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This article is about the abridger known as HandsomeZelos.




Notable Works:

EBS One Piece Abridged

Years Acting:

1998 - Present


HandsomeZelos has been acting in theatre and film for over 12 years and has further broadened his experience in the acting realm. His first major break in amateur Voice Acting was being featured in Johnny B's "Jack French" series. After that, he sent his demo to several famous abridgers, including MasakoX , and discovered the VoiceActingAlliance. Since then, his acting and editing quality have jumped dramatically. While doing commercial work for major businesses, such as Halliburton, he also branched out into the Abridging community. There, he met MugiwaraMikey in 2009, in which HandsomeZelos auditioned for the role of Roronoa Zoro in EBS One Piece Abridged . Now, his role in the group has expanded, as far as the number of characters he plays, along with being co-writer for the series.


HandsomeZelos was deeply involved in EBS One Piece Abridged , CodeBlackHayate's Utena Abridged, MuramasaProduction's Revolutionary Girl Utena fandub and MegaMan: NT Warrior Abridged.