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Helix341 is the creator of Transformers G1: The Abridged Series, and co-creator of Pokémon Black and White Abridged Comedy Spoof One-shot Spoof Fan-dub Spoof

Transformers G1: The Abridged Series[]

Helix341 approached Abridged Brothers, asking for advice on making an abridged series. They responded, and he began work on Transformers G1: The Abridged Series. Episode 1 was published on YouTube on 23 January 2011.

Helix341 did all the writing, voicing and production of the first two episodes, but from episode 3 onwards he was helped by TheAnonymousGuy (voices and script) and Kachiun0 (voices).

Pokemon Black and White Abridged Comedy Spoof One-Shot Spoof Fan-dub Spoof[]

Helix341 and TheAnonymousGuy decided to make a one-shot abridged spoof series of Pokemon Black and White. It will be released in the near future.