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Abridged Series Wiki

do u like goku yes more than u

do u hate no 18 . too much

what is kaio wat . kaio what

what is the name of 2 17s fused android 34 or 17 times 2

freezer plus cooler


dont laugh to try

what is mr satan worst boo THE BOOWEY MAJINATOR

is who majin ressuructed boo . bobodabi

who is the father of majin buuu THE PURPLEY BEERUS CAT

who is the king of EYARTH . ZONE

Who is piccolo . Gohans best dinasour

what is after dbz . DRAGON BALL Z

what does dbza stand for . dende brought zero apples

who is zeno. the pig that has a nose

why here you are . cuz u lave dbza

who is nail . the thing in ur finger

what is the big name of kami . Super kami guru

who is guru . little green

who cut krillins hair . Cell absorbs it.

where is north . WEST