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Written By

John Smith(Epictoaster360R) & Zan12071986


12 episodes & OVA (COMPLETED)

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Sept 2, 2010 - May 17, 2013


HOTDAbridged was originally founded by MrWorldTeh and TheGamerNet, and later got a volunteered editor Zan12071986 to help them with the editing. When the casting was completed and it was time to start the scripting and abridging progress. Both MrWorldTeh and TheGamerNet had but almost less to no effort in making the script nor effort in doing the series in general and almost forgeting about it.

Near the end when the cast was about to give up on this series, it was the volunteered editor Zan that took it upon himself to script, keep the group together and brought the series to life.

With no help from MrWorldTeh and TheGamerNet, Zan left them out of the project after finishing the first episode. Although they were the ones that started the idea, but it was the efforts of Zan and his cast that made it all happen.

On June 6, 2012 the HOTDabridged channel was hacked, as well as the email for it.

On Jun 10, 2012 the HOTDabridged channel was hack free.


Current Cast/Crew[]

  • Zan12071986 - Editor/Manager (Zan also comes up with many of the idea's, though he never adds his name with a Writer credit)
  • John Smith (Epictoaster360R) - Head Writer ((eps 4-9)(Returned for episode 11))
  • Assassin7G3 - Head Writer(Episode 10) - Produced Original OVA Script (unused) Back up Writer
  • 911Ape- Takashi, Zekendorf, and Saya's dad
  • Seraphina - Saeko and Alice
  • sydsnap - Shizuka, Saya, Rei, Saya's Mom
  • lavaros - Kohta
  • RespectTheHouse- Mr. Shido
  • HanaSuisei -Rika

Ex Cast/Crew[]

  • YukariKanashi88- Saeko(eps 2)
  • belleovedhime- Saya (eps 1-4)
  • AnimeElectricBlue323(madiehhh) - Saya(eps 5-8)
  • LullabySushi - Rei (eps 1-10)
  • akaolive - Shizuka (eps 2-7)
  • Shadow6543 - Writer (eps 2-3)


  • Episode 6 of High School of The Dead was edited and completed by Zan during an 11 hour air plane flight from Rio de Janeiro(Brazil) to Florida(USA). Battery ran out just when it was completed, but luckily all the work was saved.
  • The Voice Actress of Saya was re-casted 4 times through out the series. (1 During casting, 3 during the series)

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 Sep 2, 2010
Episode 2 Oct 31, 2010
Episode 3 Feb 8, 2011
Episode 4 Apr 12, 2011
Episode 5 Jun 15, 2011
Episode 6 Jun 22, 2011
Episode 7 Sep 11, 2011
Episode 8 Oct 31, 2011
Episode 9 Oct 31, 2011
Episode 10 Mar 15, 2012
Episode 11 Jul 24, 2012
Episode 12 May 17, 2013