 2014, it has been stated in the comments on the most recent update video that there will be one more episode to finish covering Season 1 of the High School of the Dead anime, and the team intends to continue with abridging Season 2.

Ending Themes[]

The songs playing over the credits tend to be upbeat and cheerful, in contrast with the violence and sexual content of the episodes. The end themes sometimes relate to conversations, events, or themes used earlier in the episode.

  1. Pokemon OST - Together Forever
  2. Captain Planet Theme
  3. Flow - Fighting Dreamers
  4. Vic Mignogna - Dragon Soul & Sean Schemmel - Dragon Soul
  5. McDonald's Song (Welcome to the Jungle Parody)
  6. Avenue Q - The Money Song
  7. Pokemon OST - Viridian City
  8. Digimon Theme Song
  9. Chu Chu lovely - Maximum the Hormone


  • xbubblemunkyx - Takashi, Takagi (ep. 2+), Saeko, Alice, Soichiro, Extras
  • McCreadie1989 - Takagi (ep. 1), Hisashi, Rei, Kohta, Shizuka, Mr. Shido, Yuriko, Extras

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 Sep 18, 2011
Episode 2 Oct 16, 2011
Episode 3: Holding your glasses makes you look like a mother fucking genius!!! Oct 28, 2011
Episode 4: Conversations on Motorcycles!!!! Nov 14, 2011
Episode 5: This episode is rated XXXX

the last X stands for Xylophagous

Dec 2, 2011
Episode 6: Who Doesn’t Love Money?? :P Jan 7, 2012
Episode 7: STOP IT!!!

I have Geliophobia

Jan 27, 2012
Episode 8: Elevators may be much sexier, But stairs could just save your life Mar 6, 2012
Episode 9: Looks like Takashi’s getting into it with Rei Jun 22, 2012

Running Gags[]

HOTD Kinda - Takagi she's a genius
  • Takashi insists that the girls can't defend themselves. Cut to a flashback or in-progress scene of one of the girls violently attacking zombies.
  • Takagi develops plans alpha, beta, gamma, and delta, which all seem to revolve around protecting herself and/or sacrificing Rei.
  • Saeko speaks almost too quietly to hear, and much of her side dialogue is either innuendo, or casually referencing having killed her family.
  • "I'M NOT GONNA GET INTO THIS WITH YOU REI!" The end of most arguments between Takashi and Rei, which revolve around their anime OTP's and which anime characters are stronger.
  • Kouta teaches Alice (a 7 year old girl) to swear quite colourfully