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This logo turned me from a boy to a man


Oh boyo boy. A stupid anime that deserved an even crappier abridged series.


Hah... (Plots are for weak minded mammals that can't comprehend the deep intricacies of art.) It's okay, the original anime wasn't any better with a plot.


Hamster Ball Z has a variety of thriving internet cultures woven within its production. Such as...

  • "Vaporwave" I dieing medium of 90s influenced trippy elevator music. It was cool in 2013 and it won’t ever be cool again.
  • ”Youtube Poop” A screeching rampage of s**t posting that rapes every single cell in your ear canal. It’s a genre that died in 2010, and will more than likely give you aids.


Taste in music comes first here at Hamster Ball Z. That’s why we’ve selected a key choice of home composed music by me, Don’t Stop the Noise. (BTW you should totally follow me on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/dont-stop-the-noise) These songs echo with personality, style, and class.

N’ yuh know, I converted a couple obscure 2000s french house n’ hip hop songs off of youtube, and slaped them in my video like I slaped yo great nana's ass… but that’s not important.


my editing style is like my ex girlfriend. It's a really disorientating experience, until you get inside. Then it’s just tight and uncomfortable mess, and you get made fun of for your lack of masculinity.

Okay... Maybe a bit personal.

But yeah, I started using Adobe Premiere and After Effects for the past couple years, so production value should be superb.


  • Me (Don't Stop the Noise) - The annoyingg little s**tling known as Umaru chan
  • Matthew - Oni-Chan (it's currently 2:42 am and i don't feel like looking up his actual name. It's not like anyone actually cares.)


Episode Air Date
Episode 1 7/7/17
Episode 2 8/19/17